Hey friends!

Hope you're well. Thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support for my previous post. Thank you to those who've sent me personal messages telling me how you can relate/how it helped you to know that you're not alone feeling all that horrible things - I'm glad that post reached you well!

Today I thought I'd share with you my May/June favourites - not going to lie, I actually filmed a May favourites video but I don't really like the outcome of it and it isn't a video I can be the proudest of so I just scraped it. SO this post will be a combination of the things I've been loving in the last two months and I hope you will enjoy this!

1. Pleated culottes


If you've watched my haul video, you'd have seen that I stepped out of my Joni Jeans comfort zone and tried pleated culottes and I am so in love! They are so comfortable and they go with everything! You can dress them up or dress them down depending on the kind of day you're having and they look great on any body type!

2. Crepe cami

I love wearing my pleated culottes with a crepe cami and I got really affordable ones from Primark for like £4 and I would get them a size or two up so they'll be longer and stay tucked in. Plus summer has come and gone (in the UK) but it was really comfortable in the hot weather! Plus you'd look less sloppy than the jersey kind you know? I'm not a big fan of just wearing the jersey cami because it hugs my body and I feel like a dumpling plus it's like something someone wears to sleep so the crepe material makes it look slightly... better for me? But to each their own!

3. Slogan T-shirts

I'm sure you'll know that slogan tees with cute/boarderline cheesy quotes are really on trend right now and I sure have hopped onto that bandwagon! It's like a step up from your basics plus a little cute treat never hurt nobody! Zara has some really cute ones in this season so do pop by and check them out when you can!

4. Office slip ons

This are like birkenstock inspired slippers from Office. I got it basically because I don't wear slippers that often but since summer was around, my feet were boiling from being stuffed in my trainers so I bought it to tide over summer period and for short trips to the supermarket or somewhere nearby. It's not the most comfortable but they look cute and does the job pretty well compared to typical flip flips! I'm considering to get birks but I'm not sure if they will hurt my feet cause they really did when I tried them on in the shops! If you own birks, let me know what you think!

5. Earrings from Asos

I'm that person who wears the same earrings for months because I can't be bothered with changing up my earrings every other day so I get loop ones that fit the lobes nicely and doesn't get gross or dirty. I used to get these from Asos but decided they were too thin and fragile cause they kept breaking off after a bit so I looked around and they were just irritating my skin and turning black etc you know. So I decided to go back to Asos and found some new ones and so far they have been hanging on really well - haha get it, hanging on my ears.

1. Brush

Again from my favourites video, you'd have seen this boojie brand called Precision Beauty which I don't even know if they exist. But anyway, I got them in a set of three and I am so in love with all of them! The angled brush works perfectly when I do my brows, its firm and doesn't wear out too much! My favourite is definitely the blending brush because its so fluffy yet firm so it doesn't blend too high since I don't have much space on my lids! Sometimes cheap brushes do work just fine! I can't find a picture or a link to it online but if you pop by your local TkMaxx you might be able to find some!

2. Lottie rainbow highlighter


Not going to lie, I got this because it was rainbow. Remember when they were a rare bit of a thing yet now they are everywhere? I saw it in Superdrug and decided to give it a go since I haven't tried anything from Lottie yet and it turns out it works really well! However it doesn't come off as 'rainbow-y' on my skin or anything, it just gives a really nice glow that is in the middle of a natural one and a blinding one. Perfect for everyday use and it is pretty affordable!

3. Blush

Thanks to laziness, I've been embracing the whole natural make up look which means less reds on my eyes and putting focus on just my lashes and my cheeks to make me look more alive? It's amazing how one product can add so much colour to your face! My favourite blush picks are the Zoeva Blush palette and the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Palette!

4. Kiehls hydrating

Since winter has come and gone, so must the heavy duty skincare! My skin gets really dry over the colder months and the ultra facial cream & toner has worked great then but now that it is warmer it just leaves my skin very oily and heavy. Decided to take a leap and try the summer version of what I've been using (basically less oils but still hydrating so you don't turn into a prune) and I've been loving it! It's light and doesn't have any strong smells but your face is still kept hydrated and plump!

1. Nachos

For some reason, I have been obsessed with nachos and for a week, I see pics and videos of home made nachos everywhere! I took that as a sign and made some myself, it is so easy and so much more affordable than eating it outside. My favourite way is to fry up some mince and top it on some tortilla chips and then sprinkle some grated cheese on it before throwing it into the oven for about 10 minutes. While it is cooking, I just mash up an avovado with garlic powder, salt and pepper and my dip is sorted! If I am feeling fancy I just pop by Sainsbury's and pick up a tub of salsa because a fresh bite of tomatoes is always refreshing after all the savouriness.

2. Five guys

Not going to lie, I've only had it once in the two months but it is so good that it is a favourite! It is pretty pricey but it is so worth it! The burger is juicy and the chips are just amazing! It is probably one of my favourite places to get chips because they are crispy yet soft in the middle whereas some chips are just mushy and soaked with oil.

