Hey friends!

I hope that you're well! I'm currently back in the UK and it's been a couple of days since I've left home and without doubt, I miss my friends, family and definitely the food! I'm just happy that summer has been well worth and I've managed to spend time with most of the people that I wanted to.

I'm preparing tons of pictures to put together a post where I share with you how I've spent summer at home which I'm sure you will enjoy! It's been awhile since my friends and family made a special appearance on this space!

Anyway, enough of blabbering! Today I thought it'll be nice to give you my thoughts on the very exciting Fenty Beauty! If you're a make up lover or you've just been about social media lately, you would have seen that Rihanna's makeup line basically took over the makeup world! Everyone was so excited and I'm not less!

My aunt bought me all of these lovely products and I am so so so lucky to be able to try these products! Please bear in mind that I don't use foundation at all so I didn't want to purchase it, I do put on concealer on days where my skin decides to go into a war with me like most people do but all of these products are beautiful and I can't wait to talk all about it with you!

This is the first highlight brush that I've seen with so many angles! Typically highlight brushes look like a fan, dome or it's just fluffy brush.

This brush feels SO SOFT to the touch and it is not prickly at all! I can't deal with prickly brushes because it's almost as if the brush became a torture device?! The angles make applications effortless and seamless. They almost bend to the curve of your cheekbones to that the highlight can be packed/blended out nicely and evenly. Sometimes when I apply highlight, some applications can leave parts of my face patchy with blocks of highlight which isn't the worst, it just isn't pretty and you don't do the product justice!

I wouldn't say that this is a necessity because it's a brush but if you're looking for the perfect brush that helps you with your highlight application, this would probably be it! Plus points that it is pink and pretty!

This trio comes in four different shades which include a concealer, contour and a highlight that compliments your skin colour! Bear in mind that you cannot mix and match the different shades, they come pre-packed BUT what's stopping you from changing it with your girlfriends or boyfriends!

I love the fact that these products are all magnetic and I heard when you combine all of the products together, it forms a honeycomb! Each of the product comes in a stick where it is quite wide and personally I feel that it contains quite a bit of product packed in a stick. The downside of it is that if you're as clumsy as I am when you remove the lid you'll probably end up chipping the product! And if you haven't experienced heartbreak, trust me, you will when you see that dent in that perfectly curved stick. My heart still hurts to this day, but it is better now that I've gone over the dent a couple of times when putting on the highlight stick.

The Highlight Stick (Trippin) : It gives a really beautiful natural glow and it is really easy to blend out with your finger or even a beauty blender! You can definitely layer this product to give a more blinding look but personally, one layer is the perfect 'go to' look for a healthy glow!

The Concealer Stick (Bamboo): This is probably my least favourite product in the trio simply because it doesn't have much coverage on my skin. I feel that the colour matches well but when I blend it out, it almost simply disappears from my skin? It doesn't cover up my blemishes or spots much and I would rather use without it. Perhaps this is more suitable for brightening up the undereye area instead of concealing blemishes!

The Contour Stick (Mocha): I've never used a contour stick before but I'm so glad I now do! It gives my face more definition instead of just a flat pancake and I did get some compliments when I have it on! The application is really easy since its in a stick form and it blends out very quickly and well with a damp beauty blender! The rounded tip makes it so much easier to apply it into the hollows of your cheek and the pigmentation is definitely enough to just go over once.

Comparing the killawatt highlight to the highlight stick, I much prefer the killawatt simply because I love me a good blinding highlight. I feel that the stick gives a more natural glow which is perfect for a 'no makeup look' or just an everyday highlight product. But if you're going for something more blinding and standout, killawatt is the one for you.

The formula is extremely creamy when I swatched the product my finger glided so smoothly and effortlessly across it! It doesn't feel heavy it anyway and a little goes a really long way. I do feel that using the brush to apply the highlight does take away some of the product but nothing a second layer couldn't fix!

It goes on the skin really easily and I feel like it compliments all skin colours! Unlike the Trophy Wife which I wanted so bad but I knew it wouldn't work well on my skin so I had to let that gem go. But I'm well pleased with this one!


For Fenty Beauty's debut, it is a great range especially the 40 different shades of foundation/match sticks which is incredible! I'm so proud of this line and I'm amazed at the quality and affordability. I'm so excited for her upcoming range and I do hope I'll be able to get my hands on some of them!

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and I'll see you on the next one!


Also, I've changed my blogpost dates from Fridays to Sundays now simply because my weekdays are now packed with University activities but don't worry, the content is still going to keep rolling!

Till next time! X