Hey friends!

How are you doing? Thank you for all the love for my past few posts and it has been great hearing feedback from you lot through our chats and what not. I'm honestly so thankful and grateful for this little community we have on this space!

Today I've put together a blog post of a collective (sales) haul where I managed to snag some items for autumn/winter for less than their original prices! Why pay more for the exact same item when you can pay a little lesser right! I got some other items from New Look but I'm not including them in this post cause they were purchased a while back! Anyway, the three main stores I got my items from are Levi's (I know, who knew one day I would actually get things from Levi's), Topshop and Zara! 


I got all of these items for 30% off and that was such a great deal because the quality of the products is amazing and well worth your money!

PERFECT RINGER TEE Original - £25.00, Paid £17.50 each

 I got them in both black and white and they are so comfortable! I am such a T shirt girl and I love how cute it is! The ringer detail is such a nice touch to make the typical T shirt a little special.

THE PERFECT GRAPHIC TEE Original - £25.00, Paid £17.50 each

This is probably a must have and I've been wanting the logo tees for AGES, I got the men's cutting cause generally I like my T shirts of a bigger cut especially logo t shirts. I love the fitting, the material is extremely soft and it's such a comfortable T shirt that you can throw on with some jeans or tucked into a pair of denim skirt/culottes! 

LEVI'S® HOUSEMARK TEE Original - £25.00, Paid £17.50

This was the last Levi's T shirt that I got and I've worn it a couple of times already, I love how simple it is but the logo is just a nice touch it's great. 

THE SHERPA TRUCKER JACKET Original - £99.00, Paid £69.30 &
 FRONT TEXT TOP DETAILS £9.99, Paid £7.92 (from Zara)

The last item I bought from Levi's was this sherpa trucker jacket which I love so much! Last winter my Primark's sherpa denim jacket saved me simply because it was so easy to throw on and it goes with basically everything! I've worn it to it's death so much so that the sherpa lining is all gross so I thought it would be great to get a nice one since I'm probably going to be wearing it everyday. Love that the sherpa lining is in a darker colour so it doesn't look dirty or anything! The T shirt is from Zara which basically translates to 'Beautiful Poem'. I love the colour of the top and the font is just such a simple but cute addition


Topshop had a 20% off for students on top of whatever sales that was on the website. I got most of the items online which was great because the shops just get a little chaotic and some can be out of the sizes that I'm looking for so here're the items! 

PANTHER EMBROIDERED SHIRT Original - £32.00, Paid - £9.60

I'm all about the boxy button down shirts and they are quite a nice change from my T shirts. They're slightly smarter looking and the collars would look so cute when a jumper over them! 
LIP PRINT CASUAL SHIRT Original - £30.00, Paid £12

Not going to lie, I got this top for it's prints and again, I had it in my head that I was going to wear a jumper or something over this so the collar would peek out quite cutely. Also I think this would look great with a denim jacket! I love the sleeves too! The frills details are so flattering! 

FLAMINGO PRINT SHIRT Original - £30.00, Paid £12

I am pretty sure this was part of their summer release because of the whole tropical vibe but I got this because it was out of stock when I wanted to get it in Singapore (for the original price) and I haven't stopped thinking about it! Saw it on sale for £15 and I had an additional 20% off so why mean, why not! Plus who says you can't wear bright and loud prints in autumn/winter! I would wear this with a black mid length coat and some tie waist trousers!


Behold! My first yellow jumper! The price was the main motivation for this purchase and also I wanted to get this previously but they didn't have it in my size but now they do! I would wear this over a black T shirt that's tucked into some blue denim jeans! I think some white trainers would go really well with this too!

Floral Print Frill Shirt Original - £30.00, Paid £12

This is the similar cutting as the kisses print one and I love the design! It's so feminine and adorable! Again, look at the frilly sleeves! 

'MERCI' GRAPHIC T SHIRT Original - £16.00, Paid £12.80

I don't have a good justification for this T shirt purchase except that it looks great with anything and everything! 

FLORAL & STRIPE SHIRT Original - £29.00, Paid £9.60

Who can say no to floral and stripes! This would be perfect for days when you want to look like you tried but you didn't really, get what I'm saying? 

HOOK EYE JONI JEANS £52.00, Paid £17.60

Felt a bit brave and got this pair of joni jeans with hooks on the side. I declare this my skanky jeans, honestly I just thought they would be such a cute detail to a plain all black outfit but now I'm concerned about the hooks coming undone (the sides are all sewn together so no exposing) and hooking onto something/someone... I left the tag on because I'm still debating if I should return this? 

MOTO Rich Blue Joni Jeans Original - £36.00, Paid £28.80

I got this simply because my previous pair in this wash was ruined and they only seem to have this colour in during October/November? But I'm glad I have this back but I'm not looking forward to my hands being stained by them when I wear them out the first few times! 

HEART EMBROIDERED T-SHIRT BY TEE & CAKE Original - £22.00, Paid £17.60

I'm obsessed with striped T-shirts and the little heart embroidery got me sold. I have to put it out there, Topshop T-shirts are pretty good quality and they seem to hold their shape really well! Highly recommended!

STRIPED ROLL BACK T-SHIRT Original - £15.00, Paid £12

I mean... need I say more? Red and blue stripes? sold.

MOTO BLACK JONI JEANS Original - £36.00, Paid £28.80

Another pair of black jonis cause mine have holes in them already... 

TOP WITH ASYMMETRIC HEM DETAILS Original £5.99, Paid £4.80
MOTO LILAC ELBOW RIP DENIM JACKET Original - £49.00, Paid £16

The jacket was a nice addition to my pastel denim collection and I'm in love with the structure! It's probably too thin for the autumn/winter weather but it's gonna be stunning in spring! Plus it was of a great quality for the price! I got the T shirt from Zara simply because I ran out of white T shirts.


Zara was having a 20% sale storewide and thank goodness I ran in 30 minutes before their initial closing them to which they were so kind to extend it till 11pm. I managed to get myself some goodies and like Topshop, Zara has some great quality T shirts that have lasted me probably two years now but I've had to bin them cause of the horrible food stains I leave on them. 


The collar is such a nice detail to a plain black jumper which will be perfect for this season! 

LONG SWEATSHIRT DETAILS Original - £12.99, Paid £10.40

For lazy days where an oversized jumper would just do the trick! I'll probably wear this with the blue denim jeans and either tie them at the waist or tuck them in! This would look so cute under a pinafore/dungarees too! 


Mustard is one of the colours of autumn and this is the softest jumper ever! The subtle details are so cute and they would add a touch of colour to the whole outfit! I'm in love with these! 


Plain black T shirt just because Zara does great quality ones. 

UNGENDERED STRIPED T-SHIRT DETAILS Original - £12.99, Paid £10.40

Say yes to stripes! And of course yes to oversized jumpers! 


My biggest and final purchase from Zara was this gorgeous number! I've sadly grown out of my first faux leather jacket that I got back in 2015 and I've since been looking for the perfect one which has a good weight and of a better quality. After looking around for awhile, I found this perfect one in Zara which fitted me well! It's snug and I don't think I can wear a jumper underneath this but it feels really warm and so smart! You know how some clothes make you feel that you're really cool or you just take on a new persona? Yes this definitely makes me feel like I'm cooler than I am as a normal boring person?


And that's the end of my huge autumn/winter haul! Thank you for reading and let me know what you think of the purchases! I love all the items so much and I can't wait to get through them already. I'm also so glad that I didn't pay the original prices for them?! 

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and I'll see you on the next one! If you have any posts/topics you'd like to see me blog about, feel free to let me know via the comments or on my social media accounts: Twitter | Instagram