3. Baguette

I've never been a fan of baguettes because I have weak teeth BUT ever since my trip to Paris and popping by Julien's Bakery and tasting hands down the best baguette, I am a convert! It's just a pretty sad that Julien's Bakery is not around the corner anymore, but baguettes goes well with soup or even as a base for poached eggs.

4. Nutella B-ready

Again, this is a new found love from my trip and it is so good! I am not usually a fan of chocolate filled treats but this was SO GOOD. I even bought two boxes back to Manchester but of course we (mostly me) destroyed it so quick.

5. Tartlets

The other treat I got from Paris was this box of Tartlets. The base of the tarts are so flaky and buttery while the filling is decadent but not sickly. I'm not usually into boxed tarts but this is life changing that I was determined to get some for my friends to try! 

1. Sense8

I only watched this after everyone did, bow did I know? Maybe from the flood of people whining about them cancelling the show all the damn time. But little did I know, I was probably as upset as them because THE SHOW IS SO GOOD. It addresses issues that are not much talked about like how the asian family culture can affect a person, homosexuality, transgender, marriage and all sorts. I love it so much and I don't think any show has highlighted them in such a beautiful and relatable way as Sense8 did. Good news for everyone loving the show, they are releasing a two hour finale to tie up the loose ends because hell, the ending was one kind of a cliffhanger! My favourite character is definitely Lito and I can't wait to see more of him! I kind of like wolfgang too but Lito has my heart! If you watch sense8, who's your favorite character and what do you think the finale will be like?

2. Grimm

Started this because I ran out of things to watch and this was on netflix so why not? It is not usually my kind of show to watch but this was so good! I'm not a big fan of the whole story line but the plot twists are crazy! Its basically about monsters living in the human world who look like human beings to normal people but to grimms or the other monsters, they can be seen and crimes are mostly created by them etc. It's really cool!

3. Wonder Woman

Where do I begin?!?!?! I don't think I ever stepped out of the cinema feeling so empowered and proud to be a woman in my entire life. The film is action packed with strong women, amazing scenes and did I mention how beautiful Gal Galdot is? I can't wait for the second film already!! Okay... Chris Pine was pretty cute too with those eyes and who remembers the scene where he kept saying he was "better than average" /wink wink

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Didn't understand why people say that POTC is not as good as the previous one because the series will ALWAYS be great! The graphics are great, the music is great and Captain Jack Sparrow is great as always! Its such a great mixture of adventure, humour and emotions. Not going to give any spoilers but the film was as precious as a pearl. 🙊 Also, don't forget to keep your eye out for young jack sparrow which they created via CGI and this, this work of art.

5. Girl on the train

I'm probably one of the last few to watch/read girl on the train but I got the book for my birthday from Aidan and I finally gotten around to read it. The book was EVERYTHING, I've never read a book that made my heart race that quick and my palms sticking to the book because of all the sweat. It was thrilling, exciting and the plot twist made me scream internally and probably externally in the shop that I was reading it. Had to race home to watch the film immediately after I finished the book and of course the book is better but they are both pretty good!

1. S'well bottle

If this bottle isn't the body of extra, I don't know what is. I don't need an expensive pretty bottle that keeps my water cold 24 hours or my water hot for 12 but I got it thanks to Aidan who got me my first S'well bottle on our little trip to Liverpool. I've been using it since and I am loving it so much! It was especially great for summer when it was boiling hot and I get to have ice cold water to sip on and when I needed warm water during shark week, it was there too. It was so good that I had to get another one when I saw it on sale in UO and yes, guess who is enjoying the two S'well bottles.

2. Fan


I took it for granted when I was in SG where aircon and fans are literally a push of a button away whereas here it gets really stuffy on warm days and the windows barely open so the flat just becomes a sauna. Decided to get a fan and it was the best thing ever, I slept well, I didn't struggle to sit in a place without grunting or anything. Such a first world problem I know but who knew a fan could come into a monthly favourite!

3. Period Calendar

I like to keep track and be in control of my life because I am crazy so when there's an app to track my period and keep me prepared for the shark week, of course I had to use it. It is simple and it basically has different sorts of countdown such as ovulation or to your next period.

You can keep track of your health and be part of a forum where body issues are discussed if you'd enjoy that but I just use it to track my period to make sure that everything is good! And if you're interested, it is password enabled too so your data is safe?

4. Countdown App - Days

Similar to the period calendar, it counts down to other events such as my upcoming trip or deadlines. It lets you customise with backgrounds of your choice so it's more personal and more visually pleasing you know!


Well, that is a long list of favourites, I hope that you've enjoyed it and let me know what your favourites are for the last two months! This is the last post I'll be writing in the UK for a couple of months since I'm going to be home for summer! (writing this in advance) I'm so excited to see all my friends and family but I sure am going to miss Aidan.

Brace yourselves for blog posts and videos featuring/made in the sunny island then! Till next time xx