Hello friends!

Thank you for the love for my previous post, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Today I'm back with a blog post which I've been thinking of doing for awhile but a blog post as such need time and experiment plus tons of consideration! 

So after a long time, today I'll be sharing with you guys my holy grail of make up products. Basically products I love, perform excellently and yes I've personally tried them for a minimum of three months on a daily basis! 


1. URBAN DECAY eye shadow primer
2. Ecotools eyeshadow brush
3. Maybelline hypersharp eyeliner 
4. Tarte tarteist mascara


I've used this product for at least two years now and it was even before I got into my eye shadow craze! Prior to that, I've just used it as a base for my eyeliner and it helps my eyeliner stay on the entire day! Should you get this product, please remember that a little goes a long way - only dab a little amount on your ring finger from the applicator (I don't believe in using the applicator straight onto the eyelids) then gently apply it on your lids.


This was my first eyeshadow brush ever and I've used it since the first day I got into eye shadows which was about four months ago? I got this in the EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set from boots and I can't stop raving about this. The brush doesn't shed, it's gentle on your eyes - unlike the morphe's fluffy brush which was pricking my eyes everytime I brush it against the lids. It has a pretty good grip and the best part is that it's a duo, one for application and one for blending! Highly recommend this if you're going to get your first brush! 




I used to love black eyeliners when I was younger but nowadays I prefer brown liners mainly because it gives off a softer look yet it still gives it definition! This stays on perfect with the urban decay eyeshadow primer. It is also a felt tip which helps apply easily and being so thin, it's amazing for precision especially if you prefer your eyeliners drawn really thinly! I've used this since the first year of my polytechnic days! My friends actually introduced this to me in my 'first make up set' box for my 18th birthday! 


Before using the tarteist one, I was actually using the mascara. I loved that too, that is really good for the most waterproof look ever but I find that it can get a little goopy overtime? Like the product just builds up around the brush which makes the lashes look a little clumpy. I've used this product almost everyday for the last 3 months and I honestly can't get enough of it and actually ordered two more just incase I run out of them!

And that concludes four of my holy grail make up products, hope you've enjoyed them and that it helped you a little on deciding which product you'd like to try next! Please find the links to the product below:

Till next time,
Cheryl xx