Hi friends,

I'm finally back with a new post! This one is a pretty exciting one because it's a 'project' that a lot of effort went into and although it is not perfect yet, this is the closest I got to it!


Front door where all the shoes and misc like umbrellas, shopping bags, keys, loose change and where all our daily things to grab and go like bus passes etc!

Mirror - convenience store
Plastic shoe boxes - Amazon
Shoe rack - Argos

I'm so proud of this 'set up' be cause the shelf only had two slots but we got more shoe racks to stack and fit more shoes in yay

Glass bottle - Home Sense
Plant - Primark
Canvas - Primark


This basically came with a sofa and the heater and we set up everything else and it's so cosy especially the giant pillow which may be the best pillow purchase by far. Yes, I may be slightly insane to put up a Christmas tree in October.

Christmas Tree - Tesco
Table + Carpet - Ikea
Pillows - Ikea + gifts etc

By the heater is a study table that's pretty long and fits his techie set up.

Linen box - Wilko

The work area with some of our uni study materials and two printers because why not... jokes, we both had one before we moved in together.


Kitchen space, definitely a lot bigger than the previous one - 4 hobs, oven, microwave, fridge and a ton of storage space for cooking utensils but clearly not enough for all the items lying on the work top hahaha!

Dining area with a little cheeky box of KK - the given table was super wobbly even after the maintenance checked it etc sheesh


Honestly been thinking of ways to beautify this area but its not easy given the small space and so much water going about every other way.


The bedroom and my study area - my favourite part of the apartment yay

Lights, fluffy pillow, throw - Primark
Sheets - Urban Outfitters

Racks - Ikea

Skincare/prep area with a little mirror just because.

Tray - home sense
Mirror - Primark
Boxes - Clas Ohlson
Lights - Primark
Pegs - Poundland

Should anyone be curious about the products we use 

Pug decor - New Look

My little personal area where I revise and do my make up everyday but I half regret plonking my area right by the window, great view yes but now that it is getting colder its horrible t.t still love the set up though no doubt!

Table - Ikea
Glass boxes - h&m + home sense
Drawer - Ikea
Shelf - Wilko
Record Player - Gift
C pillow - George 
Plant - New Look
Table extension - Ikea 


Thanks for reading and hope you've enjoyed this! As always, I'm going to try and keep this updated a bit more because for once I have my content planned out. For whoever that is still faithfully reading, thank you because well, I'm not the best blogger about and deffo lost my touch but keep your eyes out! 

Can't wait to share the next blog post with you guys! 

Till next time,
Cheryl xx