Hey friends,

I was initially not going to put up a new post this week because I've honestly just been working on my uni assignments and didn't really have much time to do the post that I originally planned! Although that post should go up in a couple of weeks! But today I thought I'd share with you guys some of the most fascinating/weird videos that I came across online!

It's basically like a entertainment news if you'd have to put a label to this but I was inspired by Joe Sugg's poop scoop where you can check it out here:

Without further ado, lets begin! 

1. The Magical Cake Decoration

We shall start with something more light hearted and almost mesmerising I would even say?

I'm pretty sure you might have seen this around before but everytime I see a video that shows cake decorating in this technique I'm mindblown? I don't really know what the "glaze" is made of and I can't seem to wonder about where all the extra liquid go to? If it's going to get chucked away, it sure is a waste isn't it? Nevertheless, it's so relaxing and therapeutic to watch this! Especially when the end results have an extra touch to them! Love! Hope I'll be able to try this one day!

2. Trans-age

I mean, to each their own but have you guys heard of this thing called 'Trans-age'? I mean it could totally be a thing, a couple decades ago Transgender seems like the craziest thing (correct me if I'm wrong) but now people are learning to embrace it! So who knows right...?

Personally I don't know what to feel about this? It is a little bit weird for me especially when he says "mommy and daddy" who are probably the same age as him? And the wig(?) and outfit though... The only thing that bugs me is the fact that he left his family to be a child... like why? What? R you ok SIR?

3. Fried Chicken + Mac & Cheese

I'm that girl that wants whatever the person in my screen is having for lunch. One of my favourite videos to watch are Mukbangs! It's basically where someone just sits and eat food and for some reason it's so satisfying? Especially when they consume large amounts, like the Japanese girl. DAMNNNNNN

I first saw this and I was half drooling already! Even though I am almost certain that I'll run for the toilet after but it would be so worth it? Fried chicken is my ultimate weakness I can't! Also, why do most of the amazing food videos seem to only be from the US! Feature some bomb ass Asian lovin and Brit lovin so I can somehow get my hands on them too!

4. Starbucks Unicorn Drink

Of course you'd probably expect me to talk about this because I'm one of the biggest starbucks fan around.

Part of me feels sick to the core looking at the drink, can you imagine how much sugar will hit you with just one sip? But another part wishes I could try it because it feels like it'll be an amazing combination of flavours that somehow one way or another can become cotton candy with fruits? It's all in my head but yes, if this ever comes to a store near me, I'll definitely give it a go! If you had this for some reason, HOW DOES IT TASTE LIKE?! I seriously wonder if I could customise this in the UK's store although I'll probably get more weird looks than I already do when I order my green tea frap with java chips.

5. The upset kid

I think this is the first few times I've watched a kid be upset about hearing that they will be getting another sibling! But this definitely takes the cake simply because he face palmed and went "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" as if he was the mother and the mother was his child omg

But it's so cute and precious though. I use to hate kids but now I have a new baby sister I'm slowly learning to embrace the whole process! Not loving them, I still run away when they cry or poop but you know, I'm learning.

6. Qatar's new quad

Business class - ah what a far away dream! Definitely my goals one day - to be able to fly business and fly my family to places in business class too!

I know that business class on its own is comfortable beyond but I may actually be able to not feel like death everytime I board a plane? Jeez, money will definitely take you far wouldn't it?! Can you imagine how fun it would be to fly with your friends especially in that quad though! Got to say, I much prefer being quiet on the flight just incase I need to bolt or scream internally from the paranoia in my head.

7. Henna Crown

Is this is not the most beautiful form of art you've ever seen my friend?

I guess if you add a sentiment or give something a new meaning it takes on a whole new life on its own. The intentions, the heart and everything else behind this motivation is just heartwarming.

8.  20 years old songs

As if age isn't catching up with me enough! I want to stay either 21 or 22 FOREVER. Mortified that I'm turning 23 in a couple of weeks and I feel like I'm struggling like I'm 16 or something. I'm not ready for this adult life! *screams*

So much feels - isn't it amazing how some songs just bring you right back to a certain memory? I got to admit, I don't know half the songs there but those that I do know takes me right back! Especially Barbie Girl ermagad. My favourite "old school" band will always and forever be Westlife /wipes tear/ UPTOWN GIRL SHE'S BEEN LIVING IN HER UPTOWN WORLD!!!!!!!!

9. Digital Instax

You've probably seen this already but everyone, please meet the modern polaroid!

I love the fact that it comes in squares BUT this makes the whole fun of not knowing how your pictures might turn out, you know what I mean? It takes away something special but I guess to keep up with the trend and the crazy technology these days, fujifilm had to take such a step! It's a pretty sweet gadget but I'll never get it, personally! Still cool though, still cool.

10. School meal prep

Of course I have to end this with another food video!

You know how there are some things you watch like 'tutorials' or cook shows or whatever but you know you're never going to do anything like that? yeah me too. This is one of them. I hardly pack lunches like this but there's something about watching cooking videos that makes me feel so accomplished. It's as if I've made them or something. It's also really nice to somehow see food magically appear in seconds, now what I need is the ability to pull them out of my screen.


Hope that you've enjoyed this little "trends" videos and me sharing on what I found was interesting while looking through my Facebook timeline! Shoutout to all my friends who've shared these videos so I could see them!

Thank you for reading this and I'll see you next week! Have a lovely one x