Hi friends,

Happy new year, hope 2016 was good to you and 2017 will be even better! Apologies for leaving this space so quiet for the last couple of weeks following my short visit back home.

Had a couple of uni work to finish up before i can go home with a peace of mind which was why i've been spending a lot of time at the library and doing all sorts!

But hey, if you're still reading this - thank you for sticking around! It's for people like you that i continue blogging!

Since the new year has literally crept around and caught on so quickly, i thought i'd share my best purchases of 2016 which may help/inspire you to make some decisions or introduce you to new items!

All of the items mentioned have been used for at least a month consecutively and they are in no specific order!

1. NMD

I'm a shoe fanatic, no doubt. First it was dr martens and now it's trainers and goodness i can't stop! (i mean i did because my bank account isn't very happy)

Of all the types of trainers i've had the privilege to get my hands on, the best in my opinion is a pair of NMDs.

They used to be so rare and cool that i had to camp at the website for it if i want them but now they are everywhere and always in stock! Consoling myself that i got some nice pairs but this means everyone gets to have good shoes! i picked NMDs as my best purchase instead of yeezys/ultra boost/flyknit/superstars/gazelle because of 1) the support 2) lightweight 3) versatility.

I can walk for ages and ages in them because they have good soles and they are not heavy plus they go with anything! from dresses to jeans and even shorts!

2.  Kat von d liquid lip

Second to trainers, i love my make up! I was introduced to the kat von d liquid lip from a good friend as one of my birthday presents and i can't get over how amazing it is!

liquid lippies for me especially matte ones tend to be too drying and for someone with dry lips like mine, it's definitely not one i'd like. Also the formula that makes a good lippie is very important especially when they are liquid, it's easy for them to be patchy which means you'll need a couple of layers and causing your lips to feel heavy/clumpy!

But the KVD one is pretty light weight, last an okay time and actually gives a pretty good coating! Plus the colour is so pretty (i got the lolita 2 and it's my favourite colour to put on)

3. Longchamp backpack 

I used to be a cross body bag girl then slowly moved to be a large shoulder bag and then now to a backpack girl and i'm enjoying it so much.

Maybe it's because i tend to carry a lot of things or i just don't like things in my way. I was on the hunt for a good sized backpack, one that is big enough for my 12" macbook and a couple of other items and nothing else.

I own a couple of herschel backpacks but they are more for like school stuff like textbooks and all that but it doesn't go with a lot of outfits. So when i found the long champ backpack i was so pleased! it actually holds more than you think it does and because the material of the bag is pretty light, you don't feel like you're carrying your emotional baggage around even though you might be!

I used the bag for a couple of months everyday until it got a rly bad stain down the middle of the bag and rips about - to be fair i dont treat my bags very well and i was really surprised it lasted through trips/rain/all sorts!

4. The life changing magic of not giving a fuck 

I've read a couple of books the past year but none of them tops this! I found this out from a friend who read it and i actually saw "change."

Personally i'm not a big fan of "self help" books due to many reasons but this one is pretty different! It has a very casual approach and when you read it it's almost as if you're talking to a friend that's giving you some kickass advice on how to deal with different situations!

The book isn't very thick plus it's an easy read so you'll probably enjoy it and get a good laugh too. Highly recommended!

5. Foreo

To be very honest i got this in early december but i've used it twice every single day and i just had to share it here because it's so good!

The product i own is the foreo mini 2 and i got it for a pretty good price on their black friday sales. It's basically a face cleansing device to help you gently cleanse your skin and remove dirt/oils/make up remains etc.

It is a very gentle product but not a weak one, it really does it's job and i got really nice compliments especially from my family
saying my skin looks brighter and cleaner! My main problem was blackheads and yes it did help a bit but bear in mind it's not an extraction tool so it doesn't completely remove it!

There are different products for different skin types so do take a look and double check before you make your purchase!

6. Uniqlo faux fur lined hoodie 

i'm all for comfort and being in UK most of the time where it's cold and miserable i take extra steps in making sure that i am warm and comfy! My mom got me this hoodie from uniqlo over summer and i've been wearing it under layers or just around the house.

it's so soft and comfortable, warm but not suffocating! it's like a nice hug from a jacket, i'm pretty sure even if it's in a summer country like SG, it'll be really nice for classes/offices where it's chilly!

7. TOPSHOP joni jeans

I never was a fan of jeans because i feel that they are very restricting plus they don't fit me properly since i take the shape of a pear on good days and on bad i'm basically the sun.

But this pair of jeans shape my lower body to the best shape it can be and it's really comfortable! For a pair of jeans that lets you do basically anything as if you're in leggings, that's one pair that you must not pass!

They come in pretty much any denim and style
you can imagine and i would strongly encourage you to pop by the store to try them on! If you're not that big of a fan of skin tight jeans, try the jamie jeans or the leigh jeans for a lower waist effect!

8. Sleek highlighter

If you love your highlights you'd probably have heard about this from somewhere previously but honestly the sleek highlight palette is by far the most value for money make up product i own.

the pigment is seriously not to be joked about and the shine makes you look like God decided to brush his fingertips across your face.

It's really an affordable product that works wonders plus they last ages! If you can get your hands on any sleek highlight palette, please do it!

But don't forget to look at their texture as they come in powder/cream in different palettes. Its honestly up to your personal preference, i prefer using powder so i got the solstice and cleopatra's kiss where they are 3 powers and 1 cream whereas the other one is the opposite!

9. Real techniques highlight (setting) brush 

On the same note of highlights, the brush that made me fall in love with highlighting my face is the real techniques brush.

i always believe that even if you own the best make up product, if you don't have the correct tools to use them, it's pretty much a waste. My friend introduced  the product to me when i was complaining that my synthetic fan brush from wet and wild wasn't doing its job and i got the RT brush and never looked back.

10. Macbook 12"

I got the 12" macbook in early 2016 and it's been working great for me! I love how compact yet useful it is. It's so lightweight and i bring it basically everywhere.

Plus point is that it looks pretty cool too, have you seen how flat it is!


Hope you've enjoyed this post and that it help you out in one way or another. I'm going to be keeping the Celebrating You post coming continuously and keep a look out for my up coming posts!

Once again, wishing you a very blessed 2017 ahead! Stay amazing, be kind and love fearlessly!

Till next time,
Cheryl xx