Hi friends!

If you haven't already know, I've recently been to Amsterdam on my break from school for my first solo trip out of Asia. The experience was amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything, everything was just lovely, the sights were beautiful and there was just so much to see and learn!

To be very frank, before the day of departure I was pretty nervous and scared because come on, it's Amsterdam and for my previous solo trip, I went to a place where I've already been to several times with my friends/family so I was quite familiar with it but Amsterdam, damn it is fresh.

My trip was 4 Days 3 Nights but in actual fact I only had 2 full days to roam around because I arrived pretty late and my flight back to Manchester was shit early. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun and did everything that was on my list which actually surprised me because I didn't expect to be able to!

The highlights of my trip were:

1. Van Gogh Museum
2. Rijksmuseum
3. Walking almost 50 grand footsteps in the two days

Of course I visited other places but these are the top three memories I'll take with me as I leave Amsterdam (typing this at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.)


I slept very little the night before even though I was really tired after touch down so I was up and ready to head out at 8am in the morning. It was crazy cold and I was unprepared for it because the forecast said to be above 10 degrees out which is usually fine for me with a jacket on but it was a whopping five degrees instead.

Made my way to Pancakes Amsterdam as recommended from the research I did and indeed I was crazy excited to have some food in after 20 hours! I ordered two pancakes - Dutch Pancakes and the Chlli Banana Bacon since it was pretty highly raved and honestly I was pretty disappointed because the reviews made it sound like it was god-sent but it was really, really mediocre.

The Dutch Pancakes were fine, they're just tiny pancakes dusted with icing sugar and the other pancake was just weird, my mind couldn't register putting bacon together on the same dish with bananas so..

After that I decided to make my way down to Forever21 because you know I love that store and on my way there I was freezing! (P/S: I walked everywhere in Amsterdam, didn't take any transport!) So I popped in, took a walk around and got myself a jumper which was pretty neat!

Walked around Kalverstraat - something like their town/shopping area where they have stores like F21, H&M, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Topman/Topshop etc but didn't get much before stopping by the souvenir store to get some touristy stuff.

The entrance of this is VERY tilted 

It was probably due to the lack of sleep that I was so clumsy cause I broke like two items in the store but the store owners were pretty nice and said it was fine since I was getting stuff from them anyway!

After that I headed to the Anne Frank House - PLEASE get your tickets online with a time slot if you're looking to visit the Anne Frank House because the queue is ridiculous. I read about it online that sometimes it can go up to two hours just to get in so please get your tickets online. I did that and basically I just showed up at the time slot I was given and went straight in!

It was really nothing much and I wasn't very fascinated or anything, but I did enjoy myself, being able to match the pictures to what I read was pretty amazing and back when I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank, didn't expect myself to actually be able to see it myself. I was however pretty excited to be in the place where TFIOS was filmed and took tons of snapchats before getting chided by one of the security guards saying that no pictures were allowed. (I took pictures the entire way up to the last exhibition before getting stopped #cool)

Following that I walked around the area and explored a bit before heading to the Oude Kerk which was located very close to the Red Light District and lets just say I've never felt so intrigued yet at the same time scared out of my wits.

The Oude Kerk was AMAZING, it's supposedly the oldest building in Amsterdam at the age of 800 and it was beautiful yet at the same time very creepy. I took my time in there, paying attention to the details and trying to take pictures that would justify the beauty of it but didn't work out very well so I decided to just enjoy myself! I realised right, one thing about the things in Amsterdam, it's not exactly the straightest nor the most symmetrical so it was pretty hard for an noob photographer like me to take a nice picture around.

Then I headed over for lunch/dinner at Burgerlijk which was basically a build your own expensive burger thing. It was not too bad but I was honestly too drained by that time to reallllllyyy enjoy my food but it was fine.

I was shit tired because I walked around and got lost for a good time while looking for TFIOS bench since google maps was bringing me around the area for like six million times but I did manage to locate it and took plenty of pictures while trying not to have a fangirl moment when the canal cruise passing by every few minutes.

I walked around the area a but more and made my way back to my Airbnb since it was getting pretty dark and I was uncomfortable with walking around alone at that time! But damn the sunset was amazing.

I knocked out at about 7pm, got up at half past 11 to get some stuff done and slept from 2am to 9am - guess I was honestly drained by all the walking and lack of sleep the previous day!

Watch what I did on Day One:


After doing most of the things and visiting most of the places I wanted to go, the second day was sort of a chill day. I was honestly rushing around and walking really fast trying to do as much before night fall.

I visited mainly the museums - Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum which were super amazing.

I was very excited for the Van Gogh museum because who doesn’t want to see the Starry Night painting IRL plus Edvward Munch also had a special exhibition there (artist of The Scream) and gosh, it was probably the highlight of my trip.

I tried taking pictures but failed. The guard this time however was really nice so I didn’t try to do much after being told NICELY (tsk anne frank’s guard, please step up your game.)

But the no photography rule turned out to be pretty cool because I could focus more on the art pieces and take my time going back and forth the same floor looking at the different paintings, drawings, sketches and even artefacts without worrying about how the pictures/videos will turn out.

I’m not going to lie, I bought myself a Van Gogh draw string bag and a pencil case, gosh damn you Vincent.

After that I went for a Canal Cruise where I basically filmed everything - you can watch the fast forwarded version below:

It was a nice way to see Amsterdam and it’s nice to have someone tell you about the history and what not. Like i saw the actual house that Anne Frank lived in (a few houses down the exhibition) with the dark green doors, understood why some houses were tilted and saw mansions and modern apartments and all that.

Can’t deny that it felt SLIGHTLY weird sitting alone at a six-seater area while everyone else was with someone else/family but hey at least I got to put my leg up on the chair opposite me!

After that I decided to head to the Rijksmuseum since I was already there and the only thing I wish I did was to head in earlier because I LOVE ALL THE PAINTINGS. It’s very historical and my favourite kind of artworks are from Rembrandt and I loved it so much.

Had to rush through the exhibition slightly which pissed me off but at least I got to see everything!

I then headed back to the Kalverstraat area to get some touristy souvenirs for my family before stopping by for some good ol’ pancakes and took a really long and slow walk back to the Airbnb!