Hi friends,

Look! Another verbal vomit on this space, surprise surprise! I guess I'm going through a certain phase in my life where I'm just upset at the world, upset at humanity and upset at myself for not being able to do anything about it to make a big enough change. Anyway, before it gets depressing I'd like to talk about THE FUTURE.

So after drowning in my assignments and learning more about the industry that I'm potentially going to be in just gave me a lot of thoughts about the future, or rather how we are and will be living and it is actually terrifying.

I've talked about this topic to a couple of friends since awhile ago because it is something that has been bugging me. To be honest, I wouldn't even imagine that a day like this would come where I'll consider working to be dreadful and purposeless?

Wait, wrong choice of word - it isn't purposeless it's just consuming. Let me begin with this line:

"We use to work so we can live but now, we live to work"

In the past, or rather before the industrial revolution that came about in 1770 to 1870 (how do I know? I am studying this whole thing), people use to consume what they produce so like crops and animals and basically they eat/use what they make.

But because of industrial revolution, societal arrangement changed and people moved from villages to cities and as such they can't farm much anymore. I mean some people still do these days but majority of the world don't.

So then we had to work for the people who have the power to actually produce which now makes our consumption behaviour based on the production of those who are in power aka the ruling class and we being the working class. [blahblah history aside]

People get so caught up in their work these days because of the increasing demands and endless expectations being set. The bars of excellence are constantly raising because everyone wants to be the best as such making everything competitive, for what sense? Just to feel like the best, or even merely having a title. Okay maybe it fulfils some self-esteem thingy [attempts to bring in Maslow Hierachy] but hey that's about it. Yes maybe it brings you money and gives you the purchasing power to get luxury and all that but that is about it.

Maybe to you, that's your mark of success - to be filthy rich that you don't have to consider shit, I mean, what is a price tag when all you have is money right? But then again, it is just materialistic satisfaction isn't it?

I'm not going to go into the whole 'oh we don't get human love so we turn to material love' thing because it is a crazy vicious cycle.

"I don't get love from my parents so my parents gives me the money to buy things that I like and as such I am used to the lifestyle of being able to buy things so I want to keep up that lifestyle which makes me work extra hard. And now that I have my own kids, I am still working extra hard and I can't spend enough time with them so let me express my love by giving them money to buy what they want - just like how my parents did to me."

I'm not saying it's anyone's parents fault, hell I love my family to bits. But what I'm faulting is society but then again we make up society so yes it's alllll our fault. Note that anything can happen to you only if you allow it to happen.

And because we as a society allow our need for money to take over us, it's just been an endless and growing snowball isn't it?

Basically what I'm driving at is that we are so caught up with work these days (guilty myself because I love working and I love the stress through the process and the sense of accomplishment) and excelling at my job that we are missing out on so many amazing things.

And it takes time to make something that amazing - regardless of your job, it takes time and we all know that and you don't need any examples but if you're asking for one, here's a simple one - to put together a kickass powerpoint presentation you have to put together amazing content and then design visually pleasing slides and then tie the both of them together and at the same time you have to ensure that your slides are not going to bore anyone but at the end of the day, still delivering your goal. And how do you achieve that - through LOADS and LOADS of time and effort.

So with that time spent on crafting something so amazing, it just sets a standard for whoever you are working for and most importantly yourself isn't it? As such you'd want to either maintain or top the standard because well, aren't we all about excellence this days.


Okay I'm getting carried away, my point is - we're working and burying ourselves in work/school that we are missing out on so many precious moments. Yes cheesy as heck but we are missing out on the amazing things that are happening every single day.

Being coped up and drowning in work to be money rich so that we can do things that we don't have time for is just becoming the bane on our lives and to be honest, I feel like we're too late into making a change.

How so? Because society has shaped a mentality of you are only successful if you're rich and if you don't clock in certain hours at work you're lazy and hence you're fired. Something along those lines, you know what I mean.


I'm basically just trying to express how sad I am about everything these days and dreading my future because I don't want to be slaving away till wee hours in the morning and missing out on things in life. Sure, talk to me about work life balance and how everything might potentially be my fault of not balancing but tell me, how can you balance your work and your life while trying to make a living in a place where the moment you blink a little longer people say that you're skiving. (Yes I'm exaggerating but shut up)

Plus there is this unspoken rule where if you're trying to make your place at a certain workplace, you can't really leave 'on time' because that shows that you have no potential blah. And to be frank the only time you get to leave 'on time' is when you're the boss of something -inserts the rest of the story that you already know-

I know I'm saying this now but when I go back to a job that I love and drives me to achieve better I'll do exactly what I don't want to see myself doing - be so absorbed into completing a task that I totally miss out on life.

So here's my shoutout to everyone who still hasn't reached the depths of hell yet - find a job that makes you happy and makes you enough to live a life where you don't have to compromise you relationship with anyone that you love (including yourself.) Find one that allows you to still have energy to do stuff after work rather than falling straight into bed and sometimes sacrificing food for sleep. Find one that lets you experience life.

This post is going to come back and bite me so hard but I just want to pen down this moment where I realise that yes money is important and being able to buy so many shoes or what not is great. But damn, do I miss spending time with my family, friends and my non existent pugs.

Oh well, hope this gives you something to think about and if you're happy with your life, that's good because at the end of the day, we all just want to be happy isn't it? And happiness to us comes in all forms and if working till the wee hours and earning loads make you happy, go for it! But I feel, in the generation I'm in, relationships with the people I love and being able to see the world - that's what makes me happy.

And one more thing, this post is solely written based on my thoughts - I know of some people who work at amazing places where they are crazy happy and satisfied with it because they still get to do what they want and at the same time enjoy their job and earn a decent amount. And I can only dream of working at a place that actually is that amazing, well, we can only hope!