Hello friends!

This is such an exciting post for me because I'm starting a project where I feature my friends! All of my friends are amazing human beings and they are actually doing really cool things. Basically this project is a blog post series called 'Celebrating You' where every post will celebrate each individual.

How I made these posts to be is an interview style of friends with different occupations from flight attendant to teachers to policewomen and even a fresh uni grad! I'm honestly so so so excited to share this with you guys and basically this purpose is to acknowledge their effort, shine a little light on what each occupations are and just a little peek into their amazing lives. HOWEVER, their identity will be kept totally anonymous, only their occupation and maybe gender will be revealed.

I don't know what else to say about this series (I kid, I have a lot) but I'm just so excited and proud of all my friends honestly! Hope that you'll enjoy these series and if you have any ideas or occupations you'd like to find out more about, give me a shout and I'll see if any of my friends are in that sector!

Lets begin!

Today I've had the great privilege to interview a flight attendant and it is so so so exciting for me personally! I travel around quite a bit and as someone who has quite a lot of questions (mostly from the time spent on the planes) I'm just so happy that my friend took the time out to answer these questions! Best part, the friend's answers are so on point I didn't have to do any editing (yisssssssss!)

Below are some burning questions that I have have for awhile especially Q3.4 and Q5! So glad that I've not only got them answered for me but I feel that it is essential for everyone to know whether you're travelling often or not!

Once again, my flight attendant friend, thank you for taking the time out for me!

1. How would you introduce yourself in a sentence? 
Living out of a suitcase!

2. Why did you decide to step into this line?
Honestly.. I didn't plan for myself to be in this line. It was just a spur of a moment where I decided to go for the interview and just see how it goes? I was just about to graduate from school and it was either furthering my education or getting a job. Lo and behold I passed the interview and here we are!

3. Lets talk about moments,

3.1: Favourite: When I meet nice crew and nice passengers that make my time at work worthwhile and enjoyable! I know this has been said for so many of us but the feeling of leaving home sometimes does take a toll on us especially so when we do it so often and we don't get to see much of our loved ones and family…so anything nice to perk us up and make the time pass faster till we get back home are my favourite moments at work. And of course, landing back home! Nothing beats the feeling.

3.2: Weirdest: Weird moment? Hmm can't say I have ever had a singular weird moment since we meet all sorts of people everyday in this line! I've seen lots of things and different sorts of characters that nothing is weird anymore! Haha. The world out there is truly a huge place.

3.3: Most inspirational: There was this time when we had a passenger having a medical emergency onboard and there had to be a page over the PA system for a doctor (meaning any passenger who happened to be a doctor can step forward to assist). It was inspiring because it was there that I saw how noble their profession as a medical doctor is.

3.4: Scariest: I wanna say that I'm pretty used to moderate to light turbulence since I've been flying for a period of time now but from time to time we do experience pretty terrible turbulence onboard the flight.

I think the scariest moments at work are when we experience clear air turbulence (the pilots are unable to detect it by radar) and the aircraft drops suddenly. This can happen even when the seatbelt signs are not switched on and when we hit clear air turbulence, everything flies.

Yes, even humans. I've heard of stories of colleagues being flung up unto the ceiling and after which you'll see patches of blood on the ceiling where their heads hit. Or passengers flying up and then come crashing down and landing on a crew's elbow, hand, arm and breaking it. It's that dangerous.

I remember there was this time where all the flight crew were standing up and in the middle of meal service when the aircraft just dropped suddenly. Everything became a threat. Coffeepots on the galley top, trays everywhere. Suddenly everything was a potential weapon that could come flying our way at the mercy of the turbulence. It's scary because you realize that you are stuck in a metal tube and if anything goes wrong, you don't have anywhere to run. I think that's why our industry takes safety very very very seriously.

So oftentimes, it's not that we want to be difficult by forbidding your access to the bathrooms whenever the seat belt sign is switched on. But because everything is never for sure when we are in the air and we are just looking out for your safety should anything (TOUCH WOOD) go wrong.

