Hey friends!

How's everyone doing? Hope you're all well! Took a short break cause I needed sometime after the horrible incident in Manchester, not going to go too much into what I feel and all sorts but please send your prayers and thoughts to all those who are affected and help in whatever way you can!

Today I thought I'd share a little update about everything going on in my life and set aside the "bloggerish content" if you get what I mean. I feel like once in awhile I want to write about things like these just because this was how I started my blog in the first place you know! Let me know if you prefer a mix of content like these or you'd just prefer to read the 'Blogger Content'!

So, it's been about half a month since my last exam finished and I've basically doing nothing?! Nothing as in binge watch on Netflix and all the things I love. Not going to lie, this degree life was so much harder than I thought but at the same time, it was so, so rewarding.

From the people I met to the experiences I've had, these last two years are invaluable and I'm so glad and thankful for this opportunity to study abroad. It's honestly such a refreshing experience that I highly urge everyone to take when you have the chance to, it's a way for you to not only further your education but at the same time broaden your knowledge and understanding of the world. Many, many people are very narrow minded these days and it is horrible, not only for themselves but the people around them when they speak what their little minds think. I'll definitely do a blog post/video solely about my experience studying abroad sometime soon but one thing I'd say from this is - Always keep your mind open and embrace change!


This month (written on 31st May) was also my birthday! Aidan basically surprised me a trip to Chester Zoo and goodness me, it was MASSIVE. The animals were treated like royals as some had indoors and outdoors "area"! The otters even have a heated pool mind you, I'm just happy that places are starting to take care of animals more rather than use the profits for themselves. Was so thankful for the lovely weather and if you're around the area, do give Chester Zoo a visit! Here are some pictures taken that day which I thought you might enjoy:

A couple of days after the exam ended, I went for the photoshoot for my "professional" grad pics because come on, I did not sit through a 3 hour exam writing so much that my hand basically ached for two days without taking these pictures. They were REALLY pricey which was expected and I just got the pictures today so here goes:

Compared to the ones we took ourselves on the day: 

About two days ago, Aidan and I decided to bake mooncakes because of his weird obsession with them as well as the fact that we finally found all the ingredients and the time! He did mostly the job such as the dough and what not and I did some of the fun parts which was using the mould and rolling them! 


I'm not going to lie, I was VERY impressed and so were my friends! We might do either a blog post or a video on how to make these cause it is easier than you'd expect! 

Jen had a layover in Manchester so we got to hang out and I must say, it takes being away from home to realise how much you miss it when you be around someone that reminds you of it! I'm just so glad that I have the chance to meet my friends from SG even when we are half way around the world and I cannot be more grateful for that! 

We went to have chinese food (hahaha, of course) and late night bowling! I have taken a real liking to bowling these days and it was so much fun! Thank you for the delicious treats and the introduction to a cream blush (how did I not know to use it because it is AMAZING!)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the uncle behind us

Since it is basically summer now, Aidan and I went for a little walk in the park near our place and it was a really nice walk until some twats decided to bully(?) younger children by running their bikes into the pond? I'm not sure if they were bullying because they look like they were having fun but at the same time they were trying to stop the older kids from getting the bikes? Genuinely confusing but what was worse is that there were families and adults just watching and not doing anything? I mean if actual adults went over and checked the situation out they might be able to stop a potential bully right but hey, kids these days lack of respect and brains so it's honestly hard to say. 

Took some pics thanks to the good weather:

Tell me the duck doesn't have a "what?!" face

And that's the end of what I've been doing lately! Hope that you've enjoyed this post and a peek into what I basically do every now and then! Going to be bringing back my May favourites next week so do look forward to that! 

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time!