Hey guys,

Made a day trip to Liverpool since it was only an hour-ish a way and it was beyond fun! Its super cold though because it's near the sea but everything was so beautiful and this series of pictures turned out to be better than I've expected. Probably because this time a camera was present plus I did some editing so instead of having a whole chunk of words, just enjoy these visuals:

We arrived via train at Liverpool lime street area which lead straight to the museums/tourist attractions and it was about 10minutes walk to the high street with crazy amazing stores like Forever21, a huge JD and more. 

Entry to this museum was free and it has so much ongoing exhibitions such as a mini aquarium, dinosaurs with fossils and skeletons (and their poop!), about the space with a planetarium which you shouldn't miss - they have about 4 shows a day! 

It was beyond cold here but it was such a pretty sight - had a whole range of souvenir stores but my favourite one was Nauticalia - a sailor themed shop which was so amazing. Got myself a cap which says 'Old Sea Dog" and wish I got more but oh well! (Tip: Suggest you go to the souvenir stores nearer to the end of the 'shopping district' because they sell better stuff at better prices!)

Pictures were taken through my iphone and the fisheye lens. Had an amazing view of Liverpool - price tickets were 4.50 (students/seniors) & 5.50 (adults.)

Basically walked around a couple of hours until our train such as going to the two universities (I have a thing about visiting Universities in countries/cities as and when I can, and did more popping by around the stores in the city centre.

- Random but because there was an additional 50% off sales items, I got myself 4 tops and a make up bag for ten pounds! Crazy happy given that its in one of my favourite stores (Forever21)