Hey friends!

Hope you're all hanging out well, it's been a little while hasn't it? How's everything? How's life, what's going on?

SO a couple of days ago I was seriously thinking about what content I should be bringing to this space because I have a little more time on my hands right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm still drowning in assignments but I found some life buoy thing to keep me slightly more afloat.

Alrighty, enough of this rambling bits, today I'm going to share with you guys my favourites over the last two months. Gave it a little thought and decided to go with 'themes' cause I know not everyone is up for a favourites based on beauty/fashion so here's what I've been enjoying the last two months!


1. Victoria's Secret Lingerie

The thing is, I've never been a fan of VS cause I've always thought they only catered to people that looked like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid BUT I was wrongggggg. I was at Trafford Centre and passed by VS and decided to pop in because the SALES sign was screaming at me and it doesn't hurt to just take a sneeky peek!

I must say the service is AMAZING - you'll basically get approached by a staff there and they will ask if you've been to VS before and all that. You'll then get asked if you'd like a fitting (like find out your bra size and all that) which I use to dread because ahem self conscious and all that crap but I went for it! I always believe that we should always get our sizes checked every couple of months to let your clothes fit you better and basically just find the best fit for you that makes you feel the most comfortable.

So anyway, I went with my dreadful fitting - dreadful because it's uncomfortable for me personally to have someone wrap a tape around my bust and tell me numbers. (no thank you Metro and House of Fraser where middle aged women frown at me for whatever reason while taking my measurements like ugh please go away).

BUT the staff (her name was also Cheryl yassss) made it so comfortable! You'll first be led to a room and it's such a pretty room and there was a little door bell looking light by the corner where you can press to ask for assistance. Basically, Cheryl told me to undress and prepare for the bra fitting and press the bell when I'm ready so I did, she was like a mother? I felt very safe/not discriminated, no frowning, no feeling of rush or anything (eyes house of fraser person) and after that she told me she was going to get some bras for me to try.

She proper came back with like 10 types of bras with the correct size I am in cause apparently the last measurement I had was given to me wrongly (eyes you know who) and all that fun stuff. She told me to take my time and press the light thingy for any assistance and all that - so chill and approachable, A+ customer service.

I tried on all the sorts and picked out my favourite few and went out and said that I had to think about buying it first because well, THEY ARE NOT CHEAP.  But the other staffs were all so nice and approachable? I got a little card with my details on  like my size and the fits/styles of bra and I like so the next time I decide to come back I can just show it to a staff there and it'll make my experience a lot easier.

Okay back to the favourite - I picked up the Unlined Demi Bra and it was life changing. The support is great and it looks so pretty - a dream can come true, I can have pretty bras with good support! Back home I always assumed that for busty girls, the bras that will give you good support is typically ugly and very nursing bra look-like (no offence to mothers if any are reading...?)

So I'd highly suggest you girls (or guys to bring your girl) to VS for an experience and at the very least try on some bras which actually improves your posture and hopefully have that little more confidence in your body! Honestly my experience at VS for bra fitting really changed my impression of the horrible middle aged aunties that treated me like something they just wanted to get it over and done with because it's such a personal and private experience you know what I mean?

Well, wasn't that a whole chunk of words written tho - no it's not sponsored lul.

2. Boohoo Shift Dress

Being curvy the one dress I'll always avoid is bodycon because I'm not up for looking like a bazhang? Although some beautiful curvy girls can totally pull it off, I'm not one of them. But I've grown to love dresses even though the weather here in England doesn't allow it yet, I've started my collection in preparation for the warmer days!

Popped onto Boohoo which is a very affordable website that does some pretty good stuff and found some shift dresses. I really like the cutting and my goal for that was to look for some ditsy prints or just prints in general, am branching out of my comfort zones and embrace some colours so I picked up this Daniella Teal Floral Shift Dress & Tamara Monochrome Paisley Print Shift Dress.

It's really light weight and although it's a little longer that what I'd like it's still great! 


