Hello friends,

Welcome back to the feature of my project 'Celebrating You'! Thank you for the love for the past features and I'm so excited to share more of it with you. I've been talking to more of my friends and I've gotten some of the best response ever which makes me so happy and proud of all my friends for doing all that they are and yes they deserve to celebrated!

How I made these posts to be is an interview style of friends with different occupations from flight attendant to teachers to policewomen and even a fresh uni grad! I'm honestly so so so excited to share this with you guys and basically this purpose is to acknowledge their effort, shine a little light on what each occupations are and just a little peek into their amazing lives. HOWEVER, their identity will be kept totally anonymous, only their occupation and maybe gender will be revealed.

I don't know what else to say about this series (I kid, I have a lot) but I'm just so excited and proud of all my friends honestly! Hope that you'll enjoy these series and if you have any ideas or occupations you'd like to find out more about, give me a shout and I'll see if any of my friends are in that sector!

Lets begin!

Today's guest is someone really close to my heart as we have spent a couple of good years together and the industry is one that is familiar to many but not known to all.

The reason why I decided to feature this friend is because many people have this misconception of the media industry and forgetting the fact that it is so, so, so generalised! The industry is a huge one and this is just a little piece of what goes on in a little part of it.

People often assume that media has an easy life or they are sometimes even inhumane with the things that are being put up but today I want to remind you, my dear reader - if you have a misunderstanding towards anyone that associates themselves with the media industry, remember at the end of the day they are amazing, amazing human beings. Most of them doing a hell of a good job and they should definitely be celebrated for it!

This by far is one of the most raw and real feature by far, take on a look inside the life of this great soul.


1. How would you introduce yourself in a sentence? 
That person that takes life one day at a time, trying to make a positive impact but at the same time make a conscious effort to avoid from standing out.

2. Why did you decide to step into this line?
It is something that is way outside of my comfort level but at least it doesn't involve much calculations.

3. Media - it’s a very sensitive industry to step in, do you agree?
Yes. Media is a very sensitive industry one wrong decision or a simple carelessness can cause lots of consequences ranging from complaints or even flaming.

4. Tell me a little about your job!
I write reports, go out and interview people and if I am lucky (or unlucky) enough, I will get to play host for ministers and sometimes artists.

5. Please share with me about your moments in the media life -

Favourite: Be part of the crew broadcasting news from a mobile unit!

Worst: When the editor does not know how to operate the news system software properly and causes everyone to panic.

Scariest: Weird as it sounds, to get a graphic done for your piece. These graphic department are really busy. So, their mood in unpredictable.

Inspirational: There are actually lots reporters who go around looking for their own enterprise stories that come from places like their neighbourhoods and get it published to help a cause. Cool stuff, considering journalist are usually portrait as being very disconnected from the society and super aggressive.

Those who work in media industry: it is like a garage sale. There are many kinds of people, those who are super nice and helpful to those that are scary and uptight. But, it is usually just a facade to get through their day and ensure the quality of the work. Never judge a book by its cover because people in the media are usually very different than what we perceive them to be.

7. Is the media industry all glam and fun - bumping and even working with famous people and all that!
Not really. It gets old when you keep on bumping into them and having to do unglamorous and back-breaking preps for programs before all the fun things unfold.

8. What do you think are some of the biggest challenges being in the media industry that people don’t understand?
Media is not all fun and exciting. You do get a lot of boring and pointless tasks to do most of the time. Pay better be a secondary factor because the payment is not exactly as high as many may think.

9. How would you sum up the media industry?
Boring and Exciting at the same time, depending on what you stumble upon. Just like life, there are ups and downs.

10. More and more people are wanting to be involved in the media industry, what advice do you have for them?
Find your passion. Pursue it. If you get tired of it almost immediately, maybe it is not the right department/sector... There are so many ways to be involved in the media industry.

I hope you got a little more understanding about what goes on being a part of the broadcast media and at the end of the day, know that every job requires the hard work that these people put in and all of them should be celebrated!

Till next time,