Hi friends,

Since tons of you enjoy reading lengthy and rant-y posts from me over posts where I go around and take pictures and all i’ve decided to go along with that and keep this space updated with my opinions on whatever that is on going.

So recently there has been a crazy increase with better instagram pictures in my opinion. Like everyone is taking their instagram game really seriously and from someone who loves taking pictures and hardcore #vscocaming them so that they’d look pretty on my feed, i appreciate it.

Like seriously, who doesn’t appreciate nice pictures of places of new places, old places, cool things, interesting things or even pictures of themselves rocking the whole #ootd and what not.

I’m totally for whatever anyone is posting and all but what i’m not for is the people who go around criticising people’s photography.

To me, photography holds a ton of meaning but ultimately, it is an expression. There is no right or wrong to photography, yes we learn that there are ways to take nicer pictures, better ways to frame their subject, better lighting and all that fun stuff. Heck it, I even had a photography lesson back in school and i might not ace it nor did i get a module award for it but i most definitely enjoyed it.

Back to my point, i’m horribly annoyed what people who go around pointing out what is wrong with people’s photographs and them ruining the meaning of photography.

Since when did photography only have ONE meaning and since when did these people become the creator of photography.Sure there are some pictures that are nicer than others and all of these “conclusions” are solely based on the way you look at this pictures yourself right?

Yes of course there are people out there who will share the same taste as you and the way you look at certain pictures but that doesn’t mean that it is the only way to take a picture or to edit a picture.

What i’m trying to get at there is that pictures, photographs are all extremely subjective. It’s like art, and every single art piece takes people with different taste to appreciate them.

For example, I have no idea how to appreciate a painting and i can barely tell the difference between acrylic and water colour but i don’t let the knowledge of it affect how i view a piece of art. I don’t go to a printed picture and say “gosh, this person ruined the meaning of art, he did not paint this he printed this out” 

I do not do that right? Just because someone has a different way of expressing what they deem is nice doesn’t mean that they are “ruining the meaning” of it. Everyone looks at things differently from the person next to us, why do you think there are so many variations of things even down to what we drink? Why must there be both Pepsi and Coca-Cola? It’s because people have different preference, different taste and different views.You don’t go about to someone who is drinking a can of Pepsi and say that they have mistaken the meaning of carbonated drinks just because you prefer Coca-Cola/Fanta or whatever drink you may like.

The reason i’m writing this is because there are WAY too many people going around trying to put across the “correct” way to take a picture, going around criticising people’s instagram feed and all that shit stuff. 

Just because your pictures have more likes than the person on your right doesn’t mean that their pictures suck. To them it might be amazing and to you, just because it isn’t the way you deem it to be nice, doesn’t make them bad. Sure, some people may take pictures totally blurry and you can hardly tell what that picture is but come on, that’s the way they like to and who are you to tell them that is not “true photography”?

I’m just greatly annoyed and all these people because not only it is very rude of them to impose their thoughts on others it also shows that they are very narrow-minded? As if the way they take pictures are the only way to go and as if the software they use to edit their pictures is the only software usable.

To sum whatever verbal vomit I just did above trying to express my OWN views on whatever that has been going on with people trying to put down others, just do your own thing and don’t go around bragging or trying to seem all smart and “cool” with what the correct way of doing certain things are, yes?

If you think that your pictures are good, keep it up because there are other people who think so too. If you think your picture suck, find out ways to make them better (but don’t steal other people’s pictures please, that’s stupid). Just don’t go around pressing on the fact what is right and what is wrong just because you’ve been doing things the only way yourself doesn’t mean that is the only way to go.

I’m not saying i have the best pictures in the entire universe and all that but one thing i can say for sure, i enjoy taking pictures, i enjoy making them look better and i enjoy sharing them with my friends. I share pictures or whatever life updates i do is so that i can share them with the people that want to know about me and not just because i want to show off my “work.”

Yes i’m not going to deny there are days there i go “damn this picture is sick, i’m gonna get likes for this” but i don’t go around saying that peoples’ pictures suck just to prove that mine is better because that is downright disgusting.

Alright enough of this Sunday rant, I’ve had a lot of time to write this because well, my internet is down and there is nothing much I can do other than read and I’m posting this up from my phone so apologies if the format is slightly off. But well you get my point, continue doing your own thing and leave others alone. Don’t let people feel like they are shit just because they are doing things differently from you or that they are still learning to get better. 

Till my next post,

P/S: My post is not directed at anyone in particular but directed at the group of people who have been going around trying to make other’s feel like shit just because they think that their pictures are “better” and this is solely my own view. But, if you feel like the shoe fits, go ahead, cinderella.