Hi friends!

Hope you're well, today I'm sharing with you my five favourite make up brushes should that ever tickle your curiosity. I definitely use more than these five and new brushes also came into my life very recently but I haven't had the time to use them properly to call them a favourite yet.

These brushes are those that I've been reaching for almost every single time I do my make up and I love how they apply the product on my face, lets begin!

This brush came from a set that I got as a birthday gift from a good friend and this is probably the best brush I've tried for me to apply my setting powder. The brush is dense enough to pick up the fine powder but it doesn't like slap a chunk of product on your face, it blends the powder out evenly so you won't get patches of powder all over your face! The downside is that the brush pokes my face a very tiny tiny bit but I'm guessing it's because it is a mix of a synthetic and natural? I don't know what I'm talking about, don't quote me please. You can find this set here

This is hands down my favourite crease brush so far, it is a pretty fluffy brush which will help you reach all the corners of your crease and blends out the shades smoothly. It works for both mattes and shimmers nicely! I like that it has a pointed tip so you can go in with a better precision rather than blending your eyeshadows up into your brows you know. This is actually part of the eye starter set and if i'm not wrong, you can get it on its own in stores. I saw it once in Boots but you can get it here and they have 20% off offer for now! 

Next up it's my bronzing brush! I've only very recently learned how to bronze and I'm no pro at it so I just dust some powder on my face so I don't look like a potato that has been ran over but a baked potato that has got some nice colour after being in the oven... you know what I'm saying? I love this brush for similar reasons to the powder brush BUT this has an angel that helps you find out the non existent cheek hollows, it also applies pretty smoothly and doesn't make it look like you've just rolled your face in mud with patches. My aunt actually got this for me from taobao and it doesn't shed plus it feels very soft and dense, you can find it here

Before discovering this, my ride to die highlight brush was the real techniques setting brush, but sometimes I feel that the brush is too dense for a highlight that it makes the entire highlighter looks like a swab of powder that isn't blended properly. It could be my lack of technique but I found this brush and bought it on a whim since it was quite affordable. To my very pleasant surprise, it works GREAT! It blends it out and even though your highlight is blinding af, it goes on your skin looking very naturally blends really well so I would highly recommend it! You can find it here but I'm not sure if you can get it online but deffo in stores!

Last but not the least, the blush brush! I've been using this since the day I got it partly because I don't have another blush brush that is angled. But I love this brush so much because it is fluffy and at the same time dense. It picks up quite a lot of product so go light handed when you apply the product on your face! But I love the fluff and angled shape because you can create this almost gradient thing where the apples of your cheek has more product and when you continue it up towards your cheek bones, you just have that little bit of flush that continues there? This again, is part of a set because you sure can tell I hate buying brushes on their own, if it comes in a set, YAS GIRL. You can find it here


And there it is! My current 5 favourite make up brushes, I might do one annually because I'm constantly trying out new brushes cause they do fray a bit and go out of shape such as an angled brush! I hope that this helps you with your next brush/brush set purchase. 

See you on the next post!