Hey friends!
Happy Blogmas #1! This year I've decided (rather late) to take part in Blogmas but because of university and work commitments, I'm not going to do a post every single day like all the amazing bloggers out there. But instead of only updating once a week, I'll be posting between two and three posts each week and they are all going to be christmas themed! I hope that you'll enjoy these posts and I hope this helps you get into the spirit of Christmas!

Today's post is going to be featuring 5 gifts for her - my previous post was done for the beauty lover in your life but the following posts will be more general rather than focused and they are all going to be practical gifts which are not only gorgeous/cute but useful as well!

1. Huggable Heat-Up Sloth Cushion

other options: Huggable Heat-Up Unicorn Cushion | Huggable Heat-Up Koala Cushion
| Huggable Heat-Up Dachshund Cushion | Huggable Heat-Up Avocado Cushion

This is definitely one of the cutest and most practical gift you can get for that special 'her' in your life. It's getting colder and having a cuddly hot water bottle would be perfect for a night in or even just as a cuddle toy that heats up when you want it to! P/S: it also helps when it's shark week because the hot bottle can help ease the cramps up a little.

2. Scarves

A scarf is one of those gifts that could never go wrong - unless the person you're gifting it to absolutely hate scarves! This gift is one that literally everyone could use and you don't have to limit yourselves to just those that are above, you can be creative and knit your own one - although you should start knitting soon!

3. Personalised items

I love gifts with a little personal touch to them just because it's extra special and you know that it's meant for you especially with your initials on them. They can range from the above cushion to a purse and even marquee lights inspired things and even candles! And you don't even need to stop there, you can go a step further and customise with a special note or message on things like a tote, notebooks, aprons, card and more! The best place to get personalised items for me would be Etsy or sometimes even Ebay if you do a really good search to find those hidden treasures!

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Nothing beats physical pictures in my opinion. There's just something different about having a physical copy of your picture rather than it being on your phone you know? This instax camera is the gift for that person in your life who loves documenting their life and maybe if they even enjoy a little scrapbooking. I own one of this camera and another similar one which is a printer and it's one of the best things I've gotten because I enjoy having the pictures in my hand and just putting them around the flat or in my wallet/notebook and it's just such a nice reminiscence!

5. Dressing gowns

Dressing gowns are one of those things where no one would be willing to spend on for themselves but it's always such a luxurious and comfy gift. Don't they just look like the softest things you ever did see? It always makes me feel so cosy and all I need in that moment is a cup of hot chocolate to relax. 

How did you like this post? It's a little bitesize post to entertain and prepare you for the christmas season and I can't wait to see you on the next post where you can get ideas for the HIMs in your life!