Hi friends,

Hope you guess have been well! Aidan and I finally look a little trip to Edinburgh over the weekend and it was much needed after a couple of stressful weeks with uni work and all that. Took some pictures and thought it'll be nice to share them with you!

All are shot on my iPhone7, edited with Vscocam.

We took a train from Manchester to Edinburgh with a connecting train at Wigan Wallgate and it was about a 3.5hours train ride. It was a horrible one to and fro though, no idea why but it could be the tracks cause it was wobbling so much and the cabin was rly stuffy and it made both of us feel so ill!

Of course I had to bust my toe open before a trip and shed blood all over the living room floor and here's A checking out my toe.

Even though the ride was horrible, the views were spectacular - greenery, horses, sheeps and even a few snow capped hills.

Reached Edinburgh at some time past noon and dropped our bags at Mecure Hotel Haymarket and off for a little wander before checking in at 2pm! 

Yeap, just casually bringing about knitting sticks in his backpack.

Statue of Bobby - the dog who stood guard at his master's grave for 14 years. /wipes tears we don't deserve dogs

We passed by the cafe which was apparently where JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series and of course it called for a picture! 

Clearly too happy with his shelf of irnbru! 

We decided to have an early dinner after check in at about 430pm and went to Ask Italian by the city centre thanks to our tastecard which gave us 2 for 1! Highly recommend you to get the taste card, you'd literally get back your savings in like a meal or two! 

We ordered a side and a main each and the service was so amazing. The lady paid attention to every little detail and gave exceptional recommendations! It was such a lovely experience! 

Aidan went for a pizza and I went for a pasta bake, who knew salads could compliment a pasta that much? 

After dinner we went for a little walk around New Town and popped by in a couple of shops! 

Of course we had to get our picture taken in the photobooth at Topshop! 

Day 2

Felt so much colder than the previous day and we got up at about 7am and went to the Tesco Express nearby to pick up some more water and flu tablets cause A was basically ill to his wits. Slept in till noon and got ready to head out and grab some lunch!

We went to Oink Hog Roast that was recommended by a friend as well as Buzzfeed and we were definitely not disappointed. 

It is basically a sandwich with the most well seasoned pullpork you've ever tasted! You get to choose the sauce you want and the type of bun. We went for haggis and white roll bread! Was a little upset I didn't get any crackling in mine, guess you'll have to make an extra request for it! They come in three sizes too! 

Decided to take a walk down Old Town and Royal Mile since we did New Town yesterday and it was such a lovely walk despite the uphill climbs! 

When we made our way to the castle it started snowing! Such a beautiful experience and a great sight! 

Feeling rly happy to be home!?!?! 

I rarely get a nice picture of Aidan smiling so I'm really chuffed about this

Doesn't it feel like Christmas all over again with the fluffy snow falling everywhere? 

It was truly such a great experience personally, watching the snow fall amongst pretty buildings. Honestly couldn't ask for more - we decided to escape the cold and went for a cuppa in Starbucks which was so pretty. I love Edinburgh for many reasons and one of them is definitely the tall windows! 

Walked down a little alley and found the cutest little shop ever!

I really wanted one of the hot air balloons hanging somewhere at home. It'd make such a lovely sight but the price is no where as lovely as it looks!

Popped into the Market for a little look and it was so cute, full of crafty bits and bobs! Wandered down the streets and every other store was one that sold scarves? Went into one of them and wanted to get some for the family cause they look and feel great but they didn't want any - shame though! They'd make such great gifts! 

We went back to the hotel for a little rest and somewhere to warm up and headed out at around 6pm and took nearly 30minutes walk down a street to look for this korean store - O' Kitchen which apparently had the best reviews. 

Thankfully our trip was not wasted - the food tasted the most authentic I've ever tried in UK, it was affordable and the place felt so warm and cosy! Like you're in a korean's house or something! 

We had the kimchi pancake, korean soy fried chicken (which was so good we tried re-creating it but failed) and spicy beef soup (not pictured).

After dinner we made our way down to New Town to nip into a few shops and get my Edinburgh hoodie (I try to get one in every city I go to) and 3 jumpers from H&M for £5 each! We then made our way back to the hotel to chill and pack our bags to check out the next day.

BUT we got hungry at nearly 10pm and ordered takeaway from a nearby shop because room service was just out of the question - their menu selection was pretty bad for the price they were charging! 

Checked out at about 1130am the next day and left our bags with the hotel while we wandered about before our train that was at 7pm!

Went to the Wetherspoons down the street cause A wanted some haggis before we left Scotland. 

It was hands down the most beautiful Wetherspoon I've ever been to and the ambience was great! 

Went to the National Museum of Scotland to look at their permanent collection and as usual they just amaze me so much. The attention to the detail, colours and their ability to think and see so creatively is just weeeew.

With our last few hours remaining we decided to try our luck at having high-tea in Patissertie Valerie and it was honestly such a disappointment! For £25 you'd expect better service and slightly better food wouldn't you?

Made our way back to the hotel to pick up our bags and got a drink while we wait to get on the train! 

Another horrible train ride back to Manny and got delayed by 30minutes so we got home past midnight and went to bed really quickly! 

It was honestly such a great trip, Edinburgh is such a lovely place with buildings that hold so much stories and character. Strongly encourage you to visit it over a weekend or even spend just one night there! Stay in the city centre so your ride back to the hotel and to places will cost you between £3 to £4! A day ticket on the bus would cost £4 per person and a single is about £1.20 if i'm not wrong! 


Hope you've enjoyed my little travel blog and see you next post!