Hey friends,

It's the time to talk about my (our) monthly favourites again! I'm hoping to try and do this as often as I can! I honestly didn't have much time to try out much items cause of my dissertation but it is over now so yay! Not going to lie, I've been a little bit too excited for Spring and got around to picking up a lot of spring items which I'm thinking of doing a post about sometime soon - maybe featuring all my denim pieces etc. Let me know if you'd like that!

Without further ado, let's look at what my favourites for the month of March are:


So Spring definitely calls for a cheeky pair of dungarees. I've never been a fan of dungarees because I basically look like a strapped down potato but since I'm embracing the whole trying out new things thing, I've decided to take the plunge. PLUS new look had it on sales for £6 so why not right?

I actually got two of the same ones in different sizes, one that fits loosely and another that is slightly more fitting but not tight. Can't decide which fit I like better but I wear them for different days and what I'm feeling basically!

Black Dungarees from New Look | White striped t shirt from Zara | Raw Pink NMDs from Adidas

My ultimate favourite way match a dungaree is definitely with a striped shirt. I've got a couple of striped shirts from all about but I would recommend the Zara's because it's really good quality! I've had a couple of Zara shirts and they all last really well.

Another piece of clothing I've been loving are this pair of crepe pants(?). I actually don't know what to call them because they look like a pair of regular sweats but they are made of a dress pants material. So you look smart casual instead of sloppy? I don't usually go for any bottom other than my joni jeans or jeggings to go out but you know again, trying something new. I think it looks okay but I don't feel my 100% in these cause I'm not used to it at all, I feel too comfortable and loose you know you know. I got this pair in Primark and I got another pair in khaki just because it'll go with more things. If I'm not wrong it was £13, couldn't find it on the Primark website so if you're looking to go for the casual chic look, pop by your local Primark and check them out. 


My favourite 'lifestyle' item is weirdly first an electrical toothbrush. The last time I had one was when I was like 10 or something and I just never see the need to get a toothbrush that cost more than £2 because hello, it's a toothbrush. BUT I guess it's the age or whatever, I've started paying attention to things like how much cleaner can my teeth be so I bit the bullet when I saw an electrical toothbrush go on sale for £10 from Superdrug and got it. It is actually life changing?!

Might be slightly over exaggerating but it feels as though I've been to the dentist for a clean or something, could be psychological but hey, it feels great to have extra clean teeth!

Secondly - Dry Shampoo. I know this may come off as gross or disgusting to many of you but I wash my hair maybe twice/three times a week. Mainly because you're not suppose to wash your hair every single day but also because I'm lazy...

I was previously using a brand that did not work out for me until I went to Boots sometime ago and needed to pick up a new dry shampoo and decided to dry the brand - Batiste.
Picture from here

And trust me when I say they work like magic. I've tried them on hair that's 1 day old, 2 days old and even (grossly) 3 days old! The 3 days unwashed hair was gross, oily and slightly clumpy but I didn't want to wash it yet cause I'm gonna wash it the next day. So I tried the dry shampoo and usually I use dry shampoo only when I'm about the head out but if I'm going to be at home that day, I'll just throw it into a bun until it annoys me. you know how sometimes you can feel your hair being weighed down by the dirt and oil? Yeap. 

But anyway, I decided to spam a ton of dry shampoo on my 3 days old hair and goodness, it worked like magic. The oil was all absorbed, my hair looked fresh, clean and best part - it doesn't look flat like it does from a fresh wash which I'm not a big fan off. So yes, if you can get your hands on these, please do! 

Picture from here

I know that this product has got a bad reputation around the internet saying the colours are shit, the pigment is horrible and all that. I guess I got very lucky and got a 'good' palette? Aidan bought this for me as a gift when we were in Singapore and I was initially very worried about getting scammed in a way you know. But honestly it's one of my favourite eye shadow palettes cause the colours are perfect for day and night, it's easy to mix it up and the colours are honestly quite pretty!


I guess by now you'd already know what an avid Starbucks lover I am and new drinks excite me to an extent that you cannot comprehend! I saw that they released two new drinks on the menu, one being burnt caramel latte and another salted toffee macadamia latte. I don't usually drink coffee unless I absolutely needed it so I made an order for the burnt caramel but made it into a frap without coffee and whipped cream and swapped the normal milk for soy milk. It was AMAZING.

It tasted like a caramel sweet melted into a cup of goodness (yes it was very, very sweet) and just a really good dessert drink in my opinion! Not something I would go for my usual order but it's an indulgence if you're craving for a dessert drink!

Another food favourite I've been loving is definitely some quiche. I first had quiche when my friend's mother made them for me and ever since then I've been loving and wanting it. But now that I'm about half way around the world from them, I find alternatives such as the one in my Uni or making it myself!

I basically get a ready rolled short crust, roll it over my pie tray then mix together 3 to 4 eggs with any sort of ingredients I have laying around. I usually have it with cheese and chorizo cause Aidan loves them but my tummy doesn't. I then pour the egg mixture over the crust and bake it for 25 mins at 180c. Although I think i might need to bake the crust first in future cause it looks a bit undercooked the last time I took it out. Quiche is an amazing dish for using up left overs so if you have some lying around, try making one! You'll not regret it.


Picture from here

Okay so this series was introduced to me by Aidan and it has unexpectedly became my favourite show of all time! It is crazy addictive and I can't stop watching it especially when Netflix has the auto play function you know. Basically the show is about a bunch of geniuses with super high IQ but super low EQ and they worked with the government to help with issues and what not. It may not sound interesting but trust me, once you start watching you'll be HOOKED. The first two seasons are on Netflix, the third season should be up on the usual website you would go to for your typical TV series. They have recently been renewed for season 4 so PRAISE THE LOOOORRRRD.

The next favourite will be no surprise - our favourite ginger boy. Ed Sheeran recently released his new album Divide and I am so in love with it much like everyone else in the world. My favourite songs are Perfect, Eraser, Happier and Dive!

Picture from here

I actually just really like the entire album and Ed Sheeran's voice has a way of calming me down. If I can't focus or feeling really anxious like when I'm flying I usually just put his music on and I'm good to go. Shame that all his tickets were sold out - I ACTUALLY CAMPED FOR IT, TWICE else I'd love to hear him live.


Well I do hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favourite songs are if you've been listening to Ed's new album!

See you next post! xx