Hi friends,
It's almost six in the morning now and I'm about to sleep after a shower when this train of thought just kept going in my mind that kept me wondering. It all started with this tweet I saw on my timeline:

Which I totally agree too by the way (woes of a lactose intolerant) but that isn't the point of my verbal vomit of my thought. Basically, look at the amount of retweets and likes and obviously that shows that there's a large number of people who agree with it right? To bring in brands like Chipotle, In and Out, Tacobell into Singapore.

Brands like Chipotle(Colorado), In and Out Burger (California) and Tacobell (California) are all brands that are foreign/overseas meaning that they are NOT originated from Singapore, yes?

So the question here is, why do people want to bring these brands into Singapore? Why do we want brands that originated from half way across the world all the way to the little red dot when we don't necessarily have a shortage of local talents in the food industry?

I don't know about the vast majority but my reasons to want to have these brands brought over to me from other parts of the world include:

1) Experience
I will be able to experience food from somewhere else without having to physically be in the country of origin. Plus because of the digital world, everyone is influenced or exposed to a form of media in one way or another and being able to see things that exist (and look good) actually makes you want to play a part in it. Just imagine sinking your teeth into an In and Out Burger that your favourite Youtuber raved about or something like that. It's almost like sharing the experience or just actually just being able to say "I've tried it! It taste _____!"

2) It's New
New things are mostly fun and exciting because it's something that has never been seen before. You could have heard about it through social media (refer to point above), read about it or heard it from your friends but when it's new, its cool, its trendy, you'd be excited and you'd want to try it, right? Well, at least I do - since these days isn't it the race of being the trendiest?

Which then leads me to this thought (p/s does not only apply to SG):
Why are we okay with having foreign brands being brought into our country but so against foreign workers?

I mean look, all around the world we literally have brands that do not originate from the very country we live in and we're practically in love with those brands - McDonalds, Forever21, Apple, Marc Jacobs and more.

But when it comes to seeing foreign workers or even foreigners coming into the country you get stuff like:

Isn't it just one giant ball of irony then? We welcome foreign brands because we think it's cool, because we think that we can get a certain kind of experience without actually being there and all but when it comes to foreigners living/working in our country we make a big fuss out of it and sometimes even go way out of the line.

It's just ridiculous to see what everyone has become - a huge hypocrite. One of the most recent examples I saw happen in Singapore is this:

Like excuse me, what the actual hell? Why are construction workers (majority made out of foreign workers) being shun to such an extent? They are earning a living just like how your dad/mom/sister/cousin/husband/wife etc are doing and they have as much rights as you do to take a leak. (And yes I know this isn't an act of foreign workers hate but it's a form of discrimination isn't it?)

Which leads to one of the other post I saw recently:

Oh my goodness, how can someone be so scared of even sitting down on a bus stop seat where sun, rain and even bird poop is on it. What did people tell this poor lad that he refuse to even sit down to enjoy his own meal when all he did was to work hard to help make the country a better place to live in?

Why I'm writing this post is to express how annoyed I am of the fact we has a society are just such a horrible bunch. We claim to love one thing but despise another when they are practically the same thing?

1) We hate foreigners because they steal our jobs
I'm almost sure that the government has a certain quota to hire only a certain percentage of foreigners in your company or else it's kind of your bad for picking the wrong company. Besides, how many companies in Singapore are own by foreigners? How many brands belong to a country that isn't one that you're living in and you're actually working for them? 

2) We hate foreigners because they take up our land
Come on, whether they are a foreigner or not, as long as they have the ability to (like money), the land will be taken up one way or another. Why does it make you feel better knowing that your neighbour is from the same country as you are? Wouldn't it be so much more fun and interesting living beside someone who grew up entirely different from you? Think about all the new things you can learn of and exchange all the cultural norms?!

3) We hate foreigners because they ruin our culture
A culture can only be destroyed and tarnished if you let it to. A culture is carried on by individuals and is dependant on how you want to live your life and how you control it. What makes you think someone from another country can come into YOUR life and mess up the way you live? Doesn't that just show that you have no self-control and literally give into anything and everything that comes in your way? Plus what's the harm about learning about someone else's culture? For all you know, you could share similar cultures and you can "live it out" together? No?

4) We hate foreigners because we have to change
Change isn't a bad thing for the most part. I mean look at the world now compared to a mere decade ago. For one, technology is more advanced than ever, you could literally talk to someone half way across the world and LOOK AT THEIR FACE through your mobile phone. To tell someone that ten years ago would actually be mind boggling (maybe even longer but ten is a good number.) And that happened because someone saw change and someone decided to make changes. I mean come on, you can literally have food delivered to your door step and you didn't even have you put on shoes. In the past you probably have to take a bus or something I don't know but yes, change is sometimes good. And all things can be good if you learn how to embrace it.


All in all, sometimes having foreigners living alongside with you isn't too bad a thing. You actually get to learn a lot and similar to why you like having foreign brands - you actually get to see that part of the world without going there. For instance, coming to the UK is life-changing. I have some amazing friends who talk to me about Singapore all the time and one of them asked me a question "So what part of Singapore are you from? Like I'm from UK but the part I'm from is London" and I thought about it HARD and just said the north!

Because well, not every country is like England where cities exist. I mean come on, we can literally go from one end of our country to another in less than two hours on one single train! (Jurong East to Changi Airport-ish.) And my friends found it to be really interesting and it's just really nice being able to share the differences in the culture and talk about the things we have in common despite growing up in totally different environment.

I'm not saying every single human being is against foreigners because there are some lovely people around who actually welcome them and those people deserve a spot in heaven. But to those who literally hate on foreigners, just grow up or hide in a hole - thank you.


This post may not be the best because there are tons and tons more I'd love to include but I'm writing this without any sleep at crazy o'clock just because I feel the need to verbal vomit some thoughts. Thank you for reading and all opinions expressed are mine and screenshots are from their original source.

P/S: Everyone is someone's somebody, you are not in any way better than anyone else. We are all fighting our own battles trying to get to our own destination and we're lucky enough to share the journey of it with people we call friends and strangers. Treat everyone with the respect you think you deserve and just once again - bloody mind your own business.

P/P/S: I've realised that I'm coming across as an angsty young adult just being a keyboard warrior but hey, at least I'm expressing my thoughts somewhere and not picking a fight over some social media platform.. right?