Hey Friends!

I hope that you've enjoyed going around the Manchester Christmas Markets with me and the post has given you some ideas on what you can get from the markets! Do let me know if you've visited the markets and what is/are some of your favourite stuff!

Today I'm sharing you guys another favourite thing of mine - the christmas tree! I'm generally excited about Christmas and would declare that it's christmas the day after Halloween so yes, you get where I'm going with this. Plus, once the christmas tree is up you know christmas is a couple (not really) of sleeps away!

My christmas tree is a fake one - yes yes, I know to some people it's a sin but I've never grown up with a real christmas tree before and I don't like the needles falling every day so a fake christmas tree will do! For the smell, I just make do with a pine scented candle and it does the job.

The tree sits in the corner of my sitting room by the window cause I always have this dream of watching snow fall outside the window with the Christmas tree (which by the way came true today as I'm typing because it snowed!) and it's just a pretty area. I had the spare chair sitting around so I decided to make it into a 'santa chair' and made it into a festive corner with the santa sitting on the windowsill and the the xmas sign thingy. 

The theme this year is copper/gold & silver and it's such a beautiful combination which I am so happy with! 

I got some new decor from Wilko this year and mixed it with ornaments from last year which I got from Tesco! The ornaments are unfortunately not on sale anymore but I'll still link them just in case you want to see them on the website!

The nut cracker! I love how the browns on him compliments the copper and gold baubles around the tree without standing out too much or being drowned and blended into the tree. 

Who could pass up this gorgeous glittery snowflake, it just adds that touch of glass onto the tree and gives a little bit of contrast!

This is not in line with the theme at all but it's special because Aidan got it for me as a present and if you didn't know, I love love love starbucks with all my heart.

I've also customised these tree decor for Aidan and myself just to give the tree a little personal touch and it is so beautiful! It's so dainty and beautiful plus the gold goes so well with the tree I love it!

The copper, gold from the Rustic Glow Glitter Leaf Garland and silver touches on the tree. 

Presents! And no, it's not all for us, we have some for our friends and family as well and I think you can tell which are mine ;)


That's all for my Christmas tree for this year, I love it so much and I hope that this has given you some #ChrismoInspo for your tree if you're going to be decorating it over the next few days!