Hey friends,

I don't know about you but one of the ways I destress is by just binge watching a TV series or Youtube videos! Basically anything that I can just laugh along with and just give my brain a break although I don't think I use it THAT much anyway.

So I thought today I would share with you some of my top picks amongst the crazy amount of things I watch!


If you're up for some 'old school' series or basically a little throw back to the early years aka the good times (Kidding..?), I would highly recommend you to watch:


The classic - everybody loves friends! Starring 6 amazing friends with the best humour, relationship and everything you need to get over a bad day! I could re watch friends over and over again and not get sick of it!

My favourite couple has got to be Monica and Chandler (highlight to read because I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't watched it!) because I relate to Monica on a very, very deep level and Chandler is so full of (good) shit, no one can hate that! Although my ultimate 'ship' will be Chandler and Joey!


We all know the closing line 'Xoxo, Gossip Girl' all too well and the beauty of Serena and the Queen B. It is also through gossip girl that created the false impression of every girl's secret dream boat - Chuck Bass.

 That voice, that face, that poise - everything about Chuck Bass makes a girl swoon! Although, although I always forget how good looking Nate Archibald is - those pretty eyes and the long hair hmmm. But, but at the end of the day my favourite character, role model and queen is still Blair Waldorf - confident, smart, scheming and perfect!


On days when I don't feel like sitting through an entire series or I only have enough time to finish a meal, I would typically just watch a sitcom cause it's short and packed with a lot of humour!


A whole lot of love disguised in insults (between Max and Han - not that kind of love but you know) and a great deal of sexual reference, this is oddly enjoyable! Although I did miss a couple of episodes and caught up on the plane when I had 18 hours in air.

This show is based about two broke girls working in a diner and the people they work with are the kind of friends you need because they are the family members you got to choose (yes, cheesy af).


I don't think I can love this show enough! Love how this is so family oriented and everything is just so light-hearted, funny and the characters are so different yet so similar in some sense. My favourite family is Cam and Mitchell and their daughter is such a sassy little girl - someone I wish I was when I was her age. Her come backs are mad savage and Cam and Mitchell are both dramatic queens and I love them!



Set in 1994 (the year I was born yay!) with all the technology in the good old days like cassette, walkman and the whole asian family traditions! Got to love Jessica, the most asian mother in the entire world (or in this case, the show) bringing up her children in Orlando and her husband is the owner of a restaurant. Everything is just so funny and relatable on most parts!


Shedding a new light on police, this show is set in a police precinct on the lives of the different personalities that serve in the police department. The main captain's character is not like how he portrays himself and you'll have to watch to get what I mean! Amy and Peralta are goals af and it's the perfect compliment to a crazy control bitch and carefree easy going and borderline silly guy! My favourite character is Rosa because she is such a badass and so cool!


This might not be up everyone's street but I personally enjoy these superhero films, although it doesn't feel entirely like how you would feel after watching a kickass superhero film like Captain America, Avenges and all that cool amazing stuff, it is pretty close!


Who would resist the amazing Barry Allen - fun fact I found out the existence of Grant Gustin through Glee when he played Sebestian Smythe and a face like that is pretty hard to forget! (psst, my brother loves him too)

Don't think you'll need much introduction on The Flash but I guess what makes this show so great apart from Grant is the team that supports him! Cisco and Doctor Snow are my two favourite characters and even though initially they don't get much screen time, you'll grow to love them (and get more of them!)


I found out about this show from the crossover in Flash - I think it's a great way to bring audiences to series through crossovers because to continue the episode through another 'series' if you get what I mean. A little troublesome but very, very effective cause I'm hooked!

The girl that plays Supergirl reminds me so much of Serena (Blake Lively) and she is so pretty, bubbly and everything you wouldn't expect from a typical superhero. This show is pretty empowering to women on some levels like it encourages and reminds females in the show as well as their audiences. But I feel at some parts it can come on a little strong but it's probably not what I am typically used to but slowly getting used to it! Not going to get all feminist and all that but I'm glad its changing!



Sam and Dean Winchester - once you know them you'll adore them to the bits. I'm pretty sure they have a strong... fan base? Tumblr is mad intensely in love with them and it's no surprise why! This pair of brothers are hunters of monsters and ghosts and they fight against them as a job. It's really cool how they magically whip out FBI badges and all that fun stuff to get into crime scenes and not get caught even a little bit (or so we thought).

Later into the series you'll meet this amazing being called Castiel and ship Dean and him so, so hard! Plus you'll weirdly enjoy watching the king of hell - Crowley as he makes his appearance and does the thing he does with his minions!


Goodness, goodness me. How and where do I begin? If you're into crime shows, smart people, crazy plot twists you'll love this! Oscar winning Viola Davis plays the strong and intelligent woman and the brain of this law firm that lets law students take over real life cases that more than often gets too real for them to handle! Prepare to give yourself some really intense moments while watching and don't get too attached to CERTAIN characters /wink wink/


If there's one series to leave me sobbing my eyes out and sending crazy text spam to one of my best buddies about Mcdreamy, Mcsteamy and basically every single character in this show - this is it. Greys anatomy is about doctors and their tragic life stories that is life changing, inspiring, shocking, sad, happy and just my favourite show in all time. Fun fact, one of the characters DIED in greys anatomy and plays a main role in Supergirl so don't be too sad if that person is gone cause if you watch supergirl right after, you'll see them in action again!


Well I hope that you've enjoyed my top binge watch picks and yes they are binge watch worthy because all of them has at least 2 seasons up! If you ever start watching any, let me know what you think about it and if you have watched any, which is your favourite character in those shows!

Till next post,
Cheryl xx