Hi friends,

I very recently ticked off one of the things on my bucket-list which was to go watch Troye Sivan live - been wanting to do this since I've heard his first EP Happy Little Pill. This was my first concert since coming to the UK and as a non-concert goer because of all the various reasons which will be listed below but I thought it'd be nice to share my first concert experience with you.

The doors open for general admission at half seven but my friend and I got the VIP tickets so we got to enter an hour earlier and the queue was less intimidating than the general admission so way glad we got the VIP tickets. So why am I not a concert goer? (in both Singapore and UK)

1. Queueing 
I personally hate queueing, I absolutely can't stand sitting around not having much to do and basically just waiting for something. Perhaps it is being in such an advance state of life where everything is instant and a mere few seconds delay can cause war - i.e: slow internet.

Another reason why I hate queueing at events such as a concert is basically because there are just some mindless irritants who jump queues and all that. It's pure annoying when you see people come at weird times to join their friends and suddenly a whole group of people are in front of you. It's crazy and really rude especially when there isn't much you can do about it. Like when I was in the queue with my friend and a few group of girls, some adults just jumped the queue with their kids and acted like everything was fine (jumped queues of people that were at least an hour in before them.) And since they were adults, no one had the balls to say anything to them.

Like seriously? As parents shouldn't you set proper examples and teaching your children the unspoken rule of life where you join a queue and not cut in? This is just one of the many little things adults do that contribute to the shitty society they wouldn't stop talking about. Alright I better stop at this whole parent thing else it'll end up in a whole 'why be a parent if you are not ready for such a responsibility.'

2. People who have a high sense of self-entitlement
Basically right, everyone pays the same amount according to your categories but there are just some people who think that they are way over the top. They don't consider the people around them and care about no one else but themselves which is down right annoying especially when they are just kids and you'd wonder where they picked that up from (*coughs* refer to point above *coughs*)

There are just this specific group of overly-enthusiastic people who can be often referred to as crazy because of some of their thoughtless behaviours such as:
1) taking up the entire space around them by moving and jumping to NOTHING - i get it if your favourite whoever is on stage, that is fine but don't go dancing around and moving to nothing just to annoy people ugh
2) insist on standing at one particular spot and threatened to burn down your entire family if you push them about 0.2mm away
3) screaming for literally nothing - when the smoke comes on, when the lights are adjusting, when their brain suddenly allows them to imagine what will happen - seriously those high pitched screams.. damn
4) people who can't sing yet choose to torture everyone with their toad voices, I'm not putting down the freedom to express yourself but if you do it out of sheer annoyance, you need to learn to shut up, like seriously
5) people that ruin everything - with fanclubs and all that, naturally they'd want to support the artiste by like putting up their lyrics and such so some of the girls gave out handouts that said "We heard you on the radio and we turned it up" with relevance to the song Suburbia and said if we'd like we can raise it up during the song. And the same group of girls who were basically elbowing everyone while dancing to their horrible voices and screams scribbled something nasty onto the paper and just so happens that Troye read it and basically he was just caught off guard by something like that. It was a huge disappointment for the girls who gave out the handouts because they really wanted to send a nice supportive message to him but some people just had to ruin it. *roll eyes* It was really sad to hear the group of people try to get his attention again with the correct piece of paper :(

3. Fake merchandise
I don't know how the people do that but while queuing there were tons and tons of people going about selling fake merchandise which was downright disrespectful. It's like they are earning money off the artiste which they probably don't even know who except for how they look like because they made about 2000 copies of their faces to sell them. And when you reject their offer they'll throw you the dirtiest look as if you've took away their rights to live as a human being or something when it is just a case of them being unprofessional and basically riding on someone else's success - not cool.


(most of the crowd sang rather nicely but there are just this group of people (or girl) that just wouldn't stop croaking to the songs, it was bad T_T

But all in all, I enjoyed myself tremendously. I knew I would have fun because well, it's Troye and his songs are basically like a bible to me but the entire vibe that he was giving off was just insane. Doesn't help that he has the world's most beautiful eyes and I was in the second row from the stage while stood up so let's just say we got pretty close ;)

It was just a whole experience of singing along and dancing to his tunes and watching how far he has came from. It is also mind blowing from watching him wink through my laptop screen to hearing him sing some of my personal favourite songs.

One thing cool about concerts would be meeting people who share common interests with you though, I met the nicest girls who were around us in the queue and we did just started chatting along and it was all fun and nice. See? People like that actually make your concert experience better, sheesh.

Also, one other thing I noticed which was absolutely lovely of the staff was that there were constantly offering water to keep everyone hydrated throughout the concert. Perhaps it was the younger demographics of people which propelled those who were working to want to look after them or something but I thought it was really nice. It was kept consistent throughout the entire few hours which was really nice! Thumbs up to the staff in Manchester Academy!

The experience was great - not perfect because humans are just awful beings but there isn't much to do about that except to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Shoutout to the girl that was beside me: I'm not sorry for pushing and shoving you to your side and hearing you complain that no one was shoving you on your left but I on the other hand just wouldn't stop pushing you. IF you'd know how many people from the back row pushed to stand onto our row, you'd know that I almost lost my right arm due to the vigorous shoving. And it is your loss for sulking that you were being pushed from your original position instead of being like the rest of the crowd singing and dancing along to good music so nah, your money and time was well wasted.

So everyone, if you are getting shoved about in a concert where everyone is basically jumping and singing to the artiste and not their own croaking voices - it is okay, try to go along with the crowd and dance about, you'll actually find comfort in it, somehow.

 And remember, be nice to everyone and know that you all share the same love, adoration and admiration for the artiste/band/etc. Don't do what you wouldn't want others to be doing to you at a concert!