Hey friends,

Aidan and I managed to get a day off responsibilities and pay a visit to Liverpool for a little day trip out! We were deciding on a place for Brunch and very surprisingly he picked a really good spot. Leaf On Bold Street is about 10 minutes walk from the high street and it's a nice spot, different from all the hustle and bustle.

This is out the outside of the cafe looks like.

Such a cute sign

The cafe has the best interiors, A for effort with the brick walls against floral prints on the cushions

Best part of it all, marbled tables! 

We both got beef burgers with some add ons, I got chorizo while Aidan got brie. The potatoes/chips was shaped very interestingly, they are like little circles and it's crisped to perfection. The patty though, was slightly too tough for my liking but the bun was toasted really nicely with dijon mustard.

Lemonade & Cherry Cola 

Leaf on the bold street is also a tea shop so if you do pop by there, don't forget to check their tea selection!

Love the egg nest lights design with the coloured branches

It was such a lovely meal and I can't wait to visit it again for their breakfast menu, the eggs benedict sounded really yummy! Highlight recommend that you guys drop by if you're around Liverpool for a trip!


Hope you've enjoyed this post, it's been awhile since I blogged about cafes! I remember the good old days where I'd literally visit so many cafes and blog so much about them. Let me know if you're liking such posts and friends from Singapore, even though these cafes might be pretty far to reach but hey, you'll probably be here sometime soon! /winks

See you the next post,
Cheryl xx