Hi friends,

So being in Manchester or just the UK in general it just means that I can get to a new city on a train and it's the most amazing thing ever. Compared to Singapore where you kind of have to get a plane or a hop on a ferry to get to a nearby island, this is just great. Plus when it comes to train rides, I'm a total fan cause of the sights like herds of sheeps and all that cool stuff.

If you know me you'd know that I've been wanting to visit London since forever and in mid-January a friend came over from Singapore and offered a place for me to crash so why not! And pictures are of shitty quality because they were taken with my phone and they've not gone through the VSCOcam system.

It takes about 2.5hours on the train to London Euston from Manchester and honestly it felt shorter than that, probably because whenever I travel it's a good 18hours flight back to Singapore so what's 2.5 hours to be in an entirely new city?

First thoughts being in London - It's like Singapore! Busy as heckkkk and the tubes operate like how the trains back home does so it wasn't too much of a hassle to find my way around but damn, it's pricey as heck though. I was in London for the weekend and I spent a good thirty pounds on the tube alone! 

First meal in London with M was of course Burger & Lobster. Took us a great while to locate the place (no thank you google maps) and it was great. The only one thing that almost ruined dinner was the table of asians sitting across us. It was weird because you'd think, being asians and seeing fellow asians in a foreign land you'd be nice and all but noooo, they were well snarky being all judgemental and staring and whispering all that nonsense. Shame to see a small group of a community tarnishing the name of an entire community aye? 

Second day was more roaming around on my own because M had work so I decided to go around the touristy spots but the weather wasn't being nice but well, it's England, what was I expecting! 

Going about alone means picking the right people to pass your phone to while you stand far away enough for them to run away with it or snap a kickass picture for you. This picture was actually taken by an old man who was probably in his 80s and he was with his friend and it was the sweetest thing. They were whispering to each other "did you get it?" "did you see me get it?" "do i just touch this button?" Cutest thing ever!

Decided to pop by Oxford Street and boyyyyy it was crowded even on a Friday afternoon! 

Saw this kickass pair of Nike Lunarglide in the Nike Town (please pop by that store if you love Nike/trainers or anything Nike related) and gave myself a cheeky little treat! 

Hung around for a bit and walked before waiting for the rush hour to be over so I can properly avoid being part of the sardine gang. Rush hour on the tubes is no joke, avoid at all costs if you can!

Third day was a weekend so M had a day off and we headed to a couple of places and first being Shoreditch which is apparently the "hipster land" of London and damn it actually was! 

When you have a shitty ass friend who ruins nice street art work.

M's obsessed with cereals so giving the cereal killer cafe a miss would be the greatest sin possibly so yes we popped by and thank goodness for the creation of soy milk.

Cutest marmite ever, and it has come to my knowledge that marmite is a either you love it or hate it thing, I've always thought like everyone loves it cause having it while growing up, it's like a childhood thing isn't it? no?

We then went over to the Sherlock Museum at Baker Street which was cool cause the station actually was plastered with the silhouette of Sherlock! 

The queue was intense not gonna lie

We then headed to (i might be wrong) Covent Garden for some greek food at The Real Greek and it was gooooood. 

Look at the massive spread of food, right fuel after an entire day out to be honest

We then made our way to Bounce Ping Pong which is a bar with tons of ping pong tables with fancy UV light to make it all trippy and cool.

Got ourselves some cocktails and I got something similar to Stormcooler (a drink at CLVSG) and it wasn't the same sadly. And no tables were available until midnight so we had to hang around for a bit before heading back to the hotel.

Woke up at 5 in the morning before taking an Uber down to have some Duck & Waffles for breakfast. Apparently from what we read it gets crazy packed and you'll have to make some reservations before popping by and the only slot was 630am on a Sunday Morning and being totally insane, we made our way down even before the sun came up! 

It wasn't like the best duck confit and waffle known to mankind but it was decent, decent but pricey! Hung around in the hopes to catch a sick view but it was a foggy day so that was as best a view we could get! 

The lift up this building was no joke a proper amusement park ride, it was so fast I thought my heart was going to come out of my mouth. Christ! 

Since we had loads and loads of time after having breakfast at an unearthly time, we decided to clock in more sights like getting really close to the Big Ben and other attractions around. 

We pretty much just headed back to Oxford Street so M can get some primark shopping done before I caught the train back to Manchester! Was an amazing getaway and I can't wait to get back to London when it's less cold and get more done like the Harry Potter World and such! 

Till next time!