Hey friends,

Popped by Newcastle to spend the weekend in the countryside and it was so fun, decided to blog about it because I took a ton of pictures and picked a couple out for this space.

It was snowing the day we had to leave and it was horribly cold, plus wore the wrong shoes so we were really just slipping around stepping on slush. But gosh it was beautiful! 

Took a four hour bus ride from Manchester to Newcastle passing by Leeds, Middlesbrough and Sunderland before arriving!

Along the high street in Newcastle

Day made when the barista spelt my name right without me spelling it out, rare find you!

Took an hour and a half bus down to Alnwick and reached about half nine so it was pretty late and we were really shattered so basically had some TV time and slept!

We got up pretty early the next day and really wanted to check out the Alnwick Castle (where Harry Potter was filmed) but it was CLOSED :( I swear there is this thing about Harry Potter and me, went to London and the Harry Potter tour was sold out and now this is closed for maintenance. Just greatttttt.

But we headed to Alnwick Gardens instead and it was pretty although most of the flowers were dead and it started randomly hailing and I was basically yelling midway through the nice stroll. Sweet England, you do love me.

Actual Humpty Dumpty

Headed to The Baileys for lunch, full English Breakfast yay!

Literally so sick of my picture nonsense if you can't tell from his face.

Went to catch an amazing musical called Rock of Ages put together by the Duchess’s Community High School students and it was greeeeaaaatttt. Having gone to a couple of musicals and shows in the past, this was good given that they are just students! Check out the articles on the musical here, here and here.

Play ended early evening and basically just went back for some doggy cuddles and TV time! 

Chilli for dinner!

Happiness is when a dog falls asleep in your arms, not so happy when they fart in your face and conveniently walk away after though

Started the next day out with a short walk by the country side and it was crazy beautiful. Its peaceful, quiet, nice and everything I've never experienced. Growing up in the city where the my kind of jungle is made up of concrete walls so this was a really nice change. It was also my first time seeing sheeps THAT close and running about, was so much fun! 

Back for a little doggy time and then headed to get the best Sunday Roast possible and had to get the bus to Newcastle :( 

Managed to take a look at the Ten Drawings from the Royal Collection by Leonardo Da Vinci before grabbing the four hour bus back to Manchester.

Short but really sweet getaway and I can't wait to go back to the country side again sometime soon! Hope you've enjoyed this and the amazing sights!