Hey friends!

How have you lot been? Hope everything has been going good for you! Today I'm going to share with you films/TV shows that I've been loving lately and you'd know that binge watching an entire season of a show is possibly one of my favourite things ever.

You can basically find all these shows on netflix otherwise there will be a link to it where you can enjoy them too! However, these links don't last very long so fastest fingers first!


1. Atypical

This is one of those series that touches on a very real topic that not many TV shows (that I know of) highlight. Basically it's about a kid who has autism stepping into the dating life. It is filled with very intimate moments of the family who is caring for someone with autism, the reliance, the desperations, the frustrations along with the patience, the understanding and so much more. There are going to be some scenes where you'll be disappointed and almost irritated with some characters but as I read on about what people have to say about them, it all boils down to different people have different ways to release and relax you know?

I'm just grateful that through this way I'm able to learn that little bit more about why certain people who suffer with autism express themselves in a certain way and not every autistic person is the same, just like we are on a general basis. Initially I thought that autistic people just do not like engaging with others and would rather be on their own because it's just the way it is. But it's not! They actually get amplified experiences through lights, sounds and the environment in general which can be very disorientating for them.

I'm probably butchering the show but trust me, it is a very relatable show because they show the lives of people of all ages and not only just the family who is caring for the kid with autism. If I would describe this show, it'll probably be a light hearted take to a less talked about issue. My favourite character is  Casey and if you do watch it, feel free to reach out to me and virtual yell to me if you'd like cause that's what I did to my friends! The entire season of 8 episodes is available on Netflix!

2.  Zoo

I'm not sure if I've talked about this before but this show is at season 3 so far and I'm loving it! The show talks about a world that has animals going wild - attacking people and basically going nuts. There has since been a cure but humans are now sterile and they are fighting for a cure while dealing with other crazy animals.

It's almost like a zombie apocalypse but instead of zombies it's animals whose first instinct is to attack you etc etc. The team working on this is really cool cause they travel on a plane that is literally always flying and its just cool how they introduce the role of science in all of this. It's sort of like saving the world but slightly cooler?

What I like about this is how different it is and the insane plot twists they have going on! Highly recommend it especially if you love your animals! I much prefer the first season compared to the later ones cause its more exciting in the sense where it is all still new and full of fun discoveries! Season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix and season 3 is uploaded weekly here.

3. Elementary

Oh my god, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this series. If you're fan of Sherlock or any detective shows, this will DEFINITELY be the one for you! Think of Sherlock as a badass drug addict with tattoos but accompanied with a strong sense of sarcasm and a dash of wittiness.

This series got me so hooked that I would sleep only when the sun rise and all I could think about doing when I got up is to watch this. It's funny yet cool and also amusing at the same time on the little details that could contribute to the great picture.

I love the cast in this show and I can't wait for more seasons to come out and I hope all they do is release seasons by seasons so I can be a very happy girl, spending my life just binge watching this. 100% recommend you to watch this! Season 1 to 4 is available on Netflix and season 5 can be found here.

4. Shadow Hunters

Again, on the line of fantasy/supernatural. Shadow Hunters are a group of people who hunt down the bad guys on earth. They are invisible to the typical humans except for those who know who they are and who possess powers?

It sounds very cheesy but I bet you, it isn't. If you've watched Mortal Instruments previously, this is the TV version of it and I much prefer the TV cast to the film cast. It has two seasons so far and it's so cool how badass the casts are! Jace and Alec are both amazing heart throb and your eyes are going to have such a treat!

I personally dislike the main cast - Clary because I feel she plays such a damsel in distress role and everyone just has to revolve around her mistakes you know. No spoilers but you get the drift right? Annoying girl who everyone has to somehow clean up her mess and all she does is create more mess especially when she has specifically been tasked not to. UGH

But Jace, Alec, Magnus and Izzie are my favourites! I can't wait for season 3 to return already! So far the episodes are all available on Netflix!

5. The Mist

I didn't know about this show until my friend told me that it came from a book? It is said to be horror/thriller but I don't really think it is scary at all? This show probably shows how scary human beings can be compared to demons and all that.

It's talking about a small town that is suddenly covered by a cloud of mist and whoever steps into the mist long enough ends up dead/killed.

I like this show because of it's plot twist and how the characters relate from one to another and even though some reviews said that the actors/actresses could do a lot better of a job, I feel that it is not too bad. Not going to deny there are some scenes where I rolled my eyes at because of the typical "horror scenario" but I think you'll enjoy this.

It ends on a pretty interesting cliffhanger which made me really excited for the next season! It is available on Netflix or here.


I didn't really head out to watch much films over my time in SG so one of the two films that I managed to watch in the cinema was:

1. Hitman's bodyguard

It is such a hilarious film! I loved every single bit of it! Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson are such a power duo and I just enjoyed it so much. The choice of music selected for each scenes were VERY appropriate and the actors are so great with their facial expressions!

Many scenes need not any words yet you could see EXACTLY what they were trying to bring across to you via their expressions and it is just great! I don't think I can talk about it anymore without giving you spoilers but think of it as Kingsmen but less classy, more american secret agent.

2. To the bone

This film is another one of those that touches on a little talked about subject and how much it is affecting people in our everyday lives. I know that many people do not believe that Anorexia related illness can actually cause someone other implications such as depression and more. Some even say that they can just get over it which is simply bullshit.

It uses very real examples and people that you may not realise are going through that very tough period and the thoughts and processes that goes through their minds. I guess what I enjoyed about this is that they are not scared to show the pain that a patient may go through and how the people around them blame them for the sole reason that they don't understand.

Personally I feel that this illness came about because of the pressure that society gives to people and how difficult it is to fight against the negativity that gets to you especially when it is practically in every virtual corner.

This also feels very close to home because I know of people who gone through hell and suffered because of the horrible things that were inflicted upon them. More than educating me on how people could suffer and the extent they would go to "cure" themselves, it serves as the biggest reminder that not everyone show you that they are suffering and people ought to be kind to one another. The world is becoming uglier by the second with the ignorant, stupid and vile people about, take a second the next time you decide to put someone down or say something nasty.


Okay that has gotten very deep out of a sudden but I hope that you enjoyed this little post and it has helped you decide what your next film/tv series adventure you should embark on! Till next time!