Hello friends,

I went around exploring Manchester a bit over the weekend with my friends and I took most of the pictures with my phone and decided to edit all of them on #vscocam at a go and thought it'd be a waste if I don't put them up somewhere! 

So on Friday my friend brought me around Deansgate and over to her place before heading to Wagamama's for dinner which she so kindly bought the meal. It was so much fun having to catch up because the last time we saw each other was when we were in primary school? That's at least a good 9 years ago! 

And on Saturday, I met my schoolmate and we went to take a walk around the Northern Quarter and had brunch at a really cute cafe before heading to this really cool place. It's called Ziferblat and basically it's a space with free food, drinks, board games, colouring stuff, instruments, table tennis and all that and you basically just pay about 6p/minute which adds up to about 3 pound 60 an hour! 

It was the nicest place to chill and it was so nice! 

Also, I've made a short video of my little adventure right here:

Till next time! :)