It’s been an ongoing trend these days which reminds me of how much my faith in humanity is already in it’s negatives. I’ve met, read and seen several people over the past months doing one of the most disgusting things possible - acting like they know it all.

A couple of examples - I was watching a film and this person decides to criticise every bloody scene in the film with the sentence ‘I am a writer, therefore it gives me the right to talk shit about things like this.’ 

And it really honestly annoyed me to the ends of the earth, not only is it rude and disrespectful to criticise someone’s work that has been actually published, it also reflects on what an arse you are as a person. 

Just because it is your ‘job’ or your field or study, it doesn’t give you the right to spurt out what you think is ridiculous or what could be improved - not especially when it wasn’t asked for. 

Plus, it was actually well irritating to have someone yap over the film after every scene - like come on, if I wanted to hear someone else’s voice or only being able to read the subtitle of every film, I’d have watched a silent movie or one with an entirely different voice over.

Another example would be ‘designers’, there are a wide range of designer’s to my tiny knowledge being architectural designers, graphic designers, book designers, laptop designers - literally you could design anything and call yourself a designer. 

And I feel that being a designer or any sort is a great career path because in the future (or even now), aesthetics play a huge role in our lives and I’d kill to be able to come up with something that make someone go ‘Wow, that’s amazing, you made that?’

But similarly, from my experiences back in school and now in University, even my own friends I’ve experienced crap. Because I do a bit of “designing” if you’d like to call that, for my Uni work and I’m actually proud of them because well, it’s a lot of time and effort and for someone who has just the mere basics being taught back in Poly (or sixth form), I’ve come a long way.

And being proud of my work, I’d naturally want to show it off either through my social media sites or sometimes I’ll just send it off when it’s still unpublished work WITHOUT asking for feedback. I mean yeah, there are definitely times where I do ask for feedback from people I know that I can trust or can provide an entirely different point of view from myself. 

BUT there are these couple of people (even some of them are my friends, and yes I do still love them to pieces) would voluntarily criticise my work. Well first, it’s downright disrespectful to put down someone’s work when all they want to do is show off how much effort they’ve put into the final product and second, to put it very bluntly - no one asked for your opinion.

The one thing I’ve noticed these days is that people just don’t understand that no one really cares? UNLESS they asked for it. 

Next, photographers - again, I’ve talked about this - how good a picture is usually is determined by whoever that is looking at it. One picture can mean an entirely different thing to the next person because it’s all about interpreting and all that terms which I have no idea about. 

But seriously, what gives the right to anyone to talk about how shitty a picture is of someone ESPECIALLY if it is on their personal account? Corporate account aside because there is an image to uphold, guidelines to follow and reputation to keep but why go around dismissing other people’s personal images?

So what if their picture of their lunch is slightly blurred or darker/brighter than you’d like? So what if their picture of the sky is literally pitch black - do you really know what they are seeing at that very moment? 

Most people take pictures to lock the memories in and different pictures hold different memories to different individuals so seriously, who are you to talk about how shitty someone’s picture is and how they should have done it “right”? 

Again, not especially if they did not ask for your opinions. All in all, people should honestly just learn to shut up, mind their own business and if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.

If someone invites you for a film, you want to express how you feel about a certain scene - fine but don’t scoff and every other fantasy scene just because it can’t happen in your life. Most of all, don’t go like “I totally knows how this will end…”, just nah.

If someone sends you their work whether it’s something they’ve designed, something they’ve written (I often send my reports to my friends after I’ve finished because I’m immensely proud of them thanks to the countless hours I’ve spent), something they’ve crafted - literally anything. Don’t criticise unless they asked for your opinion and even then, is it that difficult to double check with them if what you deem as a mistake/fault is not intentional? People CAN have different views, you know?

Lastly, if someone posts a picture on their own account, you shut the hell up and not comment on what a crappy picture it is even if all you can see are blurred lines because no one pointed a gun to your head and asked you to look at it.

Just be nice to everyone, don’t treat people the way you wouldn’t want to be treated. And just because people have been shit to you doesn’t mean you have to be shit to them. Not everyone is as big of an arsehole like you. 

The world is already not the best place, is it really that difficult