Hey friends! 

How have you enjoyed the last gift guides? I hope that helped you with your little shopping trips and moving onto the next Blogmas - Manchester Christmas Market! 

If you didn't know, I'm based in Manchester doing my masters, just in case you're wondering why I am featuring Manchester's of all the other amazing markets! Anyway, Christmas markets are one of my favourite things in the whole world and I look forward to them so much! So I've decided for this post I'll bring you guys around the markets and share this wonderful experience together! 

The markets started on the 10/11 and it will stay open till the 20/12 from 10am to 730pm for the other markets but the one by the town hall will be opened until the 21/12 and they usually close at 9pm instead! 

There are 10 different venues for the markets this year but I didn't cover all of it (yet) and they are -  Albert Square (European market and main hub), St Ann's Square (German market), King Street (French market), Exchange Street, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Square, Cathedral Gardens (family friendly area), Market Street, The Corn Exchange, Brazennose Street.

❄ Market Street ❄

This is the first market you'll see as you walk into the main high street where all the shops like Adidas, Primark, Mango and all that are. These stalls sell goodies ranging from personalised bears, festive lights, hot drinks, cheese, personalised christmas tree ornaments and more!

When you pass the wooden stalls, you'll see this huge tent selling christmassy decor and they are so gorgeous!

Oh hello Santa!

❄ St Anne's Square ❄

This markets has more food than goodies and you sure do not want to miss this out! They sell everything from alcholic coffee to pints to sausages, sweet treats like chocolate coated marshmallows, cheeses and the best warm strudels with a beautiful custard sauce


There's a big area where you can have your yummies and if you're lucky you might even get a treat with the live music!

❄ King Street ❄

More food and drinks!

❄ Albert Square ❄

This to me is the main market because it's huge and it sells the biggest selection of things! It's almost like they picked the best stores across all the markets and plonk it all in one area. This is also the most crowded market so be sure to watch out for your pockets!

The first sight is this giant sparkly santa which is ever so iconic

This area of fresh christmas trees smelled so good! 

Well, you heard it here first! Free lights! 

Look at the crowd! I went on a Tuesday night and it was still this packed but it's a festive crowd so it's pretty nice

Chocolate/coconut coated marshmallows which is quite a sight when you see kids try and stuff the entire thing in their face

Lavender cheese?!

These chocolate coated fruits/ marshmallows sticks look delish but they are so expensive!

If you want to treat yourself but still have some cash for more, walk a few stalls down and you'll see them do the same chcolate coated sweeties with a larger portion so you get better value! And no I'm not paid to tell you this I was just surprised and how big they are and it saves you money (and your teeth) by sharing these!

This is the one drink I look forward to having around Christmas time! 

PRO TIP: If you're into collecting christmas mugs like I am, bring yourself a plastic/zip lock bag so you don't have to carry the mug in your hands and have it sealable so nothing drips out when they are in your bag! 

All the stores that sells drinks will charge you an extra £2.50 as a deposit for the mug so when you're done with your drink, just return to the store to get your money back! But if you're collecting the mugs just put it in your plastic bag!


❄ Brazennose Street ❄

There is this stall that sells the yorkshire pudding wrap which was gorgeous and a great alternative if you don't want to queue for the one at The Corn Exchange. But we tried the giant pig in the blanket instead and it was such a nice change away from the sweet stuff! This is also the least crowded area that sells sausages and beer as well.

❄ The Corn Exchange ❄

The markets around this area starts from right after you past Zara and it is a mini version of the Albert Sqare's but equally packed! 

Isn't this the cutest packaging you've ever seen! 

This area does the same amaretto strawberry mulled wine and they have other options as well! Here you'll find the legendary cookie dough, german sausages, mini dutch pancakes and more! 

This is the massive queue for the original yorkshire puddings which I'm still waiting to try soon!


And that's all the pictures of the markets! I can't wait to go back again but it is not so great on the wallet! Also, make sure that you have cash on you since the stalls only accept cash and the cash machines do rack up a pretty long queue and you wouldn't want to spend your time queuing when you could be enjoying the food and shops!

My top 3 food picks from the markets are:

1) Dutch mini pancakes - you can get them from Albert Square or The Corn exchange

2) Pizza - I'm sure it's not called pizza but its the cripiest "pizza" you'll ever have and it's so warm and cheesy with the crunch of onions and the saltiness of the bacon, oh goodness me

3) Amaretto and strawberry mulled wine - nothing beats this when you're cold and you've spent ages walking around the market, best way to end the night!


Well I do hope that you've enjoyed this post and be sure to check the markets out to get yourself in an even more festive mood! I'll see you on the next post! X