Room Tour

Hello friends!

Finally filmed my room tour and thought I'd pick some items to share with you where I've got them! Before that, you can check the video out below:

Left to right: Sainsbury (£4.50), Primark (£2), Primark (£1), Sainsbury (£2.50)

Plant: £4
Vase: £5

Sheets: £11 (Primark)
Velvet cushion: £5 (Primark)
Furry cushion: £4 (Primark)
C cushion: £5 (Asda)

Fox throw: £4.50

Copper Holder: £2.99 (Home Sense)

Star Candle Holder: £1 (Primark)
Flower shaped holder: £2.50 (Next)

Fairy Lights: £2.50
Wall Art: £3

& thats more or less about it, hope you enjoyed this! Till the next update! :)

Cheryl Elisha Wong

Hello you! Thank you for taking time to read the post! Hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Feel free to reach out to me and hope to see you back here soon! Cheers, X.

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