Hey friends,

I went to Paris for a couple of days just for a graduation/summer trip with Aidan and it was a dream come true! I've always wanted to visit Paris and my obsession with the Eiffel Tower has been on for ages! I hope that you will enjoy this post as I share with you about my trip!

We booked a 'package' from Expedia and paid £324 each for 4 nights in Citadines and our return flight from Manchester to Paris on Easyjet! The price also includes insurance FYI!


Sometimes I forget that travelling in Europe can be really convenient and smooth! I'm not the best flyer and I'm generally very nervous on flights and a little turbulence can throw me into a potential panic attack. Yes horrible, don't ask me how I survive an 18 hour flight back to Singapore. Anyway, the main point is the flight from Manchester to Paris was really quick and so smooth I basically put in my mascara and did my brows with no problems at all!  

Touched down to Paris CGD airport and queued a bit to get the RER tickets from the airport to our hotel. It was about a 30-45minutes ride away! 

There are a couple of lines on the metro such as the M and the RER. M basically are the smaller lines and travels to near stations whereas RER line A and B travels further and longer distances! The RER A and sometimes B has double deckers for trains which is SO COOL! 

The train station that was 2 minutes away from our accommodation! 

Ah, France and the balconies! 

Of course, wide windows, love them!

We were greeted by proper summer weather and I was so thankful I brought summery clothes cause I was drenched in sweat and at the end of the trip I got so tanned! We checked in at about 11am, washed up a little and headed out to explore Paris! 

Crepes in France are a must although this was quite a disappointment as it was not made fresh :-(

The weather was glorious and the architects never looked any more beautiful!  

The Notre Dame - didn't go in because the queue was massive and initially saved it for the last day but nope. It looked so beautifully detailed you wouldn't believe!

6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France

Street stores selling trinkets and prints

Fun tip if you're looking to get souvenirs - these stores sell it for around two euros for five whereas you can get it for one euro for five if you look out for the happy chappy men! 

So before Paris, Aidan was raving about the bakeries and was adamant that I tried some of the bakes when we were in France so off we went for a little snacky lunch 

Almond Croissant which was flaky and not too sweet, love it!

I forgot what baguette this was but it was good although a little too tough for my weak jaw

tons and tons of locks!

If you'd like to put a lock on this bridge, don't forget to bring one else you'll spend about five euros getting one! Yes there are happy chappies selling it about but you'll never know if they do unlock the locks and resell it again you know.

Decided that we were going to visit as much of the landmarks so from Notre Dame to the love locks bridge, followed by the Louvre and more!

This was taken at the old love locks bridge before they moved it to the new place as seen above!

The legendary Louvre that Wonder Woman and everybody else was at in films that I watched when I was growing up! It was so exciting to see it IRL and it was such a sight! 

I'm quite impressed with this shot

I was too scared to climb up and fall in front of everyone that was there so sitting down will have to do!

The best I could do! And nope we did not join the massive queue to see the tiny Mona Lisa although I hear that EU/UK students might have free entry so if you're there, do give it a check! 

Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

We were headed to the Eiffel Tower next and chanced upon this pond/fountain on the way and took a little break. 

It was so nice since being around the water was cooling and the little sit down was much needed after walking quite a distance!

Eye spy the Eiffel Tower that I've dreamed of seeing my entire life

Of course, of course

It took us about a long time to walk from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower and even though it was really hot, the walk was really pretty especially if you walk along the river!

Wondering why Aidan is lying on the ground? 

Yeap you guessed it, to capture this very unflattering picture of my double chin and a cameo of my face under the Eiffel Tower! (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Paris has my heart 
Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France

So somehow, Aidan convinced me that we should CLIMB up the Eiffel Tower and god, it was horrendous but hey when you're students you'd pick the five euros option to climb up instead of the eleven euros for the lift up. After 15 minutes of hurling nonsense at Aidan and on the verge of losing a lung while trying not to pass out - yes very dramatic but I am very unfit as you can tell... we made it!

You can tell I am very happy to have risked my life

And he is very impressed

Had to get a token of appreciation from myself to myself

But damn the view though, so so so worth it

Towards the centre of the tower there are transparent glasses to look down to the floor and it was exhilarating! I've learned that since I've already climbed up that high, whats the point of being nervous about standing on the glass right. So well I did it and even sat down because girlllllllllll. Yes I got some surprised looks from the other tourists who were struggling to take a step onto the glass

Sat down for a very much needed cup of coke that was priced at an extortionate amount but hey it has the Eiffel Tower print soooooo

And yes I've finally seen the carousell with the Eiffel Tower in the background! It is a lot smaller than what I pictured but yes, bucket list check, check and check! 

The sun was SO HOT but sigh, what a sight isnt it! 

