Hey friends!

I hope this last week has been good to you! I feel like the month of October is just flying by and I don't really know how to feel about it? On one hand I'm so excited because it means that Christmas is coming and on the other hand, I don't want the year to end yet because I'm having quite a bit of fun! 

Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you my current skincare routine - Winter edition! I have different types of routines depending on how my skin condition is like at the moment, the weather and the country I'm in! 

Since I'm in UK now and it's nearly winter now and my skin gets pretty dry and spots just pop out all the time. So this routine is pretty 'hydration focused' and it just cleans my face and pack it with moisture! 

Here are the products I use on an almost daily basis! They include 2 toners, an eye cream, serum, face mask, moisturiser, cleanser and my trusty Foreo! The sheet mask is not included in my daily routine simply because I am too lazy to have it on every single day. But I do have it on at the very least once a week! Lets go through the routine step by step and you can definitely follow if you'd like. My skin is a combination of dry and oily FYI!

Step one: Cleanse

If I have make up on, I will remove my make up with a cleansing balm and I alternate between the Clinique Take The Day Off  and the Banila & Co's depending on how heavy my make up is! I also switch between the Laneige and Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash

Most days I'll stick with the Laneige one simply because it gives me a cleaner feel? Whereas the Soap & Glory one is more for days where I feel that my skin is healthy and doesn't need to be thoroughly scrubbed. You know how some days you just feel all gross and you just need your face to feel all squeaky clean? That's me on my long days whereas if I'm at home the entire day I'll probably use the Soap & Glory one; plus it has a minty cooling effect which is pretty refreshing! 

Basically I would foam up the cleanser and rub it over my face and then use the Foreo to go over my face in circles. Each section will take up about 15 seconds and I break the sections down into - cheeks, chin, nose and forehead! 

Step two: Cleanse & Tone

I was taught by my aunt that even after cleansing with the cleanser, there are still dirt that might be clogged in your pores. So what I do now before toning my skin is to do another step of cleansing. I basically take a piece of cotton pad and pour/pump some of the skin conditioner or any toner of your choice and wipe it around my face to remove any other dirt.

After that I put a couple drops of my Kiehl's toner on my hand and pat it around my face to tone it! I highly recommend that you pick up the pump dispenser where it will help you get your toner onto your cotton pad faster/cleaner and easier! I got mine from Muji and it fits onto all of my toner bottle caps. I feel that it limits wastage and just makes my routine that little bit simplier without having to pour another product out. 

Step 3 (optional): Mask

This is just one of the many kinds of mask I use and they can range from sheet masks to a clay mask and all that, whatever floats your boat really! And if it requires you to wash it off, make sure that it's your first step rather than your third else your cleansing and toning will be a waste! 

I use a sheet mask when I feel like I've been stressed too much or I can see more spots on my face or even just because I feel like it! They provide a great deal of hydration and just gives your face that extra boost of plumpness and moisture which is always great! As mentioned above, I don't do this on a daily basis but I will at least have it on once a week! 

Step 4, 5 and 6! 

After massaging the remains of the mask into my face, I'd usually move onto eye cream because I have horrible eye bags, panda eyes and some fine lines already! That scares me a lot and I've been doing my best to fix it but I guess such things take time and other factors like sleep and squinting and all that plays an important part too! 

I alternate between the AHC's and the Revitalizing Supreme+ from Estee Lauder. You can definitely use any eye creams that is suitable for your skin I just personally prefer the balmy/gel texture compared to the oil/cream based! 

Following that, I'll apply 3-4 drops of the EL Advanced Night Repair serum and massage it into my face before finally sealing all the products with the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.

I love the combinations of these two products especially in the winter time because it feels very hydrating yet my skin isn't feeling oily or anything like that. I can't stand being able to wipe products off with a touch of my finger!

The only difference I have for my day time and night time routine is eliminating the serum in the day time and adding a layer of sun block after moisturising!

One thing that I did not include in this post would be the Daiso Peeling Gel which I use about once or twice a week, usually before I put a face mask on. You can read more about it in my previous post here. It's my step of exfoliating everytime I do it I feel as though I have brand new skin on and just so the mask will absorb better into my skin! You should definitely exfoliate because the amount of gunk that goes on your face is and will be appalling! The first time I exfoliated I genuinely thought I was going to throw up cause the amount of dead skin just would stop flaking everytime I rub the peeling gel on my face. 

Also I realised that with the exfoliation step, I no longer need to use a blackhead remover tool or anything to remove those! There may be an occasional scrape once a month but other than that I usually just leave it because it's pretty clean and mind you, my nose used to look like a strawberry because it was a blackhead breeding ground and god that was horrible. 


I hope that this post has been helpful for you because I had some questions on the kind of products I use and how my routine has been! It does change depending on the seasons so when Spring/Summer comes around I'll definitely do an updated one! 

If you have any recommendations or suggestions of products that I should use to get rid of my spots, please holla at me! And until then, I'll see you next week!


This post is not sponsored and does not contain any paid placements