Collective Spring Haul

Hey friends,

Spring is around the corner and I have been buying some spring items since the last few months I was solely in jeans and jumper! I mainly looked for prints, coloured and all that springy stuff - you know the drill! I'll try to link websites to the items if I can find them and the prices may not be the same as I paid for cause I got them on sale/student discounts.


Amazingly Boohoo has been on their game with dresses this season and I'm loving them so much! Plus they are really, really affordable and even though I haven't gotten the chance to wear it out, they easily made it into my favourites last month

Size 16, £12

I wasn't posing with my phone but because my camera was acting up I used the remote control live shooting with my phone!

Size 16, £8

Size 16, £6

The three dresses above are longer than I would like but it is fine especially when the material is so thin and flimsy! 

Size 16, £6

This length was just perfect for me! 


Top: Primark, Size 18, £3
Skirt: Primark, Size 20, £8

If you're looking at buying the skirt, bear in mind that they cut down really small - the usual size I would go for is 16 but I had to get 20 this time! I got the top one size larger cause I want it to be loose fitting. 

Jacket: FOREVER21, Size 1X, £8

T-Shirt: Primark, Size 16, £4
Pinafore: New Look, Size 16, £10

Another way to style my Tshirt & skirt from Primark! 

Top: New Look, Size 14, £5

I got size 14 for this top as the sleeves are ballooned and I didn't want to drown in the sleeves!

Top: FOREVER21, Size 1X, £5.50
Skirt: Primark, Size 16, £10

Loving the details on this!

Top: New Look, Size 18, £10

Possibly one of my favourite buys because of the prints and how great paired with jeans, skirt or even tucked under the pinafore! 

Other items that were not photographed because either they are in the wash or I just forgot 😜! 

Needed to get a spring jacket yet at the same time being in rain city, I needed something that can keep me dry and all that not so fun stuff! The great thing about this is that it is lightweight, goes with everything but the bad thing is everyone seems to have this? But I don't really mind thaaaat much cause it is a really good number! 

I saw a similar piece at Zara and I thought I should share it here should anyone be interested! (Also apparently you can shop online for Zara items in Singapore now!) 

All over planets T-shirt, Pull and Bear, £5.99

Penguins T-shirt, Pull and Bear, £5.99

That's all I have gotten and I'm really happy with those buys and I can't wait for the weather to be slightly warmer so I can go out in all of them! 

Side note, I haven't noticed how difficult it actually was to take pictures and do all the set up on your own! Kudos to all the content creators that do stuff yourself and all that, it is NOT easy but so so so fulfilling! On that note, I would like to share this video that is going viral and it is so, so, so inspiring and relatable. Nothing less than amazing and everyone in this day and age should take a watch and challenge yourself to do what people assume you can't. 

Till the next post,
Cheryl xx



  1. The skirt from primark is sooo cute!! I got the red corduroy one like it when it was Autumn and loved it ☺ xoxo

    1. This was my first time getting a skirt from Primark and I love it! definitely gonna get more! Do you have a blog link hun? Couldn't get to it from your profile! xx

    2. Yes I do!! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! It's xx

  2. I love this blog! So many great choices! Great photos can't wait to see more!

    Em (