Hey friends,

I hope that you're all well! I've been away from this space for two weeks due to the demands of my university assignments but it's all over and I'm free! (for now). Since it's a new month and we are SO CLOSE to Christmas, I thought I'd talk about what I've loved (and still loving) in the month of October since some of you really enjoyed my previous favorites post.


Even though the days have been packed with library sessions, I always make sure I have an hour a day to wind down before bed to a film or some series and this time I've discovered some new and pretty great things.

This is one of the funniest series I've seen in ages! This is more of a reality TV where comedian Jack brings his dad around Asia for a Gap Year. Mad funny because his Dad literally hates everything and the banter is SO REAL.

I don't want to give too many spoilers but just think about bringing your parents clubbing, letting them try insects and whatever else that could make them give you the dirtiest look ever. Highly recommend that you watch it!

I meannnnn, is there even anything else I have to add onto this? Lets just say I've spent a lot of money on the merch, took only 2 days to finish and entire series and basically fell more in love with Dustin and Harrington. PLEASE JUST WATCH IT

Disclaimer - anything with Kristen Bell in, chances are I'll LOVE IT and The Good Place is no less. It's basically "heaven" for those who've passed on and the entire series centres around these four main characters and it's so funny and emotional?

I feel like season 2 is better than season 1 because of all the plot twists and new relationships, it's just amazing! If you ever wonder what afterlife holds, The Good Place confirms there'll be Froyo, dogs and pretty cool houses!


Soy Green Tea Latte

I stayed off this drink and dedicated my life to Chai for about the last two years but I decided for a little change, just because. And I fell in love with it again! I always forget how great it is until I get that matcha taste on my tongue and now I'm thinking about it, I want a warm cup of green tea latte now.... I get mine from Starbucks and haven't really tried them from other places so if you do find somewhere that does a mean green tea latte (with soy milk) please let me know! Also, aren't the christmas cups just the cutest!

I had no idea this existed until a networking event and it's like prosecco but better? I personally enjoy sparkling more than still sooooooo. I haven't managed to find a brand that I like yet but I'm on the hunt! If you need something light and fun to wind down and you're not a wine/beer person, try this!

Egg Muffin Cups
Honestly, I found out about this because I wanted quiche but I didn't have the shortcrust pastry yet I really wanted eggs in a different way so I used muffin tins to hold the egg mix. This is a great way to finish up any leftover ingredients you have lying in your fridge and it's SO easy to bring around! The ingredients that I've tried so far are - tomatoes, bacon, chorizo, cheese, asparagus and I season them with salt, garlic powder, pepper and sometimes paprika.

This is a new found obsession and I have no explanation for it other than the fact that it is easy, it goes with everything. Beef, chicken, veggies, eggs - you name it, it'll go into the wrap! My favourite is definitely a breakfast wrap just because I like having hashbrowns and eggs in my wrap with the very different texture - crunchy and all that goodness! Another lazy food I've been having is just adding about 3 egg muffin cups into a wrap and get that baby rolling and ta-dah a wrap is done! Easy, minimal cleanup and they make a good lunch!


OFRA Beverly Hills highlight

Since BeautyBay had an offer a few weeks ago, I thought it was the perfect chance to try out some new products and I got an OFRA highlight which I've seen Nikkie Tutorials raved about many times and that girl is amazing. Anyway, I got the Beverly hills highlighter because of the range of colours which can either be used as an inner corner highlight, eyeshadow and whatnot and I LOVE IT. It's blinding, easy to apply and blends out effortlessly regardless of the brushes I use! I'm so pleased with it and I want all of their highlights!

Nude Blushes

I need to know why my entire life I thought that blushes could only be orange-pink-red? Not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about using browns on my cheeks because well, isn't that for bronzing/eyeshadows or contour? But hey, never try, never know right? I gave the Zoeva one a shot and I'm in love! Plus now that it's A/W I'm not into my darker tones and using the browns as a blusher just gives such a great dimension and it warms up my face if that makes sense!