After that we decided we should venture back to the hotel cause at that point we've been out and about for a long long while in the sun and we were really hungry. 

I was so excited at this but walked away empty handed because Sephora was literally two doors down. Got sun cream from Sephora of all things because...

Yeap, he got sun burnt really really bad that he basically scream at every touch. Popped by the nearby supermarket for some water and snacks before heading back for an early night! 

Aidan passed out pretty soon after his shower and I attacked this magical product

 YUM B.ready 

Unffff so good!

Ending day 1 with a this majestic form of art


Inserts a vain selfie because I was feeling it with my make up and also it was an exciting day because its Disney!!!

Headed out to get breakfast before embarking on our long journey there

Aidan found this bakery - La Boulangerie Julien (Julien's Bakery) nearby our hotel and to this day I can still taste their amazing baguettes on my tongue /cries/

They do AMAZING bakes and if you're in Paris I STRONGLY recommend you to check it out! From sweet treats, quiches to classic croissants and baguettes, they've got them all on point. They have multiple outlets so do get your hands on some when you can! 

75 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

What's a trip to France without some croissant? And yes it is as flaky, buttery as you'd imagine. Goodness in every bite. We got some baguettes as well for the day in Disney which I would totally recommend because food is pretty expensive and it's not the best tasting one for the price you're paying sooooo.

After a long ride and battling through the rush hour, the mickey ears are finally in sight!

We were blessed by another glorious day!

This still makes my heart feel so much emosh

I mean... have you REALLY been to disney without the minnie ears and castle tho? (Yes)

My red lobster got mickey ears to match and it was so cute

Honestly we didn't go on much rides mainly because the queues are horrendous, I hate rides and the fast passes are not the most useful

This baguette.. ugh looking at it makes me so sad but this is the Poulet something something from Julien's Bakery. Their mayonnaise is of another level and it is godly

He spent a good ten minutes fiddling about this light saber

We took the buzz lighter ride and it was everythaaangggg

As you can tell by our very focused face

The arcade area which you can use to escape the crowds especially post-parade!

We took a boat which was so nice and chill because we are all about that slow life aka grandma at 23

Spot goofy and Pluto just having fun with kids and not any like picture times - love it! They ran past me at some point and I was so scared because they ran pretty fast and loud so seeing orange things flying about isn't the most relaxing thing you know. 

After walking about the different worlds, we decided to get ready for the parade and after a lot of hassle, we found a shaded place to sit on the ground and waited nearly an hour for the parade to start. Since we were there pretty early, the view was amazing! 

After the parade, we wandered for a bit and got some tiny souvenirs for friends and family and saw this unattended bunch of balloons which shouts for a photo opp and Aidan obliged

Can you tell I'm really happy

Honestly I didn't enjoy Disney as much as I thought I would because as I got older, I realise that Disney is more shops than rides and its just a place that people go and spend on the merchandise you know. Plus with limited budget, you can only buy that many things in Disney so well... Additionally, I'm not the biggest fan of queueing for rides and other stuff! 

Made our way back to our hotel area and it was nearly 9pm when I was craving soup SO MUCH #asianlife and found that they have Ippudo(!!!!) Walked there through the loveliest of streets and found the store!

If home doesn't look like this... I was really pleased and satisfied with it if course but what made it better was that I managed to help translate some stuff for the waiter from tourists from China and since they only speak Mandarin and the waiter barely speaks English it was a hopeless game of Charades so it was well good! 

74-76 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau // 14 Rue Grégoire de Tours

Decided to get something sweet and saw ice cream in the prettiest flower so hey ho! Basically each petal is a different flavour and I didnt know that so the ice cream man was asking me for flavous after flavous and it was exciting yet mildly stressful at the same time

But it was soooo delicious! 


Of course we start our day by visiting a local bakery again! Look at all these sweet treats /drroooooolllls/

Another day, another croissant! (Psst, Still prefer Julien's) I didnt take down the name of this bakery but it is pretty close by to the hotel! Decided that being our last full day in Paris, we better make the most out of it! 

Walks by the river should always be the way to start the day

Aidan reminded me to check out the Place Dauphine where the end scene of Me Before You was filmed! 
75001 Paris, France

We then made our way to Laduree for a little snack because #wheninparis

The set of four macarons was about ten euros and the drinks are between five euros to seven euros! Unless you're a fan of macarons, I don't think its a place you would want to spend your time here unless its all for the pics! The interior is pretty nice too!

Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Raspberry and Pistachios are my chosen flavours! I thought Pistachios was going to be the best flavour but I preferred the Salted Caramel one more! 

