Hi friends,
This week's beauty post will feature highlighters because somehow I've grown to love highlights so much! When done properly, it actually gives a really pretty glow and completes the look so well. Today I'll be sharing 4 brands that I own ranging from drugstore to high-end and I love them all so much and I'm sure you'll be able to find one that you'd like from here too! 

Brands: Hourglass, Laura Mercier, BECCA & Sleek

I love how all their packaging is but my favourite is still the Hourglass one just because it's marbled! Unlike some products, I'm really happy that all of these come with a mirror. Not that it is vital but it is great to have one around. 

Ugh, the beauty. Look at Laura Mercier's pattern, it's just so pretty! Read on for the swatches below.

First up is the Laura Mercier, Face Illuminator - Indiscretion. I guess the downside of this is when you dip your brush in too much it causes a dip and if you're in this solely for the packaging, you're gonna be really sad because it'll be flat and what not. So enjoy the waves while you can! 

I feel like it's a pretty decent size and the packaging is simple and pretty!

Next up is the BECCA shimmering skin perfector. My first option was to get the Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Champagne Collect Face Palette but when I bought this it was out of stock since I felt it was more worth it but this is great!

The packaging is significantly smaller than LM's and sometimes I fumble about opening it since the opening and the hinge looks exactly the same! 

Third is the Sleek Highlighter Eye Palette Solstice. This is hands down the most pigmented out of all the highlighters I own and it is the most affordable one. It's honestly value for money and you can get so much use out of it. They recently released 2 other highlight palettes which are gorgeous as well (Precious metals & Cleopetra), I must say Sleek did a really really good job for this. 

The textures are 3 powders and one creamed which I'm not a big fan of.

The packaging is pretty but made of pretty cheap material I'd say, the hinge on one bendy side is broken off but it didn't affect much of it.

Finally the latest release Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light. I feel like the colours are pretty similar and they are not as pigmented as I thought they would be. Personally I don't think that it is worth the price because Sleek easily does a better job than this in pigmentation. But if you're a make up collector and you prefer a highlight that is not blinding your haters (I don't know why you would), and something that is suitable for daily wear, this is perfect for you. 

The packaging is so pretty and the product is of a pretty good size. It opens and closes well, doesn't seem to break off or chip off easily etc. 

The Hourglass doesn't show up much and it is pretty light not going to lie but if you layer it up with a proper highlighter brush, you're pretty good.

The colours from the Sleek palette isn't all for me especially the purple and the creamed ones but the others worked out really well. Just remember to go light handed on these because it is really, really pigmented!

Laura Mercier & BECCA ones are just a dream honestly, they are good for everyday look just like the Hourglass one but it has a little more pigment like the Sleek one.

These are swatched on Aidan's hands to show the difference on skin colours and how it will show if you're paler than me, good for reference!


Hope you've found this post useful and that you enjoyed it! See you the next post! 

Till next time,