3. Clinique Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm

I tried this make up remover cause the Sephora one that I brought over from SG is not working well for me since it's oily and it irritates my eyes quite a bit. Getting the cleansing balm is basically the best decision by far just as getting the Foreo is (refer to this blog post).

Started using this at the end of December and now that it's March I've gotten barely half way through and I use it almost on a daily basis. Highly suggest you get it if you put on a full face make up and dislike taking a long, long time to remove your make up.

Apparently you're suppose to wipe it off with a face cloth or cotton wipes but I just jump straight into the shower after massaging the balm onto my face. It works amazing for waterproof mascara as well, it needs a little work in when you have a bold lip colour on but it comes off entirely in the end! 

4. Morphe eye shadow palette

I got my first 35 colours palette as a Christmas gift and it is by far one of my favourite gifts for christmas 2016! The colours are just so great, it blends so easily and the pigment is solid. You can literally create hundreds of looks with this palette and I was genuinely surprised especially when I created a pinkish colour! Mainly because the palette looks very dark and has purple and brown tones you wouldn't really expect pinkish/peachy tones from it! 


5. Chicken breast recipe

Since the start of the year I've been trying to eat healthier such as having salads, chicken breast with veg and all that not so fun stuff. Decided to make it taste better with my own mix of spices of - salt, pepper, garlic powder and mixed herbs. The fool proof cook method I found was baking it at 200 degrees for 20 minutes! It always comes out juicy and tender without fail! 

6. Gin & Tonic

If you know me, you'd know I'm not the biggest fan of the taste that alcohol has. Which is why I enjoy beer because it's a pretty refreshing alcoholic beverage and I love, love, love carbonated drinks. Recently rediscovered gin & tonic and I must say I've been enjoying it loads, the best part about UK is that they sell pre-mixed drinks in cans - no such sort in SG, or at least not that I know of! 

I'm branching out to trying different gins to find my favourites but I'm just struggling with the bitterness of the tonic water. But if I make it at home, maybe I'll swap it out with lemonade or something instead of the bitter tonic water? We'll see!

7. Blackberries

I never knew what they were and I thought blackberries were something like blue berries but the inside is actually a deeper colour unlike blue berries where it's white in! I discovered this in the mixed fruit pot from Tesco and it's amazing - they are like tiny little bunch of grapes and it looks so cute. 

It wasn't in season for a couple of months and it finally is so I'm well chuffed about it! 


8. Riverdale 

It's probably everywhere around the internet these days but if you haven't caught onto the Riverdale craze, you should! It's basically the a new Netflix series that puts a dark spin on the well loved comic book Archie's Comics and I personally am loving it so much! 

Initially I was so into the actor that played Archie but now I'm leaning towards Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse) and I love the character that plays Veronica! It has a pretty meh storyline - perfect little town and suddenly shook by a murder of a famous football player and then everything unfolds etc.

Credits: http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/riverdale/45373/riverdale-trailer-and-synopsis-for-episode-6

It airs every Thursday but gets on Netflix on Friday if I'm not wrong!

9. Santa Clarita's Diet

This is another new Netflix series - the whole series is up on Netflix and I binged watch it within the entire day cause it's so good! It's a great mix of comedy, a little romance and just a lot of enjoyment! Basically this woman (real estate agent) randomly died and woke up craving for meat, she started off with raw beef etc and then moved onto human meats by accident! Watch her and her husband go on an adventure to feed her appetite for human flesh! 

Went to read a little back story while filming and basically what she consumed are mostly gummy bears/gelatine? I would actually be so sick at the end of it, it was also revealed that she suffered concussion from slamming her head on concrete while filming

Go give it a watch! 

10. Samantha Maria

Sam is one of the youtubers that I've been watching for ages and I love her? Her content is great and she recently had a baby and she is so cute! She talks about lifestyle, beauty and fashion and her taste is 100%. I also love her accent and if you pop by her channel, pay attention to her tattoos because they are so pretty! 


There it is, my favourites in Jan and Feb! I wish I had more to write about but I'm not the biggest fan about trying out new products especially when something works for me just because! I hope that you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments if you have a blog post suggestion and give this blog a follow if you would! 

Till next post,
Cheryl xx