I'm typing this with the heaviest heart possible because I witnessed two horrible, horrible acts by human beings. That also brought back some not so nice memories about my secondary school days which I will share more in a bit.

I was on my way home from a great film - Fantastic beasts (which you should totally watch btw) and i was genuinely in great spirits until i saw this bunch of stupid people verbal abusing a gay couple who were enjoying a moment together.

If you know me, i LOVE all people and i am proud of people who fight for anything in their life being love, grades, work, family whatever. As long as you fight for it, i respect you more than i respect everyone else.

I was honestly appalled and very disgusted by the fact that this group of 4 people has the audacity to verbal abuse them? The cute couple was basically just enjoying a friday night out, having a moment in each other's company when the asshole 1) made the kissy sound from
his mouth and asshole 2) followed suit and shouted "KISS KISS -some horrible inaudible insults-" as they walked past them.

By that time Aidan and i were already pretty far gone but we decided to walk back and stay near the couple should any of the shitheads dare to pull a punch we can actually one bear witness and two be there to stop or help them.

But honestly my heart is so so so heavy and i'm so grossed out by the fact that people like them think they have the rights to actually not only comment about someone else but shout insults at them when all they did was do their own thing?

The couple was NO WHERE near disrupting the bunch of assholes yet they HAD to say something?

And i seriously don't know what is worse, the fact that 1) the friend's of the assholes didn't bother stopping their friends??? 2) there were police stood by and it was obvious the couple was being harassed and they literally did not do anything????????

When are people going to learn to stand up for one another and stop letting bullies hurt people to make up for their 1) broken childhood 2) tiny genitals 3) low self-esteem 4) pea sized brain.

I wish i did something or could have done something but i physically couldn't? all i could do was stay around just to make sure the couple was kept as safe as possible with aidan. And both aidan and i are short people and i'm basically non existent that people talk across me all the time, what am i able to do?

I wish i knew what to do at that time and who to go to and how to stop horrible things like that happening to good people. So in this post i would like to ask anyone if you have any answers on people that i can go to for help should horrible incidents like that happen again because obviously the police wouldn't be able to help me. Given that they were physically present in the situation and outside of the building were a couple more pairs of police and a blooming police car?

This leads me to the entire subject on bullying. So if you've been through lower secondary school with me, you'd know that i've been bullied by this girl before. Apparently this girl is a mother now and i pray to God that her kid will never have to meet anyone like her and go through what she put me through.

My memory is a bit fuzzy but all i could remember was
1. me feeling helpless because i was 13/14?!
2. my friend who was the bully's friend failed to 'protect' me when it was kind of an easy job wasn't it? to tell your friend to back off of your friend? but instead i was left to live in fear until they bully left school (i think)
3. everyone thought being bullied was a funny thing and no one actually had a courage to stand up for me or anyone who got bullied?
4. in a nutshell, i remember fearing for my literal life and i couldn't seek refuge from much people?

Don't ask me why i didn't tell any teacher's because i didn't know why too. But what i wish i did was to stand up for myself and say something about being bullied even though chances are i'll probably shit myself and get walloped one or two. But i wish i did not live in fear because someone didn't like the way i look/speak/whatever.

But anyway, that was the one person that scarred me beyond so much so that i actually remembered it almost 10 years since it happened.

And I urge everyone reading this to stand up for your friends/strangers or whoever that you see is being bullied because it's a horrible thing to go through.

To all the bullies out there who think it's okay to utter crap to other people and do shit to them just because they do something that is not your ideal way of doing anything. Don't ever pick on anyone to make up the absence of your brain. Be nice and know that no one owes you a living and you don't owe anyone one either.

Basically bullying is just wrong so please, stop. If someone doesn't something you don't like and it literally doesn't affect you - shut your mouth? it's not that hard.

Okay moving onto the second incident that I witnessed on the way home - a girl was sobbing so bad on the bus and no one offered her tissue or like whatever.

Yes you should always give people some but someone needs to give that girl some tissues or a drink because she was gasping for her breath and all that.

Aidan and i basically rummaged through our bags to find tissue papers and i left it on her lap while praying she gets better.

In the end she cried so much and forgot our tissue LOL but hey at least we try but the next time my nose drips so bad to the point that i have no choice but to clean it on my sleeve - that's when i wish she took the tissue!

Basically that's the end of my rant on bullying and if you have to take away anything, never bully people and always try ways to stand up for the bullied.

Be it being there for them, making sure they are safe or if you're enough to take on the bullies, maybe try but don't put yourself at risk.

Till next time,
Cheryl xx