UK Edition

Hi friends,

Welcome back to this space and I'm so excited to share this post because it's seriously one of my obsessions. I've been wanting to do a blog post like this for awhile but not going to lie, it's a lot of hassle plus people will get offended and see this as showing off blahblahblah.

You know, you can literally never please anyone these days but nonetheless, I still hope you enjoy this post where I share my trainers collection that I have here in the UK with me. I also hope that this helps you make any purchase decision or learn a little more about trainers if you're looking to start your own collection!


I used to think these were the most comfortable pairs of shoes ever but little did I know of the existence of others. But they still fit pretty nicely and it has a really cute shape plus the colour is amazing! 

I hardly ever wear this in the UK but more in SG because of how flat it is, the insoles has no support at all but it's a comfy shoe for a short walk or just something simple to throw on for school or something. I got these mainly because it was a steal, it was like SGD21 in HK and I got a couple of pairs at that time. I love the beige coloured one and wear those more often but it's not in UK right now. 
Roshe Runs

I first discovered Roshe Runs in Korea while on a grad trip with my friends and my first pair of roshe is a full black with white laces! It's currently not here with me but I love it to bits too! Roshe runs in my opinion is one of the lightest and comfiest shoes that I own/tried. They are super light weight and you can literally slip them on without lacing and unlacing all that hassle. It gives you a pretty good support with the sole but not the amazing spongey type of sole you know? 

I got this pair from Bali, love the design and colour1

 I got this in Hong Kong a couple of years back and this material is thinner and lighter than the previous one, love the whole contrast going on!

My latest Roshe purchase was over summer 2016, it's the vintage Roshe, I LOVE the entire design of this with the detail at the back of the shoe and this material is sort of water resistant and really light weight too!


I gone through a period where I was mad obsessed with flyknits because they are hands down super comfortable. It's like wearing a thick pair of socks with bouncy soles. Plus this material makes it very breathable and airy so don't you worry about sweaty feet! 

Funny and horrible story that happened way before I understood trainers and prior to getting the oreos, I actually got scammed by a carousell person. He sold me a colour theme that was not the "official" colours and when I confronted him he just fled and blocked me? What a dick! So be sure to double check the colours online and do proper research before purchasing it from a reseller.

These were my first pair of flyknits and they are still one of my favourite pairs to date just because I know it will never go wrong. The colour is so pretty too!

I was really into my black and white phase for a period of time and this looked like an absolute beaut but because I don't wear it as often as the turquoise one they are not as soft? Comfortable and will never go wrong but it's not as soft and easy to slip on as the other one!

The latest and last flyknits purchase I made was Jan 2016 when I was in London and the colour scheme totally got me. Plus this is an 'updated' version where they have a support for the back of your foot. I find this really good especially if you don't have a good walking posture like how some people walk with their feet slightly slanted out/in etc. It really helps shapes your feet properly! The material of this feels a lot lighter than the other two, mainly around the front of the shoe where it's visibly a lot more breathable!


Don't mind the wall, the first pair of Janoskis I own was actually the black one and I bought it because it was on sale (like twenty pounds?) when I was in York BUT the first Janoski that I fell in love with was the digi print ones.

I saw these back in like 2012-2013? And I wanted it SO bad and the only place I knew that sold 'cooler' shoes was Leftfoot LOL and I even asked a couple of friends about it and they were all sold out. In 2016 I found out that they restocked it but I was a couple of days too late, managed to get it from a reseller for a slightly higher but reasonable price, still really happy about them.

Fun fact, these are actually in kid's size and kids shoes are generally cheaper in the UK!


If you don't own a pair of Vans, please do yourself a favour and get one cause they are so comfortable and the longer you wear them the better they feel on your feet! I always destroy my vans aka wear them too much and let them go really dirty but I can't help it. Some of the materials are waterproof/water resistant which is a plus for the rain city that I live in!

These were originally beautiful, white, clean and perfect vans but I loved them so much I destroyed them by wearing them in the rain/mud and whatever places I can step in. I still wear them quite a bit though, they go with literally anything - skirts, dresses, jeans etc. I find these to be great with denim jeans or even a white smock dress! 

I only very recently got these cause I was waiting for them to go on sale, they are of the same material as the white ones just that it's in a dusty pink which I adore. Yes they are water resistant too!

Aidan actually got me this pair because of two reasons, one that I really love the colour and the gold accents on it and two my feet were hurting from wearing Dr Marts out while we were in SG and changing into these after killing my feet in marts just make this pair that extra comfortable. It's sadly not waterproof but this material makes it very comfortable and gives you really nice support from the "Cushions"

I call this pair my bimbotic shoes mainly because of the glitter but I love them to bits, I mean who doesn't love a cheeky slip on? Perfect for when you can't be bothered with laces or holding the shoe tongue in place while slipping your foot in. 

A pale pink version of the slip ons, goes great with anything too! Although I'm trying to not wear these out when it's raining even thought it's water resistant cause of the material but to see dirt on such a pale and pretty colour makes me a little ugh you know.

These are the least comfortable shoes that I own from Adidas ever. I suppose they are meant to be comfortable after you break into them but the first few times it gave me such bad blisters at the back of my ankle and traumatised me so much! Now I only wear these with high socks and they look pretty cute still.
Stan Smith

I was very obsessed with the velcro strips for a period of time and although it took awhile to break in and my toes were sore for a couple of days, it still wears quite well and pretty water resistant! You can tell I've worn this to half its death already!

Shoutout to the black and gold detail which calls my name.