21 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France

We then took a long walk and made our way to the train bound to Montmatre

It was honestly such a warm lovely day that we had to take a short break before braving the crazy amount of stairs up to the Sacré-Cœur

#touristyaf this was at the bottom of the church after climbing up a slope

Honestly its not that far from this picture but I am unfit okay so it was a hell of a climb although not as bad as the Eiffel Tower!

Didnt take much pics in the church but it was breathtakingly beautiful. I was so overwhelmed and I'm so glad I was dragged up the stairs to this beauty!

The view was pretty magnificent as well!

35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris, France

After the church, we headed to the plaza where arts and food are celebrated in the same place called the Place du Tertre

Look at the hustle and bustle about Place du Terte!

Place du Tertre, 75018 Paris, France

Artists line the area with their skills and its so beautiful and mesmerising to watch them work their magic 

I had to grab the opportunity when I saw the modern day uncle scissors hand! I saw this art a couple of years ago and I've been wanting to try since and it was ten euros so I gave it a go!

I mean, he forgot my double chin but he got the flatness of my nose pretty on point! Love the whole classic spin and my earrings and buns were in too! Super pleased with this!

After the first crepe that we tried which was not fresh, we saw this stand and Aidan immediately wanted to try one

It was just the simple sugar topping and it was delicious! So much better compared to the one we had on the first day. As you can probably tell, he is reallllyyy enjoying it

Guess who yelped when he saw his favourite snails (which he proceeded to consume them later in the evening) 

After that, we trekked up to Musée de Montmartre

12-14 Rue Cortot, 75018 Paris, France

Its a museum displaying the history and artwork of the artists in France such as Suzanne Valadon

There were two parts in this museum, first being the paintings and the second are on old/new French films!

Little pink house

After the museum, we made our way to the trains and got back to the hotel to get ready for dinner!

We decided to try Le Comptoir de La Gastronomie which we stumbled upon on the way to dinner the day before. Apparently it was a highly raved place cause the queue was massive when we passed by! Do make a reservation as you'll get an indoor seat when you do. But if you fancy the outdoor area especially on a lovely evening, you can just pop up! 

Not going to lie, it is a pretty pricey restaurant but it's our only posh French meal so we bit the bullet

Escargot for eight euros fifty! 

See how snarky he is for loving snails yet consuming them with such joy! Personally I didn't like this as much cause the taste of the herbs was stronger than I like

Of course Foie Gras when in France! It was one of the best I've ever had, smooth texture with a light crisp. Please know that Foie Gras in France is generally raw so if you're not into that, please look for the pan seared one like this! It was served on a honeyed? toast and it was a really nice balance although it can overpower the Foie Gras cause it was pretty sweet

For our mains we both got roasted duck and it was gorgeous! The thin layer of fat complimented the meat really well and the dinner was thoroughly enjoyed! The mash potato looked the simplest but boy was it tasty and creamy! The salad was well-seasoned too!

34, rue Montmartre 75001 - Paris - France


Of course I'll have to take a picture by these tall windows before checking out! 

Realised I didn't have any pictures of the room so here's the bed area, this is an aparthotel which means there are stuff like the sink, microwave and what nots about 

Aidan slept like a baby the moment his head hits the pillow so I guess you could say it was very comfortable! 

Had to pay a visit to Julien's bakery one last time and got palmier after eyeing it for awhile and it was flaky but a little too dry for my liking

Since we had a couple of hours before our flight, we went to Sainte Chapelle which was about 30mins walk away from the hotel. It is basically a beautiful church with stained walls which I love!

It is free for UK/EU residence so if you're a student just show your BRP and you're good to go other wise you'll pay between eight to ten euros!

This is the views you'll see when you enter, it's the basement of the chapel

After climbing about two floors up, the view that greets you is magnificent!

My phone's camera totally doesn't do justice to it

Each panel was painted which such meticulosity and they are so pretty!  

Couldn't stop taking pictures of them because it is just beautiful! 

After the visit to Saint Chapelle, we went back to the hotel to chill and got the RER to the airport. The flight was delayed because a crew member fell ill which made the flight really unpleasant cause it was not a smooth ascend and the pressure was just bad so I was well glad to touch down in Manchester! Paris was such a much needed trip that was so beautiful and packed with so much character. I can't wait to visit the beaut of a city again!

Before I end this post, I just wanted to give a shout out to the asian aunty that I saw in one of the french supermarket where she was literally sweeping these off the shelves. After trying to point out that there's one more flavour she did not take, she told me these were the best so I got them! No regrets because they are amazing!! Thank goodness Sainsbury's sells them too but I can't find the citrus flavoured one!

I hope that you enjoyed this looooong post and it helped you out a bit if you're preparing for a trip to Paris or just travel through me and this post! Thank you for reading and I'll see you very soon!

Till next time,
Cheryl XX