Rose Hip Oil

Again, the A/W season means dry skin for me and I break out horribly (even more so with the stress). I read that your face produce more oil when it's stressed so to reduce the amount of oil on your face, you put good oils on your face? Crazy, I know but I've decided to give it a shot cause some of my friends swear by rose hip oils and I trust them so yes. I basically put two drops of the oil into my moisturizer before mixing them and applying the mixture on my face before bedtime. It feels weird at first but I wake up with such hydrated skin I literally have no complains! I use the Sukin Rose Hip oil and it smells like tea? I'm sure there are other amazing brands out there that does great oils such as The Ordinary so don't be too scared to try them out!

CosRx Pimple Patches

Picture from Cultbeauty

Okay, I had HORRIBLE pimples over my assignment periods because my face cannot hide the fact that I'm having multiple breakdowns a day while drowning in stress and they just pop out like my face is a pot of boiling water. I've tried many remedies from pimple gels to reducing skincare products and even tea tree oil but nothing works as well as the Corx pimple patches. I previously used the pimple patches from Superdrug and they work ever so slightly but the Corx's really suck the pus out of your spots! But bear in mind that you're going to have to leave it on for a minimum of 8 hours so they can work their magic! Cultbeauty is currently OOS for the product so I got mine from Ebay instead and it worked just fine (plus it is cheaper as well).

Charcoal toothpaste

I don't really know if this is considered as a beauty/skincare but ever since I returned from summer, I've been using this Superdrug Pro Care Charcoal Toothpaste and it has given me the best results! I think teeth just yellow overtime and I don't get my teeth cleaned from the dentist and all that but this toothpaste whitened my teeth in just under one week since using it and I feel that they are so clean after! I also use it with an electric tooth brush which probably contributes to the 'clean feeling' but ultimately it is to whiten and it does the job! Plus it is really affordable and you don't have to go through the whole whitening with UV light process that everyone has been doing lately! 

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm

I bought this product mainly because I ran out of my body shop body butter and wanted to try something with less fragrance and I love this so much! It is super light yet keeps your skin as moisturized if not better than a body butter. It doesn't feel sticky and gets absorbed into your skin really quickly! It has a slight smell but nothing unpleasant, and it has a face cream sort of consistency. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a night lotion or just a body lotion because I use it even in the day before I get out of the house and it just keeps my skin hydrated especially in this dry season!


Tie waist trousers with T-shirt tucked in

I've always been a jeans/leggings girl mainly because I'm short and stubby so most trousers that fit around my waist are too long for me BUT I've discovered that cropped peg-legged trousers actually fits better so I've been really into it. Also, it's so much smarter looking than just jeans and hoodie and you can easily dress it up! I get mine from New Look mostly and not going to lie 70% of my clothes come from New Look.

Blazer and pants suit

This is a new found love since I had to put on a formal attire for an event the other day and I really liked how I looked and felt in a "matching suit" so I went and got a blazer and pants co-ord from New Look which I love and I can't wait to get more of it! I prefer patterned ones compared to solely colours (right) cause it's too pimpy but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a pug print one to come into the market very, very soon....

Puffer Jacket
It's a trend that I've only caught on pretty late into the month but my curiosity got the best out me and I got a puffer jacket from Asos and I've been loving it! It makes you feel super comfy and soft plus it keeps you really warm! I was so surprised at how warm I was when it was 2 degrees out! I found some pretty cute ones from H&M/Boohoo/TopShop and NewLook, let me know which of them you're getting/like the best!

Stranger Things Jumper

Aidan got me a jumper that has 'stranger things' plastered across the chest and it is the comfiest thing ever. Thick enough to keep you warm but you don't feel overly warm in it. I love a good oversized jumper in this season cause it's already so cold and borderline depressing, who has time to stuff your body into tight horrible clothes amirite. To be fair I love all the stranger things merch and yes I am well aware I went a little crazy but it's stranger things!!!


And that's the end of my October favourites! I hope that you've enjoyed it and the posts will be coming back more regularly now! Now that it's November, Christmas is basically here already and the Christmas Markets have begun! Made my first quick round about it on the opening day and I can't wait to go back soon, I might do a blog post on my favourite stalls soon so let me know if you want to see that!

With that, I'll see you next week!