If i'm not wrong these are the first pair of white shoes I own and I wore them to their deaths. They are super comfortable and easy to slip on plus water resistant! Before owning Vans, these were all I wore during wet days and well, they've survived hell and the grip on the bottom of the sole is basically gone. How do I know that? Oh yes, I slipped down a flight of stairs on a double decker bus with these on a daily day so yeap, I don't wear them out that often, maybe to Sainsburys or Tesco when I want something really quick and easy!

I got this while I was in SG and they are really, really light shoes! But they are not the most comfortable pair I'll usually reach for mainly because the back where it touches the back of your ankle is quite sharp? I got a couple of blisters from that and the front has a rubber strap where I feel that it's can sometimes be a little too tight for me. 

 Ultra Boost Uncaged
Hands down the best soles ever, they are so bouncy and gives you amazing support. The only reason why these are not my favourite is because of the top part, the fit is too snug for my liking but it's a really good pair if you don't have tree trunks for your ankles like me. 


I got to know of Gazelles when one of my friend talked about it saying how comfortable it is and before knowing they were called gazelles I just knew them as the sleek looking shoes that adidas launched! 

These were my first gazelles and it's actually a pair that Aidan and I each have! We decided to pick gazelles because of the orthotic insole it has and Aidan has flat foot so with that extra support in the sole it really helps him walk better and feel more comfortable! This series is the OGs!

I then saw them release the pink ones and I knew I had to get it! Although these doesn't have the insoles in them but I don't mind because they still feel nice on the feet. Not the most comfortable of shoes but they wear really easily and it looks really pretty! 

Got these in grey, another kid's pair!

These are my most exciting pair of gazelles mainly because they are the Manchester Limited Edition ones! I camped online for these for the sentimental value. When I went to pick them up in the stores the staffs were actually really surprised someone managed to get hold of them cause there was only a couple hundred if I'm not wrong and the last release was on 2001!

For the most exciting series - NMDs! I first found out about the existence of NMDs thanks to the massive queues outside Adidas in Newcastle and at that time I was bitter cause I didn't get a pair and insisted it's ugly but now look who's talking?!

My very first pair of NMDs! I actually woke up at 5am and got this online and it was during the time where NMDs can still be discounted with student discounts and promo codes.. good times, good times. I think this is the pair that I wore the most too, look at how dirty the soles are. 

One thing I must disclaim - NMDs are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Great credit goes to the boost sole and the material of the shoe. I wore this and walked more than 10 hours consecutively on a week's trip and my feet did not hurt! 

This was an impulse/unexpected buy cause I walked into JDs in newcastle and screamed internally - it's pink! And it was left with one pair in my size and the dude was like "if I were you I'd get this and resell it" and well, look who kept it. Also, there was another guy who was waiting for me to decide if I'm going to buy this cause he was wanting it for this girlfriend or something - I'm sorry fellow asian. 

Out of place picture but it's because I totally forgotten about this pair while I was taking pictures of the rest in my little set up cause these are my exercise shoes and I keep them by the stationary bike machine. These are the kids ones so they were cheaper! 

I don't think these are the prime knits series but the material is definitely different from the R1s, it's a bit more stretchy and more like a sock than shoes. Also more comfortable IMO.


The turquoise R1 which is so pretty, I love how the pink compliments the turquoise so well!

These were the JD exclusive olive NMDs, fun fact I haven't worn these yet! 

The prime knit tri-colour NMDs. Not going to lie, I got this because of the exclusivity (or so I thought) especially in Singapore where you have to ballot for it like it was a pair of yzy or something. Who knew when I came back to UK it was everywhere in stores for a week or two. But to be fair it looks really nice especially the stripes and it's comfortable with the prime knit material as well!

My most prized possession, this retails for a hundred pounds but I paid 66pounds more because silly me did not get it and tried to save money when it first launched in June. I even tried it on at footlocker PLUS had two of these pair reserved in Adidas and did not pick it up. Safe to say I lived in regret for a good seven months before finding a legit reseller who sells it at a reasonable price and I got it! 

Beyond happy and excited and this was the one pair that put a "desire" to own anymore pairs of NMDs! Plus they are everywhere now whereas in the past it was so exclusive! Like you actually have to camp online for it's random release and all that and now the stores all stock them and the scarcity and fun of it is gone. Although they do have some really nice pairs still! 

I love love love how these three colours go so well together and it makes me so happy just looking at them! 

Last but not least, the Yeezys 350 V2. 

This pair was a gift from my step mom! I actually got two other of the same pairs one from a raffle and one from Adidas and sold them off for a pretty good price! 

I got this on Adidas for retail price as well. To be very honest, they are not as comfortable as NMDs but it is still very comfortable with the boost sole and how the material just hugs your feet. I personally feel that it's a but of an hassle to put on due to the higher "tongue" and the back of the shoe. 

If you're looking to buy this off a reseller just bear in mind to go 1/2 a size higher as this fits slightly smaller than your typical shoes! 


That marks the end of my trainers collection! I must stay, Adidas have been on their game for the last year and this year the collections look pretty promising as well! I hope that you enjoyed this post and it helped you a little in one way or another! 

Just remember, wear whatever shoes that makes you the happiest even if it hurts like a bitch and don't give a shit about what anyone says about it. I had a friend ask me why do I need that many pair of trainers when I don't even run/train - why not? 

They make me happy, they are (mostly) comfortable and it's just a part of how I dress. Some people literally wear heels every where and do they attend business meetings all day long or do they just sit at their desk? Most people do the latter but that makes them happy, it gives them that extra boost of confidence and comfort when they wear heels so they do it!

Once again, try not to let anyone tell you how to dress or what to buy etc. It's all up to your personal preference, as long as you're happy, you're on the right track! 

See you in my next post!