Hey friends!

How're you all doing? I hope that all is good! Since the previous post, I've left home and came back to the UK to further my studies and so far it has been all good! It's been awhile since I shared with you what my favourites are and I am so lucky to be able to try all the new things because of my friends and family so I hope that you'll enjoy this post! 

I've been the biggest fan of masterchef since I first watched it with my family a couple of years ago and have been watching the seasons religiously since! I just love the excitement and creativity that just comes out of all the contestants and it is amazing to see how every single one of them grow through the episodes! For this episode, I am rooting for Jason SO HARD and I hope that his kind soul wins this! You can definitely choose to watch this on your computer screens or if you want to get an full on experience, try the 4K TV Panasonic series* and have your perfect pick for an immersive experience!

I give my little brother full blame/credit for getting me so hooked onto this. Plus we tag team and solve the puzzles so its quite a fun activity! Although, what annoys me is the whole not overthinking area about the answer because it is REALLY simple and chances are you'll have heard of the word before! 

This is another game that I got hooked onto no thanks to my friends but the pressure of trying to get as much answers as you can just to beat you friends. But sometimes you get to see the funniest answers, I played with my brother once under the category of 'pasta shapes' and i tried my luck with fusilli and sort of got the drill so I managed to answer most of them! But for my brother he just came out with answers like square, rectangle and all that! It was hilarious! I feel like this could be more of a battle of ego more than general knowledge you know! 

Oh goodness me, I've been trying SO many new products for skincare and beauty and they have all been amazing! But I decided to talk about a handful today just for the reason that I've tried them for quite a bit and got to know how they work and all that before deciding that I really like them! 

Benefit GALifornia blush

I have hopped onto the blush bandwagon (finally) cause I am really liking the flushed look/giving my face a little bit more colour and look slightly healthy instead of being pale and dead LOL. I love this blush because it's highly pigmented so you only need a tiny little bit and it goes a long way! Plus it blends out beautifully regardless of the type of brush you're using and if you have a large collection of blushes, I would reccomend that you get the smaller sized product cause I don't think you can ever finish using it anyway! 

Benefit goof proof pencil

I've always and will always be on the hunt for the perfect brow product and I was jumping between using powder and an angled brush and a brow crayon/pencil. My current go to brow product is the goof proof pencil that my aunt (who doesn't draw her brows) recommended me to get and I've been loving it! It is easy to manuvre and it is highly pigmented so you should be very light handed when applying the product! I would recommend you to set your brows with either a setting gel or a brow Fiber cause I personally feel that you can rub the product off with your fingers if you're not careful! I've been swapping between the benefit ready set brow gel and the too faced brow quickie depending on how much product I have on! 

Ginger lip balm

I actually first come to know of this product from my friend who got me it as a gift and I've been loving it since! I even went and got like three more just to bring it back to the UK.

It is SO moisturising and it lasts ages (a night's sleep for me) and my lips just feel plump and moisturised the next day! The only downside is if you leave it upside down for a bit, it might all explode out when you first take it out! Or if you squeeze too much product it'll just go all over and if you have small lips like mine!

Daiso face peeling gel

Okay i know how weird this sounds because it's DAISO, i mean, how many people would be willing to smear a $2 product all over their face right? BUT I got it with a friend's recommendation and goodness me, it is an actual gem?! Basically you wash your face and dry it before applying a small dollop of the product on your hand and rub it on your face and you'll see all your dead skin just come off and your face will be the smoothest you've ever felt and it removes your blackheads too! Highly, highly recommend it!

Denim Jacket

I LOVE autumn because it means layers, dark colours and all the denim jackets which I adore! Few days before I left for the UK, I went to editor's market with my family and saw this amazing denim jacket which I knew I had to have. How editor's market work is that the more pieces you buy, the better price you get so this girl basically got all of us together and we had 6 pieces which is for the lowest price you can get for each item as labelled so instead of paying $45 for my jacket when I'm buying one piece, I paid $33!

Cropped pants


Before anything, you have to understand that I am basically 5ft tall and cropped pants to the general human is a full length for me. So when I mean cropped pants, it means it cuts off just slightly after my ankle and I do not look like I took someone else's pants and ran away with them like that. Basically, New Look has the best pants in for this season and I got myself two and I love them! It gives me such a smart casual vibe and basically more options apart from my joni jeans and it looks smarter too so I'm really enjoying them! My favourite way to wear them is with a tee shirt tucked in or a cropped shirt which basically comes down to where my pants start so yay me!

Topshop T shirts

I've never really bought tees from topshop before because I don't think they are worth the price? Like £18 for a tee shirt with some words or you know. But when I was in SG, they had a buy 1 and get the second piece 40% off so I took the chance and got the t shirt I was looking for which is you can see above!

And I've never looked back! The quality is great and despite it being white, you don't see your bra through it you know so I guess the £18 is pretty good for a decent white tee shirt with some cute prints!

I've had so much good food to the point that my favourite food is no longer a favourite because I've had it so many times? You know that feeling when you love something so you keep having it to the point where you're actually sick of it. It's sort of like if you have a new favourite song so you set it to your ring tone but everytime it rings you get this little cringe/dread?

BUT what I've been enjoying is weirdly - bottled water. I know it's not good for the environment but I love the convenience of being able to just grab a bottle of water anytime and anywhere (if I have some stocked at home) without having to boil the water, cool it down and then get to drink it.

Another favourite drink I've been loving is the watermelon water which I saw in Sainsburys! Honestly the packaging shouted out to me and I felt a but ugh at the taste initially but the more I drink, the more I enjoy it! I think it cleanses the system as well cause I took some trips to the toilet but it is a very refreshing drink especially if you're having it with spicy food!

I don't know if this should go under the entertainment section but I thought this deserves a special place on its own since its Niall Horan. I feel like I'm lagging a bit but I've been obsessed with his Slow Hands! I can't stop listening to it and I'm just enjoying it really!


I hope that you guys have enjoyed this post and it definitely got you interested in getting some new goodies for yourself! I'll see you on the next post!

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