Hey friends,
Hope you're doing all good! I had the chance of watching a film in The Gallery which is basically like a "VIP experience" of a film. Some of Odeon's outlets offer this experience and you can find the list here. I was given complimentary tickets for this due to this incident which I approached Odeon about and they very kindly gave a pair to me as a compensation! 

We went to the Liverpool's outlet since the one closest to me has shut down for good :-( Goodbye the good Printworks day! But anyway, the venue was at Liverpool ONE - pretty hard to miss since there's a huge sign out there. 

The Gallery is located at the highest floor which you will be directed to once you hand your tickets to the staff. It was very professional as the staff by the ground floor will inform those who are in The Gallery that you're coming up and they'll be by the lift to welcome you! Talk about a wholesome experience! We were then showed briefly around the place and informed that the cinema food were free flow! 

This is the stunning view despite the rainy day. Kind of enjoyed that it was a gloomy one, great to be indoors in such weather!

The Gallery also has a bar which you'll have to pay for the drinks, it ranges between £4 to £10 if I'm not wrong! 

The seating area was a pretty good size, there are tables like such as well as booths which are nearer to the food! 

Popcorn are in a heated thing to keep them warm as well as the nacho chips! Beside the chips you'll find the cheese sauce, salsa and JalapeƱo! And yes, these were all free flow from the moment that you step into the area to your time watching the film! 

Choices of drink - one thing I have to say though, there was no ice machine available? Not a big deal at all, I just prefer to have ice with my drinks! 

The lift lobby, booth seats and food area! 

By the bar there will also be some sweet treats so do keep a look out if you have a sweet tooth! 

Of course The Gallery experience doesn't just come with a nice lounge and free flow food, it includes your film experience as well! The chairs are larger with more leg room as well as a little table for your snacks! 

This is my view from the last row which was great in my opinion other than the fact that I'm shorter than most people so the bottom of the screen was cut off for me unless I sit up right. 

The hand rest in between each seats can be lifted and it the seats are so spacious I could basically sit with my legs folded up! 


The toilets in The Gallery area are handicap toilets and there were two of them so you might have to wait awhile if they are occupied! Staffs in that area were amazing, constantly smiling and being friendly! I guess this is what you get when you pay the extra pounds! 

I'm not sure about the exact prices as they may vary according to new releases and times but the price was suppose to be a total of £44 for Baywatch at 5.15pm! 

Personally I wouldn't get The Gallery experience every single time I go for a film because hell, my wallet would be concaving. However, if you're watching a film that costs around £10 and you're getting yourself some cinema treats which can go up to £7 or £8, I would encourage you to go for it since it's only about £4 extra for your free-flow food as well as a lounge for you to relax in. 

If I were to have a full day with no other plans other than the film, I would get tickets for The Gallery and go into the lounge about an hour or two earlier to just chill and have a little sit down. Since the place is pretty quiet and spacious with good lighting, it can be really relaxing and nice to sit with a book or binge on your cinema treats! 

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and it has answered any thoughts or questions that you may have about The Gallery experience at Odeon! If you have anymore questions, feel free to fire them away in the comments! 

See you on the next post! xx