Hey guys!
So after a four months hiatus, i'm finally back in the blogging game and all that stuff. Big shout out to those who were excited when i shared the news that i was going to be blogging again! And also to those who throughout my hiatus period, asked me to get back and all. 

So yes, i'm going to be back with weekly post because i've some really exciting content that will be uploaded here next year! Which is also why i'm starting now to not only get myself back in the blogging motion but you guys as well and i'm so excited to be able to share this space with you again! So once again, thank you for waiting and reading this and you can look forward to weekly posts from now on! :) 


What better way to come back than a cafe review right? This time i went to check out Tian Kee & Co located at 12 Dakota Crescent, Singapore 390012. If you're going to head there by the train, drop off at Mountbatten station, take exit A and find your way to block 12! You won't miss it and it's only about 5 minutes walk from the station! 

Once you're there you'll be greeted by a super nostalgic feels and place, bringing you way back to when you were a kid (i assume we are of the same age or older) and it feels really nice! Even though the place wasn't air conditioned, it wasn't too stuffy since it has windows and fans around so no worries about that! They have both indoor and outdoor seating, if you're really that afraid of the heat, pick a place inside and if you're like me - fine with both, get the seat nearest to the door! 

The place honestly isn't really spacious and huge as you'd expect from other cafes, neither is it too cramp for you to move around. It's just of a good size, pretty cosy enough for you to settle down! 

So apparently this place is famous for their cheesecakes but since i usually visit a cafe on an empty stomach, i had to get more than cakes so, here's what we've got for two! 

Full Breakfast Set - $14.90
This could possibly be one of the all day breakfast i've had so far because i am pretty particular with what goes on a breakfast set and this covers it all! Even though i'd be way happier if there were rosti but honestly, this was really good! Should totally give it a go if you love breakfast sets like me! And yes, they serve it all day! 

(TCS) Toffee Caramel Cheesecake - $6.50
Out of the two cakes we've got, i preferred this more. Possibly because of the toffee & caramel and the cake was really soft! I prefer my cheesecake to have a light cheese taste rather than overload with cheese that will make you really sick and all. So this was really good for me! 

legendary Rainbow Cheesecake - $7.50
On the other hand, my friend preferred this more though! I thought this was cool for the first few bites but it gets a little overwhelming to finish this even when sharing it so i'd recommend to only get this if you have 2 or more people! But you can't deny it sure looks pretty for the pictures! The lemon taste in this cheesecake isn't as strong so don't worry to those who don't like the sour-ish taste in cheesecakes! But then again, why give this a miss when this place is known for this cake isn't it! 

Jarritos Lime & Lemon - $6
This wasn't anything special i guess? More of like having lime in some mountain dew! 

Iced Mocha - $6.50
I didn't try this but my friend didn't finish this so i guess it'd be safe to say that it'll be better to share this! Because honestly we shared all the food and got really full and was enough for two! 


Inserting a random picture here

This is basically me 24/7 - But i don't exactly look this happy most of the time so 

Really old school with this set up! 

Some other cakes they were selling, i really wanted to try their "ugly nutella" because it looks so light and fluffy! 

No this isn't a normal bread stand, if you want to get some water or condiments for your drinks/food, look for this! Don't mistake this to be just a decoration, and yes the water is in the kettle! 

It was pretty packed on a Sunday afternoon i'd say! 

Cute pup for a last picture!

In a nutshell, i really enjoyed the place! Feels like the right place to be on a weekend afternoon over a good meal with a good friend so really give this place a go! It isn't as hard to get there as you'd think plus i think the food is pretty worth it. Gonna give their mushroom soup and pie and go next round and when i do, i'll give you guys an update!

Hope you've enjoyed this post as much as i did and do check back for my upcoming post which will be a series post! Really exciting because we're nearing my favourite holiday of the year! Meanwhile, have a good week!