Hey friends!

Today I thought that I would share with you guys what is in my Sephora Wishlist! Basically I am preparing for the 20% off and honestly I don't know how likely I am to get hold of those items because the gold card members might purchase EVERYTHING and I'll be left with NOTHING. And also it is very expensive and I highly doubt I will purchase it all...? Or would I? NO ONE KNOWS.

Anyway, by the time this post goes up, I'm guessing there will be about 2-3 days left of the 20% off sale so get your ass to sephora if you'd like!

This is the information from Sephora SG's page for when the sales commence:

Sephora Gold Members: Sale starts 3 May (12am) online through 7 May (11:59pm) and in stores during usual operating hours.
Sephora Black Members: Sale starts 4 May (12am) online through 7 May (11:59pm) online and in stores during usual operating hours.
Wishlist is not a reservation of products. Sale is valid on all brands online and in stores. Offer is not valid on gift cards, services, with other discounts and promotions, or any other exclusions mentioned in-store and/or on sephora.sg. T&Cs apply.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets get window shopping! I'm the biggest fan of Tarte and Too Faced and this cart consists of things that I've been wanting since AGES and I really do hope I get to have them! If I do, I will do a Sephora Haul video when I'm back in SG for summer cause you know, the items will be sent to my home.

Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer

I'm slowly learning how to give my shape slightly more shape and decided that I am going to get a bronzer that I love and this is my pick! It has amazing reviews saying it gives like a sun kissed natural look instead of a 'Look I rolled my face in mud' you know! 

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

I don't know if I need to say much about this but this is one of the palettes I've been DYING to get my hands on! It's a pretty old palette but you can never go wrong with those tones! 


Tarte actually does pretty decent highlighters! It is not the most blinding but it is decent, perfect for an everyday look when you hang out with people that you don't necessarily want to blind. And since I'm not ready to invest like a good 90 bucks into the full glow pro palette, this makes the perfect one and the darker shade seems to work great as a contour! I can't wait to try this out should I get my hands on this!


If this doesn't make you feel butterflies in your stomach I don't know what will! I first saw this available on the Tarte's instagram page and I was so excited! Sadly to get tarte over to the uk it's really expensive and I wasn't willing to spend that much... But hey! Now that I have the chance to own this beautiful palette I better grab hold of it. The colours make great eye shadows as well as eyeliners! Amazing stuff! Can you tell that I'm actually really excited


I initially only wanted the pro to go palette because the colours are perfect for everyday make up and on the go BUT this set comes with everything I already use but in a mini version?! If I'm not wrong, this mini set actually costs the same price as the palette alone so it's a great steal! I can't wait to swatch the square colours they look amazing! 


This palette makes me want to cry because it is so perfect. The pinks are so pretty and the darker colours are perfect for a deeper look and I really want to be able to get hold of this palette because it's AMAZING. I haven't swatched it or anything but Too Faced generally does pretty good eye shadows and the colours are just too pretty. Have you seen the packaging though! BOMB


You know how there are somethings you'll regret not buying? THIS IS ONE OF IT. I saw this over Christmas in sephora and I said NO when my aunt offered to buy it. Few days before I flew back to UK I went to sephora wanting it AND IT WAS SOLD OUT. Yes, I was devastated but sure am happy to see this girl back in stock! Honestly Becca does one of my favourite highlighters because their pigment is unreal and the glitter in it is not chunky, good stuff.


Firstly, this item is on sale. Secondly, I can never own too many highlighting products and I literally want to pour all of them on my face this very instant. I have no other reasons or excuses to justify me wanting to make this purchase so bad so... yep

And that's the end of my Sephora Wishlist! I do hope that by the time you read this I can get my hands on some if not all of these items cause that would make me a very, very happy girl. The 20% off can literally cut off nearly 100 bucks! I'm praying that no one would like buy all the stuff that I want cause it'll be devastating! I'm being dramatic but I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to get some shopping list down or something! 

If you do get something from the sale, let me know what you got! ALSO, if you've used any of this products, let me know if it is amazing or it's bad as heck! 

See you in the next post!