Hello friends,

Welcome back to the second feature of my project 'Celebrating You'! Thank you for the love for the first feature and I'm so excited to share more of it with you. I've been talking to more of my friends and I've gotten some of the best response ever which makes me so happy and proud of all my friends for doing all that they are and yes they deserve to celebrated!

How I made these posts to be is an interview style of friends with different occupations from flight attendant to teachers to policewomen and even a fresh uni grad! I'm honestly so so so excited to share this with you guys and basically this purpose is to acknowledge their effort, shine a little light on what each occupations are and just a little peek into their amazing lives. HOWEVER, their identity will be kept totally anonymous, only their occupation and maybe gender will be revealed.

I don't know what else to say about this series (I kid, I have a lot) but I'm just so excited and proud of all my friends honestly! Hope that you'll enjoy these series and if you have any ideas or occupations you'd like to find out more about, give me a shout and I'll see if any of my friends are in that sector!

Lets begin!

1. How would you introduce yourself in a sentence? 
I think I'm hella awkward around new people and when everything goes wrong I can only think about NAPS.

2. Why did you decide to step into this line?
I think that kids are really cute and I was baby sitting my baby cousin and it all came to me that the early years of humans lives are super important (thats where we absorb the most/ values, manners etc) also in my opinion I also felt that it was far more interesting than an office job.

3. Lets talk about moments:

3.1: Favorite: When you taught them manners and you see them being all polite and kind when interacting with one another. (Eg. "Excuse me, can you please move cause I got no space" VS "Move la!!!!!")

3.2: Weirdest: A lil girl from land of C took off her pants in the classroom's library corner cause she wanted to shit and the toilet was occupied with the boys who were showering. Legit scared the shit out of me because she was THAT close to shitting at my library corner. (SHE IS 5 YEARS OLD)

3.3: Most inspirational: When I'd gotten feedback that I'd done a good job in teaching the right things and how much they saw the changes in the children's behaviour?? That's where I hope I can do the same thing for more children.

3.4: Scariest: When I do a headcount for my class but realise I'm missing one.

3.5: Proudest: I always say 'Thank You' when my class Aunty helps to wipe the table/sweep/mop the floor. And one day I realised my children doing the same without me telling them to do so. My class Aunty was so happy and said "Because your teacher have manners that's why you all are also so polite."

4. Do you like kids in general? 
Yes I love them but there are also times when I don't. HAHA

5. What are some of the hardest things you've had to do? 
Pleasing parents and speaking up for things which everyone deems wrong but no one cared enough to speak up.

6. Being a superhero juggling between working and school, how do you manage it? 
Time management? Although I suck at it as I always start on my assignment a day before or on the day of the due date itself. And a whole lot of self motivation.

7. Comparing kids now and to when you were their age, what do you think the differences are?
1. I feel that there are many differences comparing children at our times and the children now. Parents play a huge role because in the past no matter what we do we are afraid that the teachers complain to our parents as our parents will definitely punish us.

But the parents now, they won't punish their children and instead they come up with excuses to side with their children's behaviour? And as parents now are much more educated, they will also try to challenge you? But not ALL parents are like that it's only a handful of them. Some parents are very sincere and nice

2. Children are little professionals with technology now and they enjoy playing games and stuffs on the iPad so their interest/attention span is not really there when you do traditional activities like board games etc.

8. You're teaching really young kids now, would you ever consider to teach the older kids?
No I think I don't have the patience to teach older kids. Children as young as 5 now could pointing middle fingers/saying really mean things to their friends I can't imagine what it's like for older children.

9. What do you think are the highlights of being a teacher?
1. The achievement you get when you see a child showing you how much he/she had developed. Not only focusing on academics but as well as as a person. Their values, mannerism, it's what that matters the most. (people are getting ruder)

2. When parents come back to you and seek for opinions because the child is behaving better in school than at home.

3. Colleagues telling you how much this child had change under your care

BEST is when the children tells you that they love you AWWWW

10. What about the downsides? 
1. Having to please a lot of people (Parents, principal -- ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A SUPPORTIVE PRINCIPAL IN THIS LINE)

2. Doing a lot of things that doesn't benefit the children but we have to do it because our company says so.

3. The amount of paper work we have to do is insane........

4. Teacher-Children Ratio (too many children to one teacher and i'm sure this is one thing that many early childhood teachers struggle with)

11. Whats the best gift you've gotten during teachers day hehehe
HANDWRITTEN CARDS FROM THE CHILDREN ARE THE BEST! it beats any other gifts (my children are 5 years old so that are able to write!)

There it is my friends, the life of a teacher! It's been such a fun one to read and get a deeper insight on the life of a kindergarten teacher! Coming from someone who doesn't have a burning passion for little people, it's a really nice perspective to be able to see bringing up the next generation with such a great love, passion and believe.

I think one of the most special bunch of people I have in my life are teachers - never underestimate the power of someone believing in you, motivating you and pushing you to new heights.

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did and stay excited for the next feature and posts!

Till next time,
Cheryl xx