Hey friends,

I know this is not the typical 'blogger' post that you might enjoy reading but this is something that has been on my mind for ages now and I thought I should share my two cents here. I don't exactly know the correct way to write about this but lets start with this:

Remember that day when you woke up and you feel like literal shit either because you're ill or you are just having a really bad day, like you just need to have a day off? 

And remember you still pulled yourself out of bed to head to class or work because you know someone (your family, your co-workers, your boss, your friends, your classmates, your teachers) will think you're just 'too lazy' or 'making an excuse'?

Don't you find that absolutely disgusting? Well, I do.

When I was younger, there are days where I didn't feel like going to class because of many reasons that adults did not understand:

1) I had no friends
2) I was genuinely ill
3) I was having a bad day 

And amazingly they are not good enough reasons to skip just that one day of class which may potentially make me feel better whether emotionally, physically or just mentally. I guess now that I'm older I understand because (I assume) after all the adults have their good intentions of not wanting me to miss class and miss out on all the things that I have to learn. 

Here is the thing, good intentions are great and I fully support them but what I don't support is bad intentions or bad assumptions

I don't know if this makes sense but more than often, it's the bad intentions and assumptions that stand behind the answer "No" when we ask for a day off or come in slightly later than usual etc. 

Let me give you an example and you have to be honest with me here - for instance you reach your work/class and found out that your friend/colleague called in sick. Tell me that your first thought isn't "ah, it must be fake, she/he is so lazy" or you know in Singapore we call in "Pon-Teng" which loosely translates to play truant. And that is just such a horrible thing to do don't you think?

SO WHAT if someone decides that they needed a day off, who are you to decide that they cannot just have a bad day? Or they might actually be really, really sick?

What made me write this messy post is the fact that people are just so quick to judge others but the moment it comes to them, they literally ask for all sorts of mercy


I remember when I was 15, I woke up feeling very sick and breaking out in cold sweats, feeling all fainty and all that. I could feel that something was wrong in me and my heartbeat was going everywhere. For one moment it could beat super fast and another it could go super slow. 

I knew I was not feeling well, I knew it but I got forced to go to school - I guess it is a very typical asian adult thing where the moment you say you're not feeling well for class you're literally 100% lying and you get shit for NOT feeling okay. 

But anyway, I went to school and during the assembly when we had to stand up for the national anthem I half fainted. Thank jesus to my partner who was standing beside me and my friend who was behind me cause I held onto them and had to be escorted to the sick bay to rest.

I called my mom and we headed to the nearby clinic for a quick check thinking it was nothing and we even made plans for lunch. Who knew, the clinic wrote a referral letter for me to the nearest hospital so quickly I don't think I've seen someone write that fast.

My mom brought me to the hospital and we were straight into A&E. Everything else was a blur but what I remembered was me being on the hospital bed crying being so scared because there were needles everywhere, doctors with masks on everywhere and they kept saying "it's not working, lets try that" and all that. 

I felt shots of medicine get pumped into my veins and it is a very, very strange feeling. It's like something is travelling so fast all around your body and it is not nice. I saw the heart monitor and my heartbeat went up to 180bpm and that is actually pretty high. An average human being beats between 60 and 100bpm.

I was then put into a ward and got changed into a very ugly hospital outfit that had to be secured behind by ribbons??? And there's that. 

It was such a traumatic event that even after seven years I could still remember it, remember the fainty feeling and all that. Oh yes, I was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia where my heartbeat can go crazy and yes, even until today I am on daily medication to make sure that doesn't happen again.

I was given an option to go through surgery but hell noooo, I'd rather swallow a pill everyday of my life than be awake for an op. I'm not writing this to throw a pity party but I'm trying to prove my point: 

When people say that they needed a day off because they feel sick, you should always believe them cause chances are it's true. And so what if they are not? It's not like you'll suffer any loss greater than a human life right? 


I guess the point of this blog post is that I'm done with people throwing judgements when someone misses a day or two. I'm done with people assuming and not believing in someone when they call in sick. I'm sick of adults forcing kids to go for class when all they ask is for that ONE DAY off maybe because they had trouble in school, maybe because they are really ill or maybe they are just having a bad day? 

Everyone has bad days, no matter how old or young you are. And don't come at me with the millennial bullshit saying this generation is so entitled to everything because this is no longer about entitlement, it's about letting someone have a breather, take a day off JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMANS. 

Look I get that young kids can be rebellious and skip school to hang out with their friends and that is a whole different story. And even those rebellious kids can REALLY be sick one day or have a shit day? 

The thing is, why are we as human beings so quick to tear down other fellow human beings? Why can't we have a little more faith, a little more love, a little more hope and just trust


I'm writing this based on where I've grew up in - Singapore. Where everything and everybody is SO damn bloody competitive and the moment someone is any less competent they get shit for it. I remember the days where I get in slightly later to work and I actually got scolded so badly but I got in later because I went home at 1030pm the night before and I stay really,  really far if you know me. Yet, I didn't get a 'thank you' or anything for staying way past the time I was 'supposed to' leave but the moment I came in slightly later than I was 'supposed to',  all hell breaks loose. 

Honestly, can we just trust people a little more that not every single person out there is out to take advantage of you. I get that it is hard, I get that it is difficult and yes, there are many asswipes around but don't forget to recognize the people that work hard, the people that are true and know that those people can have a bad day, they can fall ill and they can just want to take a day off as much as you can. 

I am leaning this post towards a lot of 'Asia' and 'Singapore' because here, even though I literally have no friends outside of Uni, the people genuinely care? And being sick for a class is a valid reason - there are no doubts, no dirty looks, no nothing.

The other time I fell down and hurt my leg (lol, typical Cheryl) I had to cancel a meeting with my tutor and she got back with advices on how to treat my leg at home and all that and I don't think I ever felt anymore loved from someone unrelated? (Well, that might just be sad)

And my friends in Uni genuinely care if I call in sick for the day and update me on whatever I missed instead of saying that I might be faking it or something. And even when I was freelancing for this company aka working from home and I took an hour longer to do my work, the boss just texted me and ask me to take a couple days off just to recuperate and constantly checked up on me to see if I'm okay.

I mean, isn't that such a lovely environment to be in? Why can't everyone who is in a competitive environment recognise that people are still people after all? 

Please take note that I am not an advocate for truancy or missing work or anything irresponsible because I choose to believe that everyone has a sense of accountability and responsibility. 


I apologise that this post is EVERYWHERE, messy and emotional as hell but I just had to get it out of my system. If you're actually reading this and did not run away thinking that I am a crazy girl that is on the loose, thank you! 

Hope you have an amazing week ahead and remember not to be too quick to judge someone the next time you hear them call in sick. Try instead to remember how hardworking they are and focus on what compliments them and not their flaws.

There is enough hate and negativity in the world, don't add more to it. We as humans should support each other not break one another.


A new post will be coming to you this Friday and I'm sharing my top picks for you to binge watch and get a little R&R time into your system! Stay excited and see you then!