4. Which do you prefer? Long haul flight vs Short haul, why?
Short hauls and long hauls! Haha I'm going to be greedy and say I like both when they're in moderation. It's easier on the body since the job itself is already taxing enough.

5. Why must the window and tray tables be up during take off/landing?
Windows up: Did you know that the most crucial period for a flight is during take off and landing? Anything could happen during this time and thats why crew take time to run through the cabin and secure it as best as we can to aid the flight crew (the pilots) in a successful take off and landing of the entire aircraft. The windows are required to be up because in case of an engine fire or fuel leak or any danger happening to the aircraft and the passengers SEE these things, they can shout and the crew can inform the flight crew right away.

Tray tables up: In case of anything dire happening that requires immediate evacuation, the flight crew will order for a last minute evacuation that can happen almost immediately and without warning. Tray tables are ordered up so that no time is wasted when passengers are trying to get out of their seats and rows ASAP. This goes for bags to be stowed under the seat in front of you and all the seat backs upright. Basically to have no passageways to be obstructed.

6. Do you think that there are more things that people should know as your role of air crew? I feel like it's a job that everyone feel is the easiest and what not, what do you think the people should know?
I honestly feel like the dirt's out there, just whether or not people mind it or care about it. Like most people can say, every job has it's pros and cons.

Maybe I'd like more people to have a thought for the crew that are serving them from time to time, how they are leaving their family behind and sometimes how much some of us wanna be on ground. Not all are mean but we do meet our fair share of challenging passengers that make it difficult for us so I would just like give another perspective that instead of seeing it as a lack of service to your standards: that we are already trying our best but we are 10,000 feet up in the air and if we don't have certain things, we do not have them.

7. Were you/Are you scared of flying? Personally i'm so scared of take of and landing because of how fast it goes, how do you deal with it?
I am lucky because take off and landing is pretty alright for me! I have met some colleagues that are quite iffy with the whole take off and landing deal so they sit really still at their crew seat and make sure they buckle up tight when the plane takes off! After awhile and 101212 flights later, we feel nothing anymore. Honestly!

8. During turbulence, how do air crews keep calm? On a flight recently, there was really bad turbulence yet the air crews still kept calm and serviced really professionally! 
See above story! But mostly we just learn how to deal with it as best as we can since it's part and parcel of working in an unstable environment. Safety always first!

9. Of all the countries you've been to, which are your favourite 5's?
In no particular order:
1) USA: Shopping's always amazing.
2) Japan: Everything will blow you away. Besides, the Japanese really know how to get things right.
3) London: Rich in culture and history.
4) Copenhagen: Lovely lovely lovely Scandinavian city that has access to the rest of the Norwegian countries. Iceland is still on top of the list I've yet to cover!
5) Germany: I love sightseeing in Germany! Even better than UK, if you ask me.

10. Living in a hotel room every other day sounds so lux! Do you personally enjoy it?
I actually really really do. Sometimes I think I'm spoilt by the amenities that a hotel stay comes with: fresh towels everyday, huge bed, spacious toilet and sink all to myself…I love it.

11. Since you're actually living out of your suit case, what are some of your essentials! 
Hand cream, body cream, face mask, cardigan and errrrrr, underwear. HAHAH.

12. What do you think are some of the highlights of being an aircrew?
Top of the list: being able to travel to many many many places. Well of course.

13. What about the downsides?
Leaving home when you don't really want to! Because heck it's your job so if you gotta work, you gotta work.

14. Being an aircrew is a dream for many these days, if you had any advice at all for them, what would it be?
If it's your dream and passion to travel, why not! Live while you're young, fly and meet people, see the big world out there that there is to offer: all while you figure out your next step. After all, it's what i'm doing now so join the club :)


Thank you for reading! Hope that you've enjoyed this and look forward to the upcoming posts! Should you have any suggestions or questions you'd like to ask anyone of a particular occupation/role, send them my way and we'll see what we can do about that!

Till next time,
Cheryl xx