Hello guys!
As you all know, i'm trying to alternate between my Christmas Series and other topics on this space and it's the plan until the end of this year! Hence, today's post will be on Maple & Market! It's walking distance from Tian Kee & Co but you got to work your way around this because i have no idea how to give you directions from here. But the address to this place is: 34 Cassia Crescent

It's located under void decks and i'm pretty sure you won't miss it because it just stands out even with it's really simple layout! Do note that the place is pretty small, could probably house up to maximum of 20 people at once and it's really cramp! So choose your timing wisely - late afternoons are the best!

Basically Maple & Market is a bakery that sells really cool cakes and stuff like waffles and ice cream if you're lucky PLUS they sell super cute party things. Totally apt for a theme party i'd say, they have really great magazines for browsing as well. 

On top of that, they sell quirky gifts such as class with very singaporean language printed on them. A great gift for your "so singaporean" friend! Not going to say what's on it, you got to check it out yourself but one of it has got something to do with bee hoon and another tea-o! 

Bad pictures of great cakes because i was at a really awkward position being sandwiched between a stranger and this cake counter but you get the point! Make a guess which one i tried - scroll down to see if you've got it right! 

Their counter is decked really pretty and they actually have another counter which the owners were using for some crafting! Wasn't exactly sure what they were doing but they looked like they were preparing some flowers to be dried? (they have dried flowers hanging around the store's ceiling)

Here's the order - Strawberry Green Tea ($4.50 if i'm not wrong) and Bacon cooked in maple syrup on a cinnamon tea cake ($4.50)

Yes, it taste as good as it looks! I like how it's a combination of both salty and sweet! Only downside is that the bacon is too big a piece to be ate comfortably. 

I personally think that this is a really nice place to go alone to chill with a book or something. Just sit somewhere alone or even share seats with a stranger! I initially tried talking to this dude who was sitting beside us but got too distracted by the cakes and taking pictures without realising he left. So really cool if you're gonna be there for the whole day to make some new friends and all!

Totally recommend you to check it out just base on the whole ambience of the cafe/bakery!