Hello guys!
Welcome to the second post on my Christmas Series! So i was deciding between this topic and another topic, which being more important and all and my friends all say that presents comes way above so here is a post on giving you guys ideas on what you can buy for your friends/loved ones and even your nemesis!

Gifts for the girls

1) Scratch Globe - This makes the perfect gift for the friend who loves to travel - the wanderlust in your group of friends. It looks super pretty and would make a really cool gift! It's currently selling in Singapore for $25 at a shop in Plaza Singapura. Way cheaper than online but pretty sure there are only a few pieces at the store left! 

2) Make up is quite a difficult thing to buy but it makes one of the best gifts if you get it right! So find out what your friend likes and the make up they use often! Try your luck to ask them about new make up products and what they think about certain kind of products to find out what they think about it! You can always play safe and get a make up gift set! There are TONS especially in Sephora now that Christmas is coming and check out my favorite make up gift of all:

  • Advent Calendars - Super expensive but super fun and cute! You get to have different products everyday when you open a dated box! I read that the best ones are from Sephora but they don't exactly do shipping and i'm not sure if they are available in stores BUT you can always join online sprees to get them! Try out http://spreesgalore.livejournal.com/ 

3. Accessories/Watches - Everyone loves a good statement necklace, a pretty bracelet, a pair of earrings or even some midi rings! Again, this is highly dependent on the person's taste and pay attention to the kind of accessories they wear! For example, some people may love rings but hate necklaces or they could have a ton of necklaces but hate wearing rings or they could really just love them all which of course is the best case scenario! Watches? Really? Does that even need an explaination? Watches are the best gifts ever (MBMJ, MK)


4. Home Decor - Even though people say that it's really dumb to get gifts where you'd just end up putting them on display, i still somehow think that if you make the right choice, that display can actually be a really great gift! Recently saw that typo has up their game in decor stuff wise and thought that they deserve a spot here!


5. Socks - One of the gifts that people don't seem to think highly of but are extremely practical, right? Everyone wears socks! To bed or anywhere plus they are (mostly) unisex and free size!


Gifts for the guys

The people around me tell me that guys are super simple and they will literally like anything you get for them. But there are a handful that will actually appreciate great gifts so here are some ideas that you can get for your guy friends/family etc!

1. Cufflinks - I think every guy should have a pair of amazing cuff links for "one of those days" just like how a girl should have a black dress or a totally pretty pair of shoes?

Came across (http://www.thelittlelink.com/) and thought that the cufflinks were SO CUTE especially the super hero series, and they actually have customisable ones too! 

2. Shirts - This is seriously my go to gift for all the guys around me. I love giving shirts to them so much because come on, they'd love to skip the whole shopping process and stuff. There are a million kinds of shirts that you can get for them so no picture is relevant here except for:

Christmas Jumper!! Sure they'd melt here but hey, at least you melt looking cute.

3. Bowtie/ Ties - Because a guy can never have too many of these

4. Money clip - I don't know why but money clips seems to be the in thing these days for guys even though i feel greatly insecure to clip your cash just like that..? But well, it's a gift for them not mine! I ordered this customisable money clip previously and it turned out pretty neat! So you can check it out if you want to:

5. Wallet - brands to consider - Braun Büffel, Fossil, Fred Perry, Armani Exchange or you can really just head to Topman/Zara! I saw some pretty nice wallets at Nixon (ion) too! 


Okay, there are just way too many ideas i have that are to be put into pictures and descriptions hence i'm going to just list them down else i'd have to delay this post for another week!

1. Books
2. Phone Covers - *coughs* Ted Baker's *coughs*
3. Cups/Mugs
4. Tumbler - Starbucks Christmas ones!
5. Laptop Sleeves

The last resort if you're out of time or really maxed out your ideas:
Food - Royce chocolates? Or a bag of the person's favourite snacks!

Vouchers - I'm not the most fond of giving vouchers as gifts because where's the thought in it right BUT please give a voucher if you know you suck at getting gifts and the person will most likely hate you for the rest of your life.

Alright! That makes my post for Christmas gifts ideas! Apologies that it took longer than usual! The  next post will be slightly more interesting and well put together (i hope). Till then, happy shopping!