Hey guys,
So 2015 is in just a day time and i thought it'd be nice to go through some of my favorite memories through 2014 here! I went through my iPhoto library and had a really good time picking out the pictures and reminiscing the memories and all that stuff, it has been an amazing year as compared to 2013, honestly! Here are some of my favorite monthly moments - I sort of gave up captioning not even half way through so, enjoy the pictures!


At the favorite Timbre with the girls and got challenged to talk to a cute waiter and then finding out he is only 18, wowsie. Nice job girls, nice job! But pizza and beer were GREAT.

Red faces, shot glasses - Whats new? 

Cheers to the Hokkien Mee aunty at Bedok who helped me for my broadcast graded assignment! Bestest aunty ever because she was SO NICE and gave me free food! Show her some love! 


Of course, of course. 

Birthday with the boys! 

Possibly taken on one of our photography classes!


Surprise treats to make my day a little better!

Laneway 2014 with these peeps! Looking forward to 2015's! 

If i'm not wrong, i actually dropped half the ice cream after this picture :( 

More after school ice cream!

Another selfie-attack on a dog!

Party with the mates! 

Shortie's 20th! 

CNY reunion spread at home

With the brother for CNY

Momo's place for CNY

With the team that slogged for a module which i totally cannot remember what it was about.. Goodness

Museum visiting with the mates 

And then bailing mid-way for sushi, yeap

They gave us a valid reason why they need to be under the brolly

This picture is so important - GAME FACE ON

The shit we would go through for photography class, endless

Team shorties of DMC? NOT 

Valentine's Day with these peeps who made me call someone cray just for the fun of it, craziest V day ever

Pizza party from the oldest lamaz

No idea how this ended up in my pictures but one of the gazillion meetings we had for DOR, wowsie guys wowsie

Birthday with the sherz

The game that could potentially kill friendships but so well loved by us, really

Party with the mates 

The Loft with the best

Balloon present yayers


Team Craftiess - crazy faces when we realized we got the fourth place without even trying

Cohort BBQ yayerz


My solo trip to Bali





IGNITE! 2014


Cohort Chalet

My work desk yayerz




2014 has indeed been amazing and i'm honestly super thankful for all those that has been around with me! Shoutout to you if you see your face in any pictures or if you see the pictures of food/places i've taken when we were hanging out (because i know some people don't want their faces to be shown - note taken)

Looking forward to another amazing year with new experiences and adventures - have a great 2015 ahead! :)

New Year Resolutions: 

  • Save $2000
  • Read at least 10 new books! 
  • Go on at least one solo trip (hopefully out of Asia)
  • Try 10 entirely new things
  • Write/Film something - no idea what yet but yes something.