Hey guys,

So as most if not all of you know, I've moved to Manchester to further my studies and it has been a week so far. Decided that I can come back to this space and keep it updated for my friends, family and basically to document my time here and hopefully it'll help some people out there who are looking to further their studies abroad or just to entertain.

I don't really know where to start since it has been eons years since I last blogged a full post but I'll try! The flight from Singapore to Manchester was about 14 hours-ish and had a layover for about 2 hours at Dubai.

Honestly, the flight was smooth and fine but I hate long flights personally. I can't sleep on planes so it means I'll have to try super hard to fall asleep and all that. Yes there are movies and all that but no thanks.

I found my accommodation online and with some suggestions here and there I'm about a 30minutes bus ride away from my school if traffic is smooth. My school is near the city centre and everywhere can be reached by just a bus ride - thank goodness.

So far it has been well since my aunt is here helping me to settle stuff and all that and my friends has been making time to text/Skype me to keep me companied despite the time differences so the first week is honestly not that bad.

School will be starting the following week but I'll have to drop by about twice this coming week to settle some admin stuff and I'll be good to go.

I'll only be having classes for three days which means that I'll have tons of other time to update this space (since i don't exactly have friends to hang out) so do keep a look out and feel free to ask me questions if you have any at http://ask.fm/cherylwonggg

& if you haven't, check out this video that I've made on my way to Manchester!

Will be posting/uploading and all that so keep a look out!

Till next time! :)