Hey friends!

How is it going? Hope you're well! I've been absent from this space for a hot minute because I've just been spending a lot of time with my friends and family. But I'm back today to share with you my long overdue Sephora Haul! 

I initially filmed a video prior to opening and using these products but I didn't like the outcome of the video at all so I scraped it. Tried taking pictures of them but lighting and backgrounds just hasn't been doing me a favour so I've just let it be. But I've gotten myself a new photography product and thought it was time to give this post another try and I'm not the most pleased with the results but I'm not upset bout it either so I hope that you'll enjoy this! 

Most of this items are actually birthday gifts from my aunt and I shared them with you on my Sephora Wishlist post a couple of months back and I've tried 90% of the products so this will be a little haul/review with my pros and cons which will hopefully help you out in deciding if you should get certain product! Lets begin with eye palettes:

Pros: Pigmented and high quality eye shadows, great colour range, good mixture of mattes, shimmer and satin, easy to blend
Cons: small pans

Pros: pigmented, creamy, solid packaging, consistent quality with other naked palettes, comes with a brush
Cons: slight fall out

Pros: good range of colours, easy to blend, great smell
Cons: not as pigmented as the natural love palette, similar colours can be found on their other palettes

Pros: good packaging, easy to blend, good selection of colours
Cons: only one matte shade, glitters are too chunky which irritates my eyes, slight fall out

Pro to go collection

(I bought this in the set because it's more value for money since the palette is already 35 bucks on their own, and an additional dollar for a mini mascara and lippie so why not!)

Pros: Pigmented, good selection of colours
Cons: does not blend easy like the pro palette

Pros: compact, pigmented
Cons: slight fall out, more powdery than creamy

Pros: easy to apply, good selection of colours, solid packaging
Cons: powdery and has a slight fall out when picked up on brush

Pros: blinding highlight, holographic reflect
Cons: may be too light for tanner skin tones, does not blend easily

COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops in blossom and rose gold
Pros: amazing colour pay off, natural glow from within look
Cons: watery, requires a bit more effort to blend

Pros: buildable, natural finish, great packaging
Cons: may not show up well on tanner skin tones

Pros: good selection of products, value for money
Cons: may not suit all skin tones, small products size

Pros: smooth, good colour payoff, easy to use
Cons: dropped brow hair/dust can stick to the pencil, can be difficult to clean up

I hope that you've enjoyed this little blog post and it has helped you or give you an idea of what you can add to your make up collection! Let me know if you prefer short and pictures filled posts like this or more lengthy/wordy posts! 

I'll be bringing back a more consistent updating schedule so I will see you back here very soon! Till next time, xx