Hello there,

So i recently went to Shanghai to visit my dad and spent the first two days of CNY over the period of 14 Feb to 20 Feb! The weather changed drastically over my time there which caused me to fall really sick and had to stay in bed quite a lot but thankfully i managed to get some things done before that happened!

What surprised me the most was how fast Shanghai was advancing. I used to think that it was a really slow place with nothing too interesting but i was so wrong! There were so many shops and i shopped so much it was crayyyyy. Some of the shops that are there but not in SG are SPAO, Monki, American Eagle and Hollister, they were so good!

It was mostly time spent with my family so i didn't bother filming or taking pictures with my camera so here are some pictures i took with my phone that i thought you might want to see!

I didn't know the plane was going to be double decker else i would have opted for the upper deck T_T

So usually the first stop i go to in a new country - erm Starbucks, surprise surprise and TO MY SURPRISE, they do not serve chai. What nonsense so i gave this a go and it was.. interesting to say the least. 

As i said, Shanghai is extremely advanced with all the stores and what nots so SPAO for some shopping since its near my dad's! 

Ridiculously cute Starbucks card from Shanghai and Macau which i totally forgotten to pack it into my bag.. Good job

Shanghai's F21 is amazing, never fails.

If you don't know yet, Menya Musashi is probably my favorite ramen and yes, Shanghai has a store and it's considerably cheaper than the stores in Singapore so yes good job you. They even have a Menya outlet! 

Yes, Shanghai has MONKI as well. Saying that i went mental would be an understatement so to give you a better perspective, i spent a full hour on my own in the store and SGD400, yeap.

The interior of Global Harbour shopping mall (where MONKI is at)

Tourist 101 shot yeap

Another 46 more shades of grey to go before i hit 50.. not funny? okay

This candle initially smelled really good in the stores, like my favourite scents (mont blanc/A&F) but when i brought it back it just.. oh well

Because something very sad happened, I got to try out these two pairs of shoes. Vans I've had a couple of pairs so nothing surprising nor new but this hair of New Balance shoes are amazing. The colours caught my eyes but goodness, it is super comfortable as well! 

Which ended up in me getting a second pair in another colour.. Yeap incase you are wondering the model of these shoes is New Balance CRT300!

Look at the size of this Sephora?!

Why do all my steaks look like a black patch in pictures...

pancakes pancakes i love pancakes 

Got a new luggage and because of the colours, i'm naming it optimus prime.. real original

So my friends gave me a bunch of challenges to complete overseas and #1 is to try a burger that's not on SG's menu and i got the chicken and shrimp one, not too bad, not too bad. 

Nothing beats a hot cup of tea in a cute cup at a five degree weather, yeap.

Brunch at WAGAS was really good, possibly one of my favorite places in Shanghai!

My dad got me my first adult bag which was super amazing and it'll probably be the only bag i use from now on because welllllllll

Breakfast at a different outlet of WAGAS - Btw green juices scare me pretty much but this one was SO GOOD

Challenge #2 - Take a hipster OOTD shot at Xin Tian Di

Incase you are wondering who this is, it's a cute dude i met while grocery shopping with my family in Shanghai and i contemplated a good ten minutes and wanted to give up asking for a photo since i didn't see him around the store BUT i saw him at the counter so why not why not? 

Tea > Coffee and chilli chai? Who could pass that?

Also, i fell really, really ill when i was there. Probably because of the drastic change in weather and my lame singaporean body just can't stand the cold. The day i touched down was 19 degrees but then the temperature just dropped all the way to like what four degrees overtime and bam. Had to stay in bed for awhile but hey, it's cool.

My I'm really sick but i still want an OOTD face

At The Bund on the first day of CNY!

Cutest custard pao ever ever 

Challenge #3 derp face with XLB! 


Yeap this basically sums up my trip to Shanghai. It was honestly just to spend time with my family and shop - a lot hahaha. Hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to my next post